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For the People by the People.

Secrecy is a privilege extended to the government by the people and it can be rescinded. The Declaration of Independence expresses the right and duty of the people to keep its government in line.

Those who are supposed to uphold the founding documents of the United States via their government positions but act in contrast to such, are acting in a manner termed "treason."

The Exposure of such acts of treason are not to be considered illegal but rather are to be considered within the rights and duty of Americans in following the foundation documentation of the United States. To uphold the ideals of the Founding Fathers.

As Wikileaks is not just an exposure of the US government but of other countries governments and associated businesses, the seemingly apparent bias towards the US is in proportion to the destructive military weapons bias in consideration to the worlds sum total of such destructive forces.

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Backwards to see the Future

I've seen Colin Andrews' UNESCOs video mentioning a Crop Circle showing a 2033 date with earth missing and I've seen Crop Circles Connectors interpretation of that CC which is different and the same CC I suggested a possible intentional, rather than natural, breakup of a comet or asteroid a short time later.

2033... I do not know that I have enough information, but I have some information in mind, widely available. We have doubled the population since the 70's. At this rate of population growth and life extension technology, we'll probably double it again by then to about 14.4 billion and regardless of any "natural disasters".

I do not believe we are given any advanced technology but rather only given such information that gets us to put together in new or certain ways what we have developed and understand, to build upon what we have done, recursively. I think it was once tried, to give us advanced technology, but we failed to understand and instead wrongly abused it. We perceived god(s), instead of fellow conscious being, so they left from our daily lives so to give us a fair chance to evolve.

What advanced technology we may have obtained (not given) I seriously expect those who have it are dumbfounded by it and hide it to hide their ignorance and in accord with their waring mindset fear. There are at least two things that we have a very old but detailed enough description of to build. The Arch of the Covenant and the Spaceship of Ezekiel. Yet we still lack the know how to build the Arch safely. Maryland Institute of Technology back in the 70's canceled such a project as it began to put off high levels of static electricity that became dangerous for the students building it. And the Spaceship, we can build everything except for the power source which is believed to be nuclear.

Two points:

1) Population growth brings about a need for change.

Its happened before as noted with the metaphor of the tower of babel story. A transition that happened around the world as different and disconnected populations grew and each population experienced the transition at their reaching a given population level, causing a need to refine resolution levels of their languages. Julian Jaynes work really does well in exploring this transition. The down side is that the transition to using higher level abstraction opened the door to introspection and wrongful deceptive use of abstraction, while at the same time disconnecting us from acute awareness of nature with the distraction of abstraction.

2) Advancement in knowledge and technology are something we are going to have to do ourselves because we have proven how good we are at getting things given to us wrong, and being abusive with it. This is who we are at this state of being. And it too is something that can be calculated and expected of in our evolution from a more advanced and experienced enough POV. Though it may be questionable if they were then experienced enough to know not to try giving us their tech. Such an attempt may have been influential to why we have had corrupted hierarchies.

I do not believe we are the first species to have evolved to higher levels of intelligent conscious being, nor will we be the last, as our species may well participate in the creation and influence in the next species to evolve. What is more important than the survival of any given species is the survival of conscious beings that pursue the survival instinct of causing expansion of the universe and development of life forms to help this expansion, recursively. You can have a house, but if not maintained, it will deteriorate by natures hand. And where different species have different enough perceptions that contribute to the growing sum strength of understanding and application of knowledge. Just as we have seen with cross breading animals and combining nationalities and cultures of ourselves brings strength to the whole.

What's going to happen between 2012 and 2033?

Setting aside cosmological events for which we have no control over but can only hope those beings who can influence such will continue to do so .... as would be helpful to our evolution. Maybe we need some disasters to take away that which has become to distracting to us and detouring our evolution? Probably.

21 years is a short time to make a transition.

Looking at this from a more advanced POV:
If I were a member of an advanced race, species or community with the objective of creating additional conscious life that will contribute to the survival of conscious beings and the expansion of the universe, would I not also be able to know, along with the clock of cosmology, at what point success or failure would be determined for the development of a new species? Or would this be more a "some will become what we want and others will not but perish" while we have even cross genetically engineered still others?

From a human species point of view (blind to more advanced POVs)
Population growth is going to force us into a need to change. Perceived natural disasters that remove distractions can help. Having less and less time to use higher level abstraction for dishonesty we will streamline our use of abstractions for increasingly honest communications, as a matter of survival. However, we will also find limits in pure abstraction and find the solution is in combining our ability of being in tune with nature, which we had set aside for abstraction use, with honest use of abstraction. A new mindset emerges. Fully in touch with nature but of higher level abstract intelligence. Something our species has never had before.

Once we were non-conscious but as all animals, acutely in tune with nature, without introspection created guilt, living in the garden of eden you might say. Then we became conscious with the use of higher level abstractions, in order to better deal with growing population problems. As this transition evolved and we became less and less in touch with nature we tried to stay in touch with nature via oracles but that faded as our abstractions grew in use and complexity. Now we again have reached a population problem and war options for reduction is fading fast, due technology enhanced communications teaching us there are only people living their daily life like everyone else, except for the few who cause problems with all with their deceptions, which are now becoming exposed for all to see.

I think you can see where I believe things are headed and why. And that my reasoning is without the need to mention some aspects or personal essence summary POV's such as alien or spirituality topics.

On one hand I think the analogies and metaphors of summaries can be to easily misinterpreted by others (missing the beauty of the tree details due the forest overview.) On the other hand, to much detail focus can be distracting and cause missing the point of the big picture (not seeing the forest for the tree leaf.) And then there is what actually happens in the forest in the full scope of the smallest to the largest view. But how to communicate enough of the details and the big picture combined in terms acceptable to the large majority?

Why is the earth not in that 1995 CC?

As a tree in the forest of CC's, it seems to say the earth is not going to be here and given the CC Connector interpretation, it'll be a cosmological event, an asteroid or comet that completely destroys the existence of the planet. But from the CC forest POV, we have seen errors in enough CC's and there has been a general theme of pending disaster that may never happen but to only motivate us to evolve. Or perhaps that's the deciding factor event as to whether or not success or failure of the whole of this species called human, is determined. But one that we make in whether or not we get it together well enough and fast enough with our own knowledge and technology to alter the course of a much larger than earth colliding body. There is a point where a parent must kick their child out on there own because the parent simply can't deal with the situation any longer.

How I came to realize the need for transition:
The need for a transition at this point in time came to my awareness not by CC's or cosmology or alien related matters or even spiritually. It came to my attention because I tried to do something so obvious and simple in concept that certainly I'd be able to easily do it. Instead I found resistance, a massive and unbelievable degree of resistance. Certainly the idea of conspiracy crossed my mind and I explored that direction, but realized the evolving population mindset width and scope is beyond conspiracy though the seed of this mindset may have been influenced dishonestly. Bill Gate is credited, recognized even by myself, with introducing the general population to the use of computers. He became very wealthy and said the way to success is by making others need you. This very philosophy spread as others followed. But what happened is that end users were intentionally constrained in what they could do for themselves. Give... uh err, sell a man a fish and you feed him for a day and get rich as the days go by. But teach him how to fish and he feeds himself for life and you don't get rich that way.

What happened is that we, the majority, were dumb down kept regarding the technology we use, and for the sole purpose of making some rich or less, just well employed. We were not given the simple and logical tools that most certainly should exist so that we may have used a computer with abstractions, in analogy, as fluidly as we use a calculator with the abstraction subset called numbers. The computer OS technology supporting the base of such a direction has been removed and suppressed from the mass market, regardless of excuses given (i.e. the unbelievable soap opera like history of the Amiga computer OS) And there are plenty good sounding excuses fabricated for dumb downing maintenance. "Users don't want to program" as an excuse for not providing them with generic ability to automate and edit some automation they would create and use to be more productive. "Users don't want to calculate Einstein equasions" as an excuse to not provide a generic calculator to do daily math?

Conspiracy of the connected or monetary motives of many disconnected individuals? All that matters and regardless of why or which side, is the mindset is wrong in general. And wrong about what? The use of Abstractions. Failure to understand or resistance to understanding the mechanical like nature of the use of abstractions. Perhaps perceived as a threat to individuality or spirituality, or a threat to the intentional deceivers?

But.... All Are Created Equal.... in how we process abstractions.

Hence, the need for a transition in mindset is the conclusion I came to at some point in my efforts to research and understand what the problem is and why. A conclusion I came to nothing less than 10 years ago and not more than 20 years ago. From first thought to growing certainty... and now I see a growing awareness of transition needed and believed to be going to happen, as verification even of timing related to computer technology development. What percentage of the population and rate of awareness and/or how to make the transition smooth and efficient is perhaps where the question now is.

I know computers with the end user tools we already should have had can be extremely helpful in such a transition, providing a mental mirror for people, but only if we realize the output is totally relevant and a reflection to our input of and by ourselves. It scary that some don't realize this about computers, that computer output is not images of gods but of programmers and users, who are error prone humans.

Mr. Joshua on the Circle Chasers FB page is really scary with his Bible code output. I'm not sure he realizes or even wants to realize the program he is using is just outputting the input he is inputting. He is holding up what he claims is the hidden encoded words of god, but what is in fact a stone image of his own input running through the mindset image of the programmer who wrote the $79.95 text character search and sort program. The scary part is those who believe him and his improving his input skills and where this can lead. I don't want to help him promote this illusion by giving him any more for him to input. Camel, straw, broken back.... I left the group.

There are those who say that each of us should do what we remember we are here to do, to help this transition happen. For myself, clearly its the "abstraction physics" knowledge and its computer application tool set I realized, identified, defined, programed some of,... paid another to program more of and have a little left to do to generally complete the functional base set,..... for which I could and can afford to pay someone to do..... However, and regardless of what I know is possible to do with it, (from using it to automate with current tools and methods, to building from ground up a more efficient way of programming and user created general automation), there does not seem to yet be the need/motive enough for it by others to show active interest, much less use it should it be available in functionality more so than it already is.

So I wait for and sometimes see if others are yet interested. Maybe that's my fault. Maybe I should not wait. But I also don't want to contribute to illusions of stone based superiority either. And now that I'm aware of the projected solar storms of 2012-2013 should that happen to such a degree as to damage or disable computers and networks, then maybe the time to do it right, from ground up will be afterwards.


Saturday, September 18, 2010

Where to now?

I started this blog being motivated in trying to get a better understanding and handle in regards to my thoughts to reality manifestation/conversion and experiences of such. So going into fields of physics and consciousness and the connection between the two, which gets into philosophy, religion or such similar combo mindset seems to be the path taken, one thing leading to another.

Although I have taken in a lot of information its time to ask myself if any of it has been helpful to my actually better understanding & controlling the conversion/manifestation process?

Probably, I think maybe so, though I'm not yet sure. Maybe I never really will be sure. I have come to a hard realization that I've had this ability since I was a young teenager, perhaps even earlier, though I didn't realize it. Hard to accept events.

It seems possible that the physical heart plays a role, not so much in the way of the word often attached to the heart, "love", but rather as a function of the process of conversion/ manifestation. Of the think and feel parts, it the feel part and the location of "feel".

Maybe this is the on/off switch I'm looking for.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Government disclosure

It is best to assume that the government organizations who may or not have information or proof of alien existence and technology are really just to ignorant and war mongering mindset biased to not really have anything of value.

Many people want to believe in some government conspiracy regarding UFO and alien life and technology. Though it is reasonable to think they likely have some knowledge and proof, its really quite clear that they do not have the intelligence or proper mindset to really do anything more with it than hide it for fear of others finding out how ignorant they are.

But don't we already know this?

Who is fooling who here?

There is nothing we are going to get from any intelligent life above ourselves, that we can actually properly use. We can however develop our own technology such that we actually understand it.

How I know this and am very certain of is really quite simple.
The description of "arch of the covenant" is so detailed that we can and always have been able to build it. A project to do such a thing was undertaken by Maryland Institute of Technology. The project was canceled as it began to put off such a high level of static electricity that it became dangerous for the students building it. You will not find reference to this project online, or at least I couldn't find it. It was before there was a WWW.

The point is, why look for the Arch of the Covenant and pursue all the mystery/history of it, when we have the plans to build it?

There is more to this.

If we can figure out how to convert static electricity to something more stable, then perhaps we have free energy.

There is more:

If we cannot build this in a safe manner, given all our technology of today............ what does that say about our evolution or possible alien life and technology? Are we de-evolving? Or was there more to the building of the Arch, such as alien influence and help in the construction?

This is not knowledge or technology that is being hidden, but rather information that has been spread around the world with full public access.

So why is it that I do not believe governments have any information of any usable value other than keeping it hidden to hide their ignorance, if there is anything there at all?

Monday, September 6, 2010

Spectrum of Research in Non-Terrestrial Knowledge and Technology.

Just as in any other field of research or industry, there are those who are on the honest and true end of the spectrum and those who are on the other end, as well as all those who fall somewhere within the spectrum.

The spread of the spectrum within any given field of research or industry is often enough influenced by additional factors such as, public safety regulations, financing, law, etc..

Unfortunately, the field of research regarding the class containing alien knowledge and technology and application of, and within the public view, is biased away from the honest and true side of the spectrum. Not to say there is not honest and true research findings available to the public, but that in searching for it you will find more that doesn't fit that end of the spectrum but at best falls into the category of speculation and worse, total fabrication for personal agendas, disinformation and con for profit. And further but even more unfortunately, there are those who will feed off genuine research, distorting it as they see to fit their personal agendas. This does not help the public find clarity in drawing the line between the erroneous and honest information.

So what is one who has a genuine interest in understanding the honesty of the subject matter, to do?

Of course personal experience is where one may start, but even here it may be worth pursuing some sort of verification, if there is any question of whether a personal experience really happened of not.

Otherwise, and even in consideration of, a lack of undeniable evidence, the thing to do is to put effort into understanding the big question of why? Why are there claims of aliens encounters, abductions, knowledge, technology and even applications of, but such a great lack of proof relevant to the amount of claims?

Perhaps that is a question at the top of a pyramid, where the honest answer is far wider and deeper in scope than the question would seem to ask for.

Before going into available evidence let's touch on a few things, make a few assumptions but only to help draw a theory so to see if the evidence fits and to help us to know where to look to perhaps find such evidence.

For those who don't know or recall personally, knowledge of alien existence or related knowledge and/or technology:
1) Assume they do exist and that they have been here for quite some time.
2) Assume any conspiracy theories you may come across in the search and consideration of evidence, are of no primary value. We are not seeking to be distracted by conspiracy, but seeking evidence that helps us answer the big question of why, as indicated above.
3) Assume that any knowledge and/or technology that we don't already have due our own R&D will not be given to us by them (aliens). Assume the reason is simply because it its not in our scope of understanding and ability to make proper use of yet. We have to advance on our own.
4) Assume, regarding knowledge, that we can be inspired to put together what we have. What we already have within human knowledge can be brought to our individual attention. And any summed knowledge is within our ability to understand and properly make use of.

So where might we begin to look for evidence that leads to answering the question?
History, archeology, human evolution in social changes due population growth.
Technology, both biological and technological, and rate of advancement of these.
Cosmology, Astronomy on the large scale. Particle physics on the very small scale.

The Theory:
We have enough of our own information/knowledge to compile for an answer and not just a potentially valid answer but an obvious and certain answer with further expectations to extrapolate.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Crabwood crop circle

Regardless of what you may read elsewhere about the 2002 Crabwood crop circle (google it and read what you will)

The 60 line image of Crabwood is not relevant to the early 1950 TV resolution but to something else. If anything it was saying to look back to a short distance in 60 lins of tv resolution was reminiscent of the 1930's mechanical set. By the 50's we had a lot more lines of resolution happenings.

re: beyond mechanical TV's of the 30's having under 100 lines (wikipedia) With these systems (far more than 100 lines), the BBC began regularly scheduled black and white television broadcasts in 1936, but these were shut down again with the start of World War II in 1939. In 1941 the first NTSC meetings produced a single standard for US broadcasts. US television broadcasts began in earnest in the immediate post-war era, and by 1950 there were 6 million televisions in the United States.

in the US:
The War Production Board halted the manufacture of television and radio equipment for civilian use from April 22, 1942 to August 20, 1945, limiting any opportunity to introduce color television to the general public.

atom bombs (wikipedia)
the U.S. dropped the nuclear weapon "Little Boy" on the city of Hiroshima on Monday, August 6, 1945, followed by the detonation of "Fat Man" over Nagasaki on August 9.

WWII officially began on September 1, 1939 and ended Sept. 2 1945.
6 years. But lets go back about 10 months from this beginning date to

Take that measure from "Crystal Night" beginning to end of WWII and simply double it. Here is where you will be:

The UFO fly over was a response saying to the US: NO you are not the greatest power on earth!

And that is all it was. There was no alien/us military meeting, no agreement. There was no need for one. It was enough of a statement that the US government couldn't do anything about the fly overs. And the world saw this, humbling the US in the eyes of the world. Helped to de-stress world concern over US abusing its atomic power, reducing the overall atomic arms race rate. What you don't see is what would have happened had they not done the fly over. And done at a time when we had better TV communications.

Of course the supposed leaked stories were nothing more than the US government trying not to lose any illusion the rest of the world might have about the US being all powerful. but just a snake that promises to make things better for people in countries its enters, but it only strips away what was and leaves empty the space it stripped away. And that is history.

Barbury Castle crop circle of 1991

Israel Joshua uses bible code decoding software and supposedly found the following regarding a crop circle.

The crop circle in 1991 at Barbury Castle was the one that caught my attention to crop circles, due to... well read on.

(for many people crop circle are like art, having many interpretations - some claim they represent technology that can be built and there have even been claims of a few having built such technology but who has seen what is claimed to have been built?)

Joshua, careful what the stone image of the beast tells you. For the beast to hide its exposed reflection it will claim the reflection is lessor and different than it honestly and fully is.
Your "discovered" BC matrix on this CC is just such an example.

Before I give an analogy of this CC usage there are a couple things to say. First, they who lay crops circle down (human or otherwise) will not give us anything that we already don't have. If alien then perhaps its a time paradox rule or rule of not giving technology to a life form that will abuse it. But they can bend the rules in the since they can inspire us to put together what we already have. Second, giving us technology as to how to build ships is of little value to us in that we are not decoding it well enough to be developing and producing it on the scale we need to, nor do we have the time to. They are fully capable of removing all of us and more of all the life on this planet, should the need arise. But they will not take us against our will. There are over 7 billion humans on this planet but only a very small fraction, much less than the number of those who deceive, who are even looking at, not to mention thinking about, crop circles. Having general understanding of some things is helpful, that we do not freak out.

The analogy of this CC in use. Consider a fractal, ie the Mandelbrot set. the center circle represents the core functionality, the unavoidable action constants that allow processing the Mandelbrot equation, which is this case is the next circle out. The third circle out is the user interface where you apply the three generic fractal oriented functions of setting place value, resolution and recursion. Moving inward and outward in the generated results of the equation.

Geometry size is relevant to itself. the center and second circle are within the main triangle because the core functionality and equation are set, but the third circle out, going outside the main triangle indicates user interaction.

The triangles really are not triangles, but rather just lines that represent relationships between the core functionality, the equation and the user interface via the generic set of three fractal functions. There is no harm in perceiving the triangles as a tetrahedron or even a mirrored tetrahedron if it helps one visualize zooming inward and outward. Note that a mirrored tetrahedron (it would be called something else) has six sides.

Why six divisions of resolution and six levels of recursion?
Perhaps because at that level of detail validation and or manifestation happens? Certainly we have six degrees of separation, six levels of learning, six....etc..

Now this Mandelbrot equation was just an analogy, that of course works.
Had I wrote metaphor, that would be different.

The Mandelbrot equation here represents an image of a human created mindset. The core functionality is never going to change, for it is what it must be, nothing more, nothing less. but the second circle out, that can change to represent a human mindset, perhaps habitual actions of a person. Of course that means the third circle out is external influence that sets off the various facets of the human mindset reaction.

As I said, they who put crop circle down will not give us anything we don't already have, but only inspire us to put together what we already have. And this is true here. As it was about three and a half years before this CC that I identified the core functionality or action constant set as well as a configuration of them, for full versatility. read up... Abstraction Physics

And the Mandelbrot CC that showed up later was a response to my questioning whether this Barbury Castle crop circle was a fluke or not.

This, running on stone, image that you purchased and run to "discover" BC's is just that. A mindset image created by the beast of man, just as all programs you run on your computer, are. And the beast can hide behind its running on stone image of itself. Isn't that right Israel?

Internet based communications 1990-91
7-ai-b1-txt (see msg 270)
And a little later I complied something I wrote, referring to a knowledge calculator, with other text: Knowledge Calculator
(note email address in document is now invalid)

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Our Evolution

There was a time when we lived in a non-conscious awake state as many animals do, even today. But they understand nature and know how to respond, like monarch butterflies flying north for 3 generations and then the forth generation that lives much longer takes the long trip back to Mexico. Birds that can fly south for the winter but return to the same tree in the summer trip north. Crabs that know to move inland and how far, when a storm is approaching, such a where a hurricane will hit shore.They know and there was time when we did too.

We were able to do some complex things but still limited. But our population grew and the complexity of society grew more than we were able to handle in such a non-conscious manner, so the bicameral mind of ours broke down, as recorded in the metaphor story of the tower of babel. We had to evolve to survive the growing population and complexity or society. We created consciousness, the ability to think in higher levels of abstraction, to overcome the problems.

However, it was recognized we had to give up our non-conscious tie into nature.  So to help over come this loss the position of oracle was established. The job was to go into a trance like state, or revert back to a bicameral mind state to report back what nature was saying. In time this position of oracle became outdated as we developed our abstract knowledge to better deal with our environment. Yet today, we still have some who do such a thing, i.e. Edgar Cayce...

However, there is a bad side to the use of higher level abstractions, which required introspection. Deception was discovered in the use of higher level abstraction and even the first recorded suicide.

You can read up on all this by studying the works of Julian Jaynes. However, Julian's work is from a subjective POV in that its about what people experience incoming, not in what they were outputting back into the media of which nature used to communicate to them. Perhaps it didn't make enough difference then to be noticed as the knowledge was still very nature oriented even with the higher level abstractions then in use.

Today we have evolved our abstractions quite beyond nature, enough so that when the need arises again for us to take an evolutionary step, we will (and have begun to) notice how our thoughts can manifest into reality in more direct ways than through our hands on creation process.

We are not taking a step backwards, but rather we are beginning to incorporate the benefits of our non-conscious mind with our conscious mind via reintegrating our bicameral mind state. And again its due growing population and complexity of society that is driving it. But there is more which can push us to make the move sooner. Thenatural disaster of solar storms that knock out our electronics, including communication and perhaps even transportation (most vehicles today have an on board computer that will prevent the car from operating if its busted). And natural disasters may very well include the sort of events that seem to be building, flooding, earthquakes, volcanoes, etc.  Or perhaps its just our population growth and technology growth that makes us more aware of these natural events.

We have always had the ability to listen to nature, but our complexity of abstractions and society monopolize our time. Another way of saying it is that there is a barrier between our non-consciousness or bicameral mind state and our consciousness. It is in what we believe that acts as a filter to protect our free will in what we want to believe. A filter that only lets through what is acceptable to our individual beliefs. And perhaps this filter is a two way com link.

I am one person who knows and with some hard lessons, that my thoughts can convert/manifest into reality. As such I have a goal to better control what thoughts convert, by improving my understanding in the since of doing or not..

There is my blog here which I started the beginning of this year in effort to try and get control over this ability. But there is also other work of mine in the unavoidable action constants of abstraction creation and use.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Mosque @ ground zero

9/11 and first attempt on WTC was result of Trillion Dollar Bet (google it, read transcript) drained South East Asia causing banks failure. Indonesia 88% Muslim (CIA stats) hit hard with financial drain of Trillion dollar bet. Nobody would listen to what was happening due the trillion dollar bet. So it gave Fanatics a verifiable excuse. World bank offered loan w/interest, but considering who stole from who, that offer didn't work. Media anthrax threatened by US mil. and even carried out (google Ted Turner Anthrax). Attack Targets, WTC, Pentagon, White House. Statement = Wrongful World economic manipulation backed by politically controlled military.

Follow the money!

Following the money. Losers in the trillion dollar bet include Enron and Worldcom. Simply look at the time line regarding large financial amounts. WTC Building 7 contained the SEC investigation into the Trillion Dollar Bet. It was intentionally taken down destroying the investigation. and many problems vanished with it. I.E. California Brown outs stopped. Can't bankrupt an electrics utility!

A mosque at ground zero is very appropriate! It would indicate Americans have woken up to the truth. The full scope honesty of the whole matter.

9/11 Media anthrax threatened, won't tell public truth, plenty info available to put it all together for yourselves.  Spying on US citizens via telcos not for finding terrorist as casual conversation code is undetectable. But for determining public opinion of 9/11 and war on Iraq to enable government to instruct media what to promote to sway public support for the Bush Administration agenda.

The towers had serious asbestos problems and this is why afterwards dust caused health problems for many. Buildings sold to one who then took out insurance policies beyond buildings replacement value and income loss of rental property that was diminishing in renters. Specifically insurance against terrorist attacks. Intelligence knew but military response was diverted to better allow attack to happen.

Can't hold an entire religion responsible for the acts of fanatics. Who was giving fanatics verifiable excuses? In comparison, what is the excuse for wide spread pedophilia in the catholic church? 

Separation of church and state is for a reason. And strongly upheld even in the bible belt south.

But Mosque near ground zero subject now being used as a political election tool.

Its not about Religion, its about money and Wrongful World Economic Manipulation.

Side note: I do not condone the torturous murdering of an innocent teacher. But apparently many people do by using the word Saviour. But if you wanted to be prince of the world, knowing there is existence and even life after death, as in reincarnation, would you be willing to die once to establish that status?

Friday, July 23, 2010

The business of crop circles

Its insulting to human ingenuity and creativity to promote the idea that we cannot lay crops down in a given pattern accurately. This is not rocket science but a great deal easier to do and there are other techniques and tools to use other than plank and rope. Lets get real but we are also not alone.

If you could make a 6-7 figure annual income in regards to the crop circles “mystery”, would you help hide that most all are man made?

And if you were making that amount of money how much would you invest to keep it going? What would you invest in?

Because this is a seasonal viewed business, what would you be doing the rest of the year? Planning next seasons circles, book writing, lectures. Perhaps during on season you could even hire your own helicopter or buy one and learn to fly it or hire a pilot for the season.

What would you not do and what would you avoid?
You certainly would not promote farmers or others to use any of the long distant night vision cameras. In fact you’d down play it.

Once you look at things from a business perspective you’ll realize even if there are some genuine alien made crop circles, they are likely to be buried in the business. And for the claimed cover-ups by government what better incentive might Government provide but to reduce the laws against anyone caught to make it not worth the farmers time while providing any complaining farmer incentive to drop it and even put out a so called “honesty” box for those visiting the crop circles.

Its easy to know the bias here by just looking at what is done AND what is NOT done.

But lets forget all this and speculate that its ALL alien communication. What do you think they are telling us?
And how can you be sure?

The best I can do with the “why are they doing this” is to simple get us to look to our past and find evidence of them being here before, realizing they are here now and that something is about to happen of which they calculated and told us in the past, are telling us now and when the time is right they will be here to take those willing and able to go, away from very difficult times. Probably cosmological events we have absolutely no control over and all they can do about it is see it coming and give the willing of us a way out.

If you were alien and doing this you’d have to realize that the best you can do is just get a general message across for most all will not see enough to realize much in the way of details. If there is anything we have shown ourselves good at, its totally distorting details. Its why we have this division idea of religion going on. And it would be as well understood that there would be fakes and profiting off the “mystery” to further dilute any details.

Certainly our own science see this cosmological event building up in regards to the earth. And its very clear that if we are doomed they will not tell us this. Around 2003 a very large and very fast moving comet or asteroid slung around the sun and so close that it was going to hit the sun. But a strange blast came from the sun to detour its path (there is reason to believe that alien craft had something to do with the blast (there is actual footage of this event from one of the camera systems looking at the sun [SOHO]). We were not told because it was believe we were goners. But what is coming up is not so easy to deal with. Galaxy level alignment, weakening earth protective layer and a coming solar maximum late 2012 to early 2013 that puts the earth directly in the path of solar storms/flares.

We can’t do anything about it, but only do our best to survive it. But we just don’t know enough.

Those aliens who have been here before, recorded in many religious and belief systems and about what is coming, apparently can’t do anything about it either, but only help us leave at least until it passes.

But then why would any Intelligent life form want to save us if we are so ignorant that we can't figure out how to lay a crop down in a timely and accurate manner?

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Become a Music Star and be rich... or not

Perhaps Talent is a dime a dozen, or in todays economy three cents a dozen, and there needs to be a way to filter out those who don't want stardom bad enough to pay for it. Mechanics of the RIAA

There are a lot of musicians and a lot of jobs for musicians that may pay better than a shot at the gold ring. 

I have absolutely no doubt that there are original recordings and jam sessions that put to shame much of what you hear in the radio. But you will never hear these for lack of promotion or even access to.

I Also have no doubt that there is a much larger number of recordings and jam sessions that are mediocre and even bad that make up the forest... uh jungle of junk that helps hide the really good stuff.

There is no free lunch, but apparently accounting can be done so much better.

If given the opportunity to be heard by fewer but able to earn as much as you might going through the industry, which would be more important to you? The number of people who hear you or your income?

Perhaps this post is for myself, a reminder that music may be a harder business than many others, to be in. 

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Maybe there was no Big Bang

Black hole had a really good meal.

Origin of abstract language

Meru Foundation Videos

After viewing enough of these videos - the short ones are like Ads. I can see what was the metaphor or analogy of The Tower of Babel, before it  happened and why it happened. It is very interesting the Hebrew lettering system of each being a different POV of a common shape. A shape defined in the text of genesis. That was every clever of the writer.

This made me recall what I thought of a hieroglyphic stone I saw in the Louvre  which is probably even more primitive than the Hebrew alphabet

Another thing that comes to mind is this perhaps being the first complex sign language.

The smoke ring and tree of life explanation are interesting as well as the idea or identification that god is a verb.

These things are fitting of my own perceptions, identifications and have been helpful in bringing a little more clarity to my objective.

Though it is very true, and I have used this in examples acceptable to the majority, that we do use our hands to produce what we originate in our minds. And this is very fitting of the Hebrew Alphabet common shape...... However my hands are not always so involved, least not at that sequence position, but in more direct thought to physical reality  conversion or manifestation as I have much experienced.

Perhaps I and other who have experienced such are simply moving to an new or next level of communication. A level of consciousness that is actually predictable given the research of the past, assessment of today problems and how population seems to be a determining factor...projecting this change is easy.

I once made a comment that the pictograph was a compressed version of the tree of life, perceiving a tetrahedron 3D at the center, which is relevant to the action constants of abstraction physics. God as a verb and action constants....note the tenth is inherent of the nine commands (it's position #0)

The smoke ring, this reminded me of my thoughts regarding where consciousness and existence came from. When the void became aware of itself, it split into two, the blackboard of consciousness and the whiteboard of existence where both can hold changing content.

What he said about comparing genesis to itself. This is what I refer to as turning something in on itself, where it can prove itself and stand or expose itself as hypocritical and fall. And when I heard him first say this, my attention level went up and I though how smart of him. This is not to far from the void becoming aware of itself.

My objective is to understand and enable my use of the on/off switch as to whether or not any given thought I might have is or is not converted into reality. Look ma, no hands.... 

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Crop Circles

As a 3d autocad user with a master carpenter background and as and artist and craftsmen working to program CNC routers and drawings, at a company that produces in physical reality the often impossible designs that designers come up with, it is not difficult for me to see how crop circles (laying crops down) can be done and the art of creating them improved over time, by humans,

Now I can go into a pissing match as who has more talent but that would be skipping over the point while proving the point.

As an example of improving the art quality and speed of doing, what would be better than a rope strung plank? Snow Shoes. and even better custom shoes to better spread a person weight and amount of crop laid in a step.

Once basic method is established for a given design then for speed, maximum number of people can be determined.

As to bending crops, rather than breaking them, steam can most likely be used (perhaps added to the shoes) via back pak based gas flame powered heating of water through output lines. What makes me think of this, well for one basket weaving I learned to do in elementary school.
How not to snap even dried out straw.

Of course plenty arguments can be said against, like but it would burn the user. Where such arguments would really just be insulting to human ingenuity.

Deception has its easy to apply and safe from proof techniques. There were established by a research scientist. Proof establish not from a viewer perspective but by the doer perspective. So a comment from a viewer perspective like "I don't see it" does not dismiss the possibility of applied deception as that is the very thing such a deceiver achieves.
But there is a way to view indications of probable deception, as such techniques applied do leave a trail of acts and avoidances.

