Sunday, July 22, 2012

Taxes and Benefits ... where your taxes go

A few things to note here regarding taxes:
1) Who is making up the rules of the game?
2) Who is spending forward?
3) why so much being spent on warfare/defense support?

In reverse order

The US spends far more than the next country on list, China. Over 700 Billion (over 1 trillion in total expenditure) compared to China’s under 150 billion. In addition to this there are countries whom we’d never go to war against as there are way to many other tie-in. Add in the defense spending of these allies and it’s not hard to see, of the total world defense spending, over 60% is the sum of friends. The rest is divided up among many other countries who are weak in defense forces.

Clearly near all 7 billion plus people on this planet are to busy living life to think about killing others they will never get to know even just their names. So who are the few causing such defense spending?

If the money is not there, then who is responsible for spending forward and why? The idea that our benefits cost more than what is being paid for them is just bad budgeting practice and today its to the tune of 15 trillion and growing.

Rules of the game, who is making them up as they go along? In the 90′s there was a “Trillion dollar bet” The application of the Black-Scholes Formula effectively nickle and dime'd the collapse of south east Asia, creating a bad financial wave we are still feeling the effects of today. Just a look at the events of the 90′s and early 2000 regarding large amounts of money, Enron, Worldcom, Some California Electric, etc.. and yeah, 9/11…(inside job cover up and/or a retaliation of the bets hard hit Indonesia of 88% Muslim -CIA stats at that time) Who made the rules up that allowed such a theft and abuse to happen?

Of course there is plenty more such as research not being done with DCA for cancer treatment because its not patent-able though enough taxpayers would if given a choice to pay for universities to do the research…. but what I’ve mentioned so far should be enough to make the topic of the article look quite small in comparison to the bigger picture as you snap puzzle pieces together.

So lets look at the common tool in all this. Money – an abstract representation of value created in order to ease trade as a common agreed upon media (vs. pure barter). It was never intended to be such a tool of high level abstract economic manipulation to allow theft at any scale nor intended to be a product in and of itself (i.e. interest charges.)

Now we all can look at the piston in the engine and say all is well, as we can of any other part in the engine, but as a whole, where are you really going?

There is an issue here with self supported dependencies, addiction. It should be clear what that is here. When you have a system functioning in a manner of stealing from others and being aware of it enough to build up a huge defense. In the case of the U.S. 53% of income taxes goes to warfare/defense support….Is it not obvious what the real problem here is? And what sort of degradation of living standards can be expected to result in such addiction?

12 step program: first step is admitting addiction.
And the buddy system too… Typically these help groups have the word “Anonymous” in their title but what might the help group be called for defence intelligence when the intelligence is suppose to be hidden? Maybe just “Anonymous”

Straighten out the addicted who are causing fails in spending, budgeting and accounting (9/10/2001 Donald Rumsfeld publicly states 2.3 trillion in pentagon spending is unaccounted for…) and then we can take another and more correct look at benefits.

Really, for supporting “No Taxation without Representation” given the political campaign soap opera, there is only one way to straighten out the flow of money. The taxpayers need paperwork to define where the taxes they pay are to be used, and at all levels where they pay taxes. Add such a taxpayer voice to income tax returns where the taxpayers might actually willingly participate in teamwork rather than finding a way of feeling abused as they probably should..

What better way for the people to tell government how to represent the people? And if you don’t trust the people to direct their taxes. where there can as well be an option for a taxpayer to say, I trust the government to decide for me, (I’m sure many won’t, least not totally) then you are one to support rigged elections.

Ask people “Would you like to tell government on what to spend your taxes?” And remember this is a Republic first and foremost, where all voice count vs majority rules. And directing where you taxes go would be counting literally.

Or you can continue to pay for this sort of addiction spending: