Saturday, February 19, 2011

No more room for trouble makers (pebble in the pond)

There will be 7 billion people on this planet this year but its only some fraction of 1% perhaps less than 0.1% in positions of command that are causing the rest of us problems in all sorts of fabricated ways that otherwise would not exist. But without these fabricated problems they have no reason to exist nor those positions they have given themselves. This small percentage has psychological issues regarding ethics, morals, honesty and integrity.They are psychologically unfit to command or influence anyone.

The United States government is no exception as many in positions of command do not know the contents of the founding documents of this country, or have chosen to ignore them, intentionally committing treason against the written intents of the founders of this country.

The Declaration of Independence identifies corrupt government and states its not only the people right but DUTY to put off such government and restore the spirit of the intents of the founder, the people.

September 10, 2001, D. Rumsfeld publicly stated the 2.3 trillion on pentagon spending for the year, was not accounted for. That is more than the defense budget that year and amounts to about $8,000 per man woman and child in the US of that year.

That is taxation without representation. A slap in the face of the historic Boston Tea party. The conception of the US of A.

The US government has become the very government the Declaration of Independence was against…. Read it and see for yourselves. Its every Americans right and duty.

What Started in Tunisia, was the pebble in a pond whos wave is spreading and its going to hit the US government too!

Understanding thug mentality, you can produce peaceful situations where the thugs will expose themselves to all and be stripped of their command power simply by having their commands ignored.

Figuring out safe ways to get thugs to expose themselves and be then be ignored, is the task at hand. For there is no longer room on this planet population for these self supported dependency trouble makers.