Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Let there be light.

To look out in space, back in time, as far as we can go, we are stopped by light, widely scattered light.
Not sure which program I got that from "hunting the edge of the universe" or the talk on the LHC, but I found it interesting non-the-less.

Does this not sorta sound like Genesis ?
Seems to suggest maybe such information was passed to us, perhaps by an intelligent race before us, but somewhere along the way, either in translation or by our hands, things got very distorted. And I think we all know how probable that is.

So could it be that 2012 is at minimum the predictable point in our evolution that all the distortion, the mysteries caused by the distortions, all become unfolded and exposed by our science and verification?
And would not a race before us know what to expect of our evolution time line, from hindsight of their own?

Will it be found that the one full scope truth, honesty of all thing, exposes all the un-integrated  half truths and out right lies?

Yes. As a light turning on, exposing what is. And showing us all what is not, in what we have done and promoted. Religion, a word that only exist to define separation of that which is not.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Almost full circle through science

With our cosmology science we can look up and see near 13.7 billion light years back in space time, near the beginning of the universe. We can then look down with our science of physics and learn what happened as early as one millionth of a second after the big bang. Perhaps we will learn what is, what we call, dark matter and dark energy. Perhaps to know what these are we will understand what happened to cause the universe creating big bang.

But to go to the first post of this blog, the answer will be found. The void became aware of itself and in that instance split into two, consciousness and existence. Dark energy and dark matter, as we have labeled before really knowing what they are. From what we can tell these so called dark matter and energy is from which things seem to come into existence from nothing at all. We know the equation E=mc2 but without the "c" or light, there the void is, or is that the state of void split?

Consciousness? perhaps dark matter and energy is just the two parts of existence where consciousness is something else, that can perceive these two and manipulate them to create things in existence and for consciousness to have something to do.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

How small can we see, or how big we are?

The Large Hadron Collider

So we have seen back as far in spacetime as possible, but still short of seeing all the way back to the big bang. So we now look at the small, the very very small for answers.

And when we finally know, where will we go, or will we not go to before the big bang, the void?

Interesting that its about 2012 we will find out.
Is this where we find out, verify the origins of consciousness and existence?
And well enough that we'll know we are not alone?

How big is the universe OR how Small are WE?

Hunting the Edge of Space

Dark energy and dark matter, the stuff we can use to make more universes...

As the Universe is expanding, we are getting smaller, but have more room to make more universes.

What would Galileo think today?

Saturday, April 24, 2010

One thing leads to another, HAARP

High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program
Official HAARP Site vs. for non-official information

This is like a coin, having two sides where you can look at only one side or realize its a two sided coin where both side are biased and not completely truthful or Honest!

On one side we know the government is not so honest, especially when it comes to Military information. On the other side we know conspiracy theorist will bias their works to sell. One side saying all is good and the other saying all is bad. But reality is going to fall somewhere in between.

We know the military mindset is one of fighting and contains the self supportive dependencies of creating problems that otherwise do not exist, not really one of fixing real issues. We also know the word "conspiracy" is not just a word used only to dismiss crime as though it didn't really happen. Conspiracies actually do happen regardless that some think its a word to express "not real". But the reputation conspiracy theorist have given the word is of "not real" meaning.

Would the military via government, take productively useful knowledge and use it destructively? Can you spell Hiroshima? If given a choice whether to use some knowledge productively or destructively you can be assured that the Military of any country will put more research into using it destructively and use the word "defense" as an excuse for doing so. If we don't someone else will, therefor we must.

But the amount of money and other resources being spent on such defense is in fact a self supported dependency. As had such resources been spent on fixing real issues, there would be little reason to fear the beneficiaries of the benefits of doing so. And in this case its the human population as the beneficiaries.

We do know how better to use such resources.

There is only one answer as to why this is not happening. Military mindsets! In fact it was the military mindset of Islam that took Islam down. Someone in the Islam kingdom decided they needed a war to fight, but there was no need or reason for war. Islam was once consider the most advanced in many fields, math, art, fabrics, science, etc. and warfare. And as a side note regarding falling religions, wide spread pedophilia has taken the Roman Catholic Church down. There is no debate, the church is in a negative light, it will not recover from this as this is only a final straw on that camels back of so many things wrongly denied. The church is now to be denied. But this is no conspiracy, except to maybe hide the truth and lie some more. It was a mindset, wrong philosophical mind programming.

Conspiracy theorist mindset is very similar in regards to being a self supported dependency and this shows in extremism to the point of irrationality. Adding in supporting claims that really don't exist. Conspiracy does happen and keeping it hidden is part of the objective of a conspiracy. Ultimately these two extreme mindsets, military and conspiracy, feed each other. They help bread terrorist, not real solutions.

So the HAARP information from both sides of the coin, there are some things established as possible and recorded in documents, including patents and established researchers documented effects on human mental process, apparently.

The Australian weather measuring device anomalies, are just that. Data receivers that were either out of adjustment and/or picking up something odd in the atmosphere and presenting its translation of it the way they did. As a matter of odds, how many devices involved, I suspect the later "or".

My first reaction upon finding out about these anomalies was "Oops!"

Perhaps this is like the Majic Dumpster, were I can see how Telepathy of my thoughts received by others to leave things or be there to receive. Where in this Australian weather change, perhaps HAARP really can manipulate weather and telepathy from me got them to focus on Australia ...... one thing leads to another. Or perhaps the device anomalies were caused by me and I can use HAARP as a cover (for the conspiracy mindset). BTW Lake Lainer, its still above full, while there has been more nice golf days.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Influencing weather it rains redux

Just a quick note about some oddities over Australia around the time I was concentrating on breaking their drought.

I did once meet and exchange some communication with Colin Andrews, many years ago.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Interpretation of natural events.

Our abstract beliefs, how much do we make our beliefs fit natural events?
And on the flip side, how much do natural events alter our beliefs?

The Big Picture

NASA Science Dec 14, 2007

NASA comment on 11/6/09 about 2012

"Question (Q): Are there any threats to the Earth in 2012? Many Internet websites say the world will end in December 2012.
Answer (A): Nothing bad will happen to the Earth in 2012. Our planet has been getting along just fine for more than 4 billion years, and credible scientists worldwide know of no threat associated with 2012."

But in those 4 (4.5) billion years the world has ended several times Where our existence is such a very small part of those 4.5 billion years.

What is happening in 2012 that we know of?

January 31433 Eros, the second-largest Near Earth Object on record (size 13×13×33 km) will pass Earth

May 20 - Annular solar eclipse.

June 6 – The second and last solar transit of Venus of the century.

November 13 - Total solar eclipse 

December 21 – 11:12 UTC. Winter Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere, Summer Solstice in the Southern Hemisphere.

December 21 – The Mesoamerican Long Count calendar, notably used by the pre-Columbian Maya civilization among others, completes a "great cycle" of thirteen b'ak'tuns (periods of 144,000 days each) since the mythical creation date of the calendar's current era. 

December 31 – The first commitment period of the Kyoto Protocol ends.

unknown date:

On the sun, the solar maximum of Solar Cycle 24 in the 11-year sunspot cyclesunspot activity around 2012. The period between successive solar maxima averages 11 years (the Schwabe cycle), and the previous solar maximum of Solar Cycle 23 occurred in 2000–2002. During the solar maximum the sun's magnetic poles will reverse. is forecast to occur. Solar Cycle 24 is regarded to have commenced January 2008, and on average will reach its peak of maximal

And What NASA is doing regarding this.

And history of sunspots 

So maybe all this is nothing at all, or perhaps its a combination of seemingly insignificant little things that add up?

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Nature and Natural forces

People adapt to different climates as do other animals and life in general, or they perish.

We adapt physically, given enough time, even our accent changes given our global location and environmental influences, including other human influences. We have quite a variety of variations all due to such natural influences. Mind state change, the way we think about things as is expected of environmental differences,

How might we adapt to global climate changes? Or on a much larger scale, solar and galaxy level changes relevant to the effects it has on us.

Our science, though quite beyond where it was 200 years ago regarding space and physics, still we do not understand gravity so well, but only have theories that work well enough for what we do,

So what effect on us, might a change happen on an solar and galaxy level? Seems we are going to find out.  From an astronomy and physics point of view we know about polar shifts of not only our planet earth, but our sun, how magnetic fields change. But do we really understand what, if any effect our changing position in our galaxy, relevant to the central plane has on us? Our Science hasn't been around long enough to know for sure.

If this galaxy central plane is polarized, which it probably is so to exist, the solar systems in it would gravitate or cycle between back and forth across this plane. And for us we cross this plane about every 26000 years.