Of all the alien species described, the grays are the most common experienced. Even in the radio telescope reply, its a gray depicted. It is possible that they are the only species currently interacting with humans and they use techniques of telepathy to present even the illusion of other beings. Telepathic communication is most certainly a common experience among those who have had encounters with such beings. Telepathy is real enough that even governments and militaries have studied it. And I know there are those who have used hallucinogen and experienced such Telepathy, as this was even done in the late 60's US military, a Time Magazine cover story.

At a level of telepathic communication there is no different psychology of consciousness. There is a notable evolution of consciousness and thought capabilities of any race or even of any animal species. Dolphis are noted to be very intelligent and their communication fits their environment and physical make up.

There has been a study done regarding our ability to create to the extent we have and far beyond any other popular recognized life form.
There is a reason related to our physical makeup, to legs walking upright, with arms and even fingers are important in this. So it is not unusual to expect alien intelligence capable of such technology as UFOs to be similar in physical make up.

Imagine what it would be like to live in a world of telepathic communication. Imagine what you can do to a less evolved species by accessing their telepathic communication ability.

Life evolves and goes through expected and predictable stages of evolution very knowable via hind sight and genuine research. Of course any intelligent life form more advanced than us, that is studying us, especially for such a long time, would know of our skepticism and other yet to evolve primitive qualities quite well. With deception comes skepticism, but before either can exist for us there had to be a breakdown of the bicameral mind to bring about introspection capable consciousness. This was research by Julian Jaynes and recorded in history as an analogy of the tower of babel. Where we developed higher level abstractions. We evolved, when through a transition, as we are about to do again go through another transition that out modes abstract based deception. What we now call telepathy. As this happens people will begin to see through deception while the deceivers have trouble understanding what is going on.

Are there alien based crop circles? probably. Why? I believe I have just answered that

Economy straight up

Economy is easy to resolve and having a few with the majority of abstract value even indicates a hint at why its in the mess its in. But I shall elaborate. During the great depression, understanding what caused it and recognizing the steps taken even today to try and avoid the same again, there is understanding enough from this and other economic failures in history that we most certainly know how to permanently resolve world economics today. The problem is why or who is in the way of this happening.

Back to the great depression. We had plenty manpower, knowledge and the natural resources to move forward just fine. Note that this does not include the abstract value exchange system of money. In fact it was the manipulation of this abstraction of money that caused the great depression to happen. Abstraction exist in the mind and as such it makes the great depression really just a psychological manipulation, not a physical one. Though this psychological manipulation had great influence on the physical, only because we gave it the power to do so.

We had all we needed to avoid the great depression, and the proof of this as being fact was that the solution was actually used to help get us out of it and at a dollar a day pay.

BTW this is the proven solution to Haiti's situation. We know that it works, we know Haiti is in serious need to heal its land as a top priority, even more important than the people, But this solution, both get healed at the same time. Haiti's history is also exposing of why economics even ever becomes a problem.

Here is some hard reality:

and though this is a bit old, it is still very exposing and an update would not change much in the statement it makes. There is also the fact numerous times the US government took money from public retirement (Social Security) for war machine funding.

So we know there is wrongful misdirection going on of the abstract value system. But Military is just one deterioration source, there is another, perhaps far worse the stock market.

There is plenty of public information available to allow anyone to "follow the money" and even see here the losers of that bet such as Enron, Worldcom and there are others. The results were an attempted attack on the World Trade Center and years later a successful attack on it. BTW Building 7 held the SEC ongoing investigation records into this stock market abuse. When it was taken down a lot of problems vanished, including California electric power bill and brown outs, suggesting another loser in the bet that couldn't just vanish like Enron. And of the other two targets, it doesn't take much to see why the pentagon was hit and the suspected White Horse Target. words "Government", "Military", "World Markets" and "drain"...

There is absolutely no question as to where and who the problem of economics is with.

The Stock market was created to help business grow, but the higher and higher levels of abstraction has detoured the intent. It use to be that you believed in a company and invested in their growth and in return you shared in the profits. But today do you really know where your money is being invested? Like even of you don't, your bank may be with your money. How bad has the level of abstraction gotten? Well the solution to stopping the Trillion dollar bet was only a stop gap, but to make the information public and widely applied so no one could again use it as abusively as it had been used.

However, guess what wall street is looking to hire help for today? Mathematical analyst and programming programs that can calculate and even influence market trends so again to sap money off. Knowing this you can perhaps better determine when to buy low and sell high, in what is termed selling short and in support of this, there is the upcoming tax laws for next year making even long term investment to be treated with no incentive tax cuts.

Today the stock market is more a means of transferring abstract value than it is of producing any new value that would actually add to real wealth in product and services and overall improved human environment for all.

But there is something else being said about what is going on in the stock market, regarding what happens when a country threatens its debt against the economics of the world with default. The one day stock market down spike where all transactions 60% below or above the previous price were made void. The reason for the 60% number was because it was a get out of debt card for Greece. In the debt conditions of Greece the number 60% is there too, but they went over it, breaking the conditions of the terms, and hide it for years but the players in this hiding have been media mentioned. Perhaps one was your bank or investment firm.

But the point is simply this. the faster the abstraction value is moved around the closer it gets to being irrelevant. In fact in the US, new money is made by creating debt. The government goes to the federal reserve to have money made and they get this new money based on a loan debt. The value of the money then going into circulation gets multiplied based on further loans. One dollar of value becomes 10 dollar of loan value or something around this multiplying factor. This information on how new money is made is available on the internet. Though I can't at the moment help you with search terms other than the obvious.

To sort all this out, it still comes down to the same thing, there are those who drain from economy and justify it by creating war inspiring problems that otherwise really don't exist. And of the 7 billion people on this planet, its some fraction of 1% in such controlling and manipulative positions.

We do need a value exchange system as a check and balance of integrity for moving forward.

In the US we have the Declaration of Independence where in it there is outright identification of government wrong doings as well as a public tolerance level of such.

But what we really need now is a Declaration of Integrity at a world level. Verifiable Accountability of abstract value systems and their correct positive and productive use.

Economics is not the problem, but rather the few that have far to much motive and position to commit abusive and wrongful manipulation of the abstract value exchange media and systems.

Of this, there is no valid debate, only a recognition of the tested and verified facts.
There is a town or county, I think in Texas, where the residence excluded themselves from the Social Security system to instead take care of this retirement themselves. As they retire they have the same or a little better income they had prior to their retirement.
The only difference is that the government wasn't putting their hands in the till, stealing.

Again, there is no problem with the economy, but only with those who wrongfully detour/steal from it and with no real value in exchange for doing so.

