Tuesday, December 1, 2015

The bases of real miracles.


"Energy and matter are one and the same as identified by Einstein. Energy (E) can become matter; and matter (M) can become energy: E=mc2 . Likewise, thought and things are one and the same as identified by Spinoza. Nonmystical thoughts (T1) can become all things throughout the universe; and all things (T2) throughout the universe can become nonmystical thoughts: T1=T2k, where k is the universal constant of Zon. Also, the Di Silvestro equation: T1(Iº+Eº)=vT2(k) in which Iº is the degree of intent and Eº is the degree of effort behind the thought. Iº and Eº affect v or the velocity of converting T1 to T2, with T2 being the thought converted to reality."

The universal constant 'k' is the "zero point field" (referred to here as 'Zon'). Whether or not the author of "Zonpower" (Wallace Ward - AKA Frank Wallace) knew "Zero Point Field" or "Zero Point Energy" terms would be used, I do not know.

google "zero point field" for more.

The above equations are an abstract representation of the essence of the making of real miracles.

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