Does approaching and crossing this galaxy plane (polar) influence the polarity of the solar system crossing it?
Most probably yes and perhaps it has something to do our planets and suns polar shift as well.

From big to small. and what effect might this galaxy level change have on us? Or smaller, like a spider, would the spider start weaving their web  the opposite direction?

Our environment influences the way we think, what we perceive.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

What good would it do?

A major solar flare would knock out communications and a lot of computer equipment.

If you can't communicate so easily then you can't so easily lie, spam, troll, pirate, steal,

People would have to go back to to earlier pre-computer days to get things done.
And this would mean a lot of re-training as many have no clue as to what earlier ways of doing is.
It would change the human created abstract economy dramatically. Probnably even bring about a greater level of bartering for products and services, considering bank need computers today to operate.

Such a dramatic change would cause a lot of pressure and stress on people such that people would be forced to drop the everyday bull shit they are so used to dishing out and dealing with.

All a matter of trying to maintain a standard of survival living with a lot less to do so.

Of course there is a bad side too. As those who have learned to lie, cheat, steal and kill as their main way of life would go into hyper mode.

Its the way of change. Changes in the environment do not care about mans abstractions, has no way of even knowing about such things, only knows the physical world of movement and the laws of the physical world, like how for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

Man, on the other hand, has some power to manipulate physical reality via abstract communication directing physical hands on manipulation of the physical world.

But is this enough? It is enough to survive?

Lets add on to this more natural desasters of major scale.
Without communication, help will not arrive, as how would help know to?
Of course famine and disease would spread due to no help arriving.

This could play out even further, but the important thing here is how much we rely on electronic technology and how much we can suffer physically in exchange for removal of the abstract suffering we have due to technology.

Odd, I find myself wanting such a thing to happen. Not because I'm a mean person, but because I'm just damn tired of dealing with this world of bull shit.

I am not alone either!!!

april 18th 2010 - 78% of Americans don't trust the government

a day later

april 19th 2010 - 80% of Americans don't trust the government

This is not the first time this has happened as the Declaration of Independence documents this sort of distrust of government. Only now there is no were to go, there is no land to go to and over run it's native people.

But government is people.

Enough people with enough hope and it will happen.

Or don't you yet believe?

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Speed of Light

According to NASA our Milkyway galaxy center (a massive black hole) is about 26,000 light years away from us.

The Mayan calendar is a 26,000 year cycle.

Our sun aligns with our galaxy center (center plane?) once every 26,000 years.

Star (our sun) and planets Polar shifting, rotation changing, climate changes, could be what happens when a solar system crosses over a galaxy plane that separates galaxy polarity.

A change in speed of light, expanding galaxy from our POV, etc..
It would also seem, from a POV of getting closer to a black hole, compressing, that the rest of the universe is expanding at an ever increasing rate. An expanding universe is what Science is perceiving today, but from our POV.

Light cannot escape a black hole, where things can move faster than the speed of light. and as you move closer to the black hole, the distant speed of light relevant to you will seem to slow while the flash light you hold will still show a consistent light speed radiated. The faster you move the slower the light passing by you from a distant point, will seem, relevant to you. Like racing with the speed of light competition. Two stars moving away from each other, each at just over half the speed of light will not see each others light, but instead see ... dark matter. (Hmmm, I wonder how long it will take Scientist to figure this out?) Is the darkness of a black hole relevant to expanding space in this way? Probably.

So in late 2012 we will see the light, or darkness, that was generated from our galaxy center 26,000 light years ago and from the same POV/position relative to the galactic plane in our galaxy as we were in when that light or darkness was created (hmmm, light speed sync with our galaxy?). And the Mayans even made a calendar for it? As I have been finding on the internet, it seems the Mayans knew a great deal about our solar system, some of which we have only discovered in the last couple decades with our advanced technology. Technology the Mayans did not have?

What the odds that we are not alone and the Mayans were not "guessing"?

There is to much pointing at late 2012 from so many directions that even if nothing happens, something still will happen. At the very least, a great deal of mysticism will end, and that in itself is something of great significance.

Imagine a human world with a great reduction in mysticism. Imagine how we may very well move forward in real advancements, by being on the same page lacking mysticism to distract and detour us.

2012 band wagon.

The more I look into this 2012 issue the more I find how many are on the band wagon.
Here's another collection that I added a comment to.


Tuesday, April 13, 2010


What could happen in this world that would cause such a change?

Public knowledge of Alien Life in an undeniable manner, contact and interaction on a wide scale.

The opening up of the human mind/consciousness to become aware of such things as telepathy and psychokinesis on a regular basis.

Solar flare activity that disables most all electronic devices, knocking out electronic communication for an extended period of time.Perhaps even burning the earths surface some  Creating the need for new modes of communication.

Polar shift perhaps causing world wide destruction. The polar shift, though recognized by science, takes a long time, and we are in one now. Recorded in story of the past there was a day without night. An extended day, as though the world had stopped turning. So there is an apex, a turning point.

Any of these alone, not to forget other possibilities, is enough to cause such a change.

But what if there is a connection between all these and more?

My past blog entries here do seem to possibly tie in, as they would if this is really what is evolving.
This stuff about 2012 I wasn't aware of to the extent I have just recently found.

And what if in the process of polar shifting and solar flares and more information related to all this real science, that the effect it has on us humans is that opening up our subconscious and allowing our perception to reach a new level. Certainly drugs like Ketamine and other drugs (as linked to regarding near death experiences without the risk of death) have an effect on us. But could also the right sort of radiated energy from polar shifting, solar flares and more, also have an effect of its own on us?

And what if it opens our perceptions such that we become like children with abilities we do not quite understand well enough to manage without hurting ourselves? Would we not need a bit of help and guidance to learn how to manage it? And who but those who have already been there and know, could help us in this evolutionary step?

And how might we hurt ourselves with such telepathy and ability to have our thoughts manifest?
I think we need to know how to turn such ability on and off. And I'd say there are other lessons as well, important to learn. Like what we think we want, may not be what we really want. And more lessons needed in learning and managing our new found abilities.

How many will not be able to handle it?

Why won't or doesn't anyone know the time this will happen?
The answer is really quite simple.

The event that happened and told in a story "the tower of babel" happened around the world but each part of the world in its own time as it was with individuals, further resolution of when it happened for each.

So the answer to why no-one knows when it will happen, is that for each to their own.

What would be the most logical of who and when is also something easy to understand the logic of. The best way to keep the damage down is to start with those most prepared to properly handle it and work down to the least able. This way you'd generate the best support base of such a transition.

And here is something worth noting. Those with the least to lose would naturally be among the first, for they have less reason to resist. The meek shall inherit the earth...

So natural unavoidable events on the cosmos and the effect it has on us.

And as survival of the fittest is always there, some won't make it through the transition.

Maybe this won't happen, but it will sooner or later, just as it has done in our past with the tower of babel and our transition to the decimal and other numbering systems, including binary, from the more limited abstraction set of the roman numeral system.

This is going to happen and its even documented in various religions and certainly the Mayans calendar.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

The END.

What exactly is the end?

Does the end of a rope signify the end of everything?
Does the end of a story signify the end of everything?
Does the end of an organization of people, signify the end of everything?
Does the end of a line drawn, signify the end of everything?
Does the end of a calender signify the end of everything?

2012 the end of what? A myth?

Maybe its the beginning of an evolutional change.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Resurrection and where heaven is? Between life rides.

Science attempts to explain heaven and how to experience it without dying.

There are the Dead Sea Scrolls and beliefs in reincarnation.

The ultimate in recycling you might say. All in all, it seems to get rather messy and overcomplexifabulocated in description.

Its just so much simpler to consider that nothing is lost only transformed. re: "Conservation of energy"
and with this in mind, does the record of information you have collected up in experiences just vanish away when you die?

What happens to the energy of that abstract information stored in a physical electrical form of your brain, when your brain stops and rots when you die?

Perhaps the body is just a vessel that constrains in it's way while allowing the experience of physical life for the time limit of the body. A trade off you might say. What are you willing to give up in order to experience life?

Resurrection from this point of view seems so .... like a ride at an amusement park.

And of course there is going to be a real and scientifically explainable chemical reaction upon death, and conception, and birth and all through experiences during life..... Its part of the contract you agree to, to experience the life ride. And of course to make it more fun, you have to forget enough of the "All" or summed "void" to really experience the ride. 

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Birth Control to save the Planet.... already here.

Not really to save the planet but to instill a solution for saving engdangered species.
At what point does that species become Man?