Sunday, June 20, 2010


The Theory of Everything

In short: if you have a theory of everything you should explain it in terms of a subset of not just everything but of a subset of abstraction.

And there is a claim that the language of nature is a the subset of abstraction called math, hmmm, not very everything huh?

There is theory and there is actuality, you might say that its like the difference between trying and doing..

To have grasped the unified field (not the theory of), using it will be proof enough and for those trying, they can keep on about theory. Kid do play.

Simply put, what "theory of everything" to date, accounts for abstraction? And with this, expecting such a theory to be explained using abstraction is a bit contradictory.

Stop for a moment and look around you, what do you see that could not have been built without the use of abstraction?

But if abstraction is not part of the theory of everything or even of just physics, then as an outsider, how do you explain the existence of that which was built via abstraction, without recognizing abstraction as something to account for in the unified field?

Simply you cannot.

Friday, June 11, 2010

The connection between Consciousness and Existence.

Nassim's geometry is of how content on the blackboard of existence is formed and changes.

This is not how the geometry of the content on the blackboard of consciousness is formed and changes.

Explaining the origin of both is difficult because of how Nassim uses the word "void". So let me redefine "void" into "primary void" and "secondary void". Secondary void to represent Nissam's use of the word.

The primary void is absence of anything and all things, before anything at all anywhere, anytime... etc...

But then this primary void became aware of itself and at that instance two things came into being. Existence and Consciousness, which either exist or they don't, there is no mid point. But both were secondary void, contained no content. Since both are symbiotic, as content forms in one so it does in the other.

Consciousness does not fit Nassim's geometry because it is not of physical existence or of physical existence content construction material.

Consciousness constrained by physical form. The physical perception limitation of a rock, a plant, a cat, a dolphin.... a human... and beyond.

Why constrain? If you are all that exist how do you know you exist and will continue to exist, unless you expand and experience new and different things, to grow your consciousness?

Now Nassim makes reference to Einstein with a twist but that was for the physical existence side of the split, not the consciousness side. Like Einstein, Nassim is focused on the physical part of the split, missing the other part, perhaps due to the inherit highly subjective nature of the other part.


Now Nassim's early difficulty in school was caused by?
Pure abstraction does not exist in the physical side of the split.

We can build a computer program and data bases that will allow us to be a bit more objective about this, among allowing us to do a lot more in other ways. We can apply our mindsets in the virtual reality of such a program and see what manifests, rather than doing it in physical reality and discovering we errored after the damage is done by the error. Wouldn't it be good to expose the self supporting dependency of the war/defense mindset that actually prevents the peace it claims to support? How do you show the proof of peace if such a war mindset  addiction drains the very values needed for peace to exist long enough to establish proof?
Do it virtually!

The "geometry" of consciousness is different than the geometry of physical reality. For one, its not geometry, Geometry is something consciousness conceives and processes. Geometry representation in consciousness is ever changing, however, consciousness and existence are symbiotic and as such do share a connection.

It is the connection between Consciousness and Existence and what exist in both that I find interest in. I want to better understand how it is that my thoughts more often than coincidence allows, manifests into physical reality. This may sound strange to some, while others too have noticed such thought conversion to physical reality.

Some of my blog posts go into such experiences of mine.
Though there is more experiences than mentioned.

Of course I'm interested in working with others to improve the understanding of the connection between the two sides of this split.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Major Correction in Physics coming! Or all-ready, here?

About 8 hours of a video talk. This is real important and self evident and verifying.

Nassim Haramein at the Rogue Valley Metaphysical Library

I've only seen the first 4 hours at this time.
This does call for a re-evaluation of my own communications here on this blog.

Refinement and corrections. But overall I hope to regain memory of what I once knew consciously and to understand my experiences with my thoughts manifesting into reality and to such a degree of control and trust of it that I have been efforting to obtain.

Interestingly enough, my current thoughts prior to becoming aware of this talk, was specifically to consciously regain what I once "knew without doubt."

As a side note, I became aware of this video very shortly after having outpatient sinus correction surgery (nearly the only thing in my life currently that "feels right" to do, had done and recovery) But just prior to the surgery I became aware of a different video talk series that seemed to be the opposite, filled with confusion & doubt.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Saturday, May 29, 2010


What better item valued is there as to where the exposure and downfall of deception begin?
Its going to get worse. 

Our solar system changes.

Oh what a Quiet Sun.
Jupiter loses a stripe
Earth getting restless

Thursday, May 27, 2010

How Deep does the abstraction Pit go?

How deep does the abstraction Pit go?

Once upon a time there was a stock market for helping companies raise money to improve their business products and services. Today its a game that changes every few minutes to move ownership of money and to do so without creating any new value.

Oh what a pit-y it is.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

From the Universal Knowledge Base into human language.

Patenting synthetic life  & Stem Cell Patents missing the intent of Patents.

This is what happenes when the Spirit of the Intent (in this case patents) is over ruled by faulty and limited abstraction sequences that were created and used to describe the intent. Misread as being defined, but in actuality its not defined but to described intent.

The exposing mass of knowledge I once was consciously aware of was not understood in terms of our human language, but rather correctly understood  in its fullness without faulty limited abstractions.

Translation of a level of understanding down into a lesser capable communications tool as abstractions are/is a problem.

Knowing something, genuinely and honestly is one thing, communicating it to another via abstract language can easily find impossible resistance, and all for nothing more than a lack of translation into a form the receiver can accept and understand.

How do you bring such a high level of integrated knowledge with it's own inherent validation of realness (without doubt, valid and relevant knowledge), to the masses via the limited communication tool of abstract language(s)?

It is the limitation of abstract languages that cause far to much in the way of constraints of what we are genuinely and honestly capable of.

I shall put more thought into this and edit/refine this post, to clarify my intent of this post.

It seem telepathy, the ability to overcome limitations of our spoken language, is where the problem is.
In fact it seems clear since telepathy is not a commonly recognized characteristic of our species, but that we are capable of it, that telepathy is going to be in our next stage of development/evolution. What else might also be there? more common access to the universal knowledge base?

Monday, May 24, 2010

Here's a thought.

Majic dumpster.
influencing weather it rains.
getting knowledge I asked for.
And there is much more.
Even more powerful than I had imagined,
I asked for someone that would get past my difficult past. Not really knowing what to expect if anything at all but then happened everything and all, a lot to recall. Something most certainly happened and I can no longer formulate that request.

All of these, those and this, seemingly originating, manifesting from thought.

Telepathy seems to be at least part of the process.
Is there another intelligence involved? Possibly, and reasonably.

This that I knew, a great amount, including distortion and deceptions in society.
Its still got to all be there, recorded in my brain.
Could it be so simple now, changing the world.......

