Tuesday, December 1, 2015

The bases of real miracles.


"Energy and matter are one and the same as identified by Einstein. Energy (E) can become matter; and matter (M) can become energy: E=mc2 . Likewise, thought and things are one and the same as identified by Spinoza. Nonmystical thoughts (T1) can become all things throughout the universe; and all things (T2) throughout the universe can become nonmystical thoughts: T1=T2k, where k is the universal constant of Zon. Also, the Di Silvestro equation: T1(Iº+Eº)=vT2(k) in which Iº is the degree of intent and Eº is the degree of effort behind the thought. Iº and Eº affect v or the velocity of converting T1 to T2, with T2 being the thought converted to reality."

The universal constant 'k' is the "zero point field" (referred to here as 'Zon'). Whether or not the author of "Zonpower" (Wallace Ward - AKA Frank Wallace) knew "Zero Point Field" or "Zero Point Energy" terms would be used, I do not know.

google "zero point field" for more.

The above equations are an abstract representation of the essence of the making of real miracles.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

We created higher level abstraction to solve problems, and now we are using such abstraction to cull the population and of blood line focus.

Friday, October 16, 2015

Miracles? Or distraction from how to.

Walking on water- Emanuel (aka jesus) was a carpenter and at that time the main employment of carpentry was that of boat building. Take a large plank of wood that will float in the water just at its surface. You will be able to walk across it so long as you do not stop. But as soon as you stop the surface tension gets focused and you will begin to sink.

The people at that time did not have corrective eye sight technology. And story tellers like to embellish their story, to gain attraction.  Someone on the shore, writing a story of what they saw with less than what we today call 20/20 vision.

Feeding the masses: People were following because they wanted a better way of life. As their life was one of an environment of criminal activity, they had no reason to trust those around them, and as such were not going to follow without their supplies. Some even offered Emanuel's  entourage some of the food they had brought. The basket was a white lie, allowing those following an excuse to use their own supplies while hidding teh fact of what they brought .

Water to wine, as a carpenter he worked with others who .... drank wine. And one of the tricks he learned is getting the last of the wine flavor from a container is to add some water and slush it around. It was a cheerful wedding where alcohol wasn't needed. but a wine flavored drink to toast with.

Exodus, Volcanic activity and events of some who later told and passed along their story. eventually being collected up and written down by israeli's with the claim it was theirs.
From following a column of smoke during daylight and a flame of fire by night back to volcanic activity killing off the grass resulting in israelites breaking a work contract with the Egyptians in brick making.  Grass was a part of brick making, as the pyramids were built with. http://www.geopolymer.org/archaeology/pyramids/are-pyramids-made-out-of-concrete-1/

Volcanic activity can cause such event sequence as killing the fish due clay taking oxygen out of the water and this bringing bugs feeding off the dead water life. Volcanic activity creating toxic fumes heavier than air. So as the first born were living and sleeping in one part of the land the story of how the Israelite came to be in Egypt. Selling their fathers favorite son, their brother, into slavery. Eventually that story leads to the israelites being invited and given the better property not so influenced by the volcanic toxic fumes.

A volcano can also go off under water and when the water is shallow enough, can cause a fissure that blast water away and clears a way to pass temporary before filling back up. As the story is claimed, Moses turned around, backtracked. Those following him questioned his sanity, but Moses witnesses the timing of the fissure, the Egyptians trying to catch them did not know of the timing.  

Thursday, October 1, 2015


The Menorah, pi, & flower of life, crop circles. are just more details of the  points of the one used in Abstraction physics.  http://abstractionphysics.net/pmwiki/index.php

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Links become broken

The internet changes over time, what can be accessed