Now that's a thought.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Jesus Christ! Why have you forsaken me father?

J.C.: Forgive them father for they know not what they do.

Father physics/god: Jesus, my son, you saw not what you did not do. I did not forsake you, you did it to yourself when you failed to show them what they do. Had they seen what it is they do, they would have changed and you'd not been attacked and nailed to a cross. Instead you would have become just another person among many who would understand the full scope of what they do. Personally I don't care either way as I only set up the laws of physics, how what I create and give free will to uses these laws is up to them, including you and your Christ other side known as Satan. Perhaps this is a matter for you to take up with your Mother F'in Nature.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Mystical Akashic records & non-mystical Virtual Machinery of Reflection.

Akashic records is a term that has presented itself in my line of sight (where I go and what I see on the Internet). So I decided it was time to look at what it means.

Ok, so it's been named, given an abstract label, what you might call the knowledge base of the one sum consciousness. Re: the splitting of the void into consciousness and existence, the origin of god, alla, universal consciousness, or what ever you chose to call this non physical element side of the split void pair and its content growing knowledge base. The "how" this universal consciousness knows itself exist and insures its existence survival.

Upon death of your body and as a matter consistent with Einstein's law of conservation, nothing is lost only transformed, including the knowledge energy you developed during your life and your life experiences.

What this term "Akashic records" infers is that it was created by some other(s) and at least shows supporting information of existence after physical body death, consistent to that of our laws of physics.

Imagine a kid who is to young to know of all theses things, concepts, words and their meanings that mankind created and can be learned in the kids life. Imagine this same kid experiencing something that brings their awareness of all of this, but without the human created abstract and often distorted words attached. Imagine the kids awareness is without doubt, absence of uncertainty, fully knowing integrated genuine "what is real". Included in this experience but positioned against the human knowledge taught to them so far in life and their life experiences, the kid knows society is in error. The kid knows what we are taught to believe and the machinery of the society we are to live in, is so utterly incorrect, distorted, just plain wrong. Massive error that leads to pain, suffering and death. A kid innocent enough to think its just innocent errors of our evolution that is cause of this.

Saddened to know this exposing experience and knowledge of reality, the awareness of it, will diminish in time as the kid has no choice but to live in the society they need to interact with, to physically survive. Knowing the constant daily influence of this distorted society, will consume their awake and aware mental focus as a matter of survival in this distorted society.

I wanted to know the truth, fully integrated honesty of reality, from every part of my heart and soul. And I got it. Like a flood of knowledge I was plugged into. The society I lived in then and up to today is so far detached from reality, but now I know it wasn't all innocent error that has pulled this veal over our eyes. While I was receiving this flood of knowledge, it occurred to me, what use is such knowledge in a society that can't seem to comprehend it, is not designed or geared to comprehend it. I had received enough, upon this realization, that the flood of knowledge then stopped. The amount of knowledge I received I compared to knowing what was in all the libraries in the world, not just by titles but full content. Knowledge that would take a dozen or more lifetimes to acquire. But the knowledge was different in that it was well integrated genuine, accurate, honest and real. Core knowledge that you could then extrapolate more knowledge. Anything I wanted to know the details of I only needed to focus on it and I'd know. It was April 28th, 1972. There was no internet world wide web as we have today to access a great deal of knowledge, including a great deal in non-integrated error and distortions.

I also knew that looking at knowledge of how to change the world, correct the distortions and errors of society had a how to answer also. But an impossible task for a 15 year young kid. I understood the most powerful tool man has, is that of denial. Individual choices, free will of the population then, which was half the size it is now.

How do you change the mindsets of so many and without invalidating free will? How do you open the eyes of so many that they too will see what the distortions and denials are stealing from their own lives? Everyone (99.9%) wants the good things of life.

A sign I once saw in a video repair shop. "This is only a test of the life broadcasting system, for if it were the real thing, we'd been given better instructions."

If you know how to have the good things in life, knowing also how good things can really be (probably far better than most can imagine), you will pursue the application of such knowledge, invariably.

One of the things about us, is that we, in being honest with ourselves, want to "know". Different than just believing what we have been told, but to "know" it for ourselves. But learning is part of life? Experimentation of doing things differently, looking for a way that works or a better way that works, or just even trying out different ways to see what all is.

But what do we have that will allow us to experiment and to know, without being destructive or harmful to others or ourselves, even if only out of ignorance?

Recap/summary Q&A: How do you change the mindset of so many, without violating fair free will? (Fair in that fair free will does not included violating another's fair free will)

What if you could show others themselves, like a mirror, but of what they do and how it interacts and manifests into the bigger scope of things that effects and changes their personal world? Perhaps even on various levels up to the big scale level of how it effects the world they live in?

What if you could also provide a testing tool that people could plug in mindsets & mindset changes to and see how it would manifest, perhaps safe in virtual reality, before actually deciding to apply such in reality? How much bad results could we prevent from avoiding the application of faulty mindsets in reality, by first realizing the errors in virtual reality?

Would not such a tool providing a mindset mirror, allowing fair free will in virtual reality, be useful in achieving a better world? (perhaps even allowing unfair free will in safe virtual reality experimentation to better know what doesn't work.)

How many times have you, in hindsight, realized you did something that was not good, did not have a good result, though at the time it seemed right?

It is without question, such a tool, available to the worlds population, would help improve the world, our world, the world we live in and the values we experience in our lives.

It is also clear that the more who participate in the use of such a mindset mirror, the sooner we'd be able to establish lasting improvements. Though free will, will at first prove that it can resist, it can deny the use of such a tool. But when something proves to work, really work, by those who do use it, it tends to attract more usage. Everyone (99.9%) wants the good things of life.

Is such a tool possible to create and be made available to the people of this planet?

Absolutely Yes! Such a tool is useful so long as it is understood as a man made tool of mindset reflection. That it is not something greater than man, but a mindset mirror creation of man. Otherwise it'd be like the fable of the dog with a big juicy steak in his mouth crossing a bridge and seeing his reflection. The greed of wanting the steak his reflection was holding, causing him to drop the steak he had into the fast moving water, to go after the steak of his reflection. Loosing what he had.

I have already pointed to the beginnings, the core of that tool, in this blog.

Do I care enough to pursue its development?

No, not if I'm alone in doing so! Alone was already tried, and got nailed dead to a cross. Perhaps its just societies turn, for those who live in it, to be nailed to their own cross of denial. For certainly they will die on that mindset cross manifestation over and over till they learn otherwise and either die on "otherwise", or live when they get it right. But why go through lifetimes to "know" getting it right?

What good is having such a reflection tool, if its not shared to achieve the increased multiplying value of team work to achieve the eternal wonderful life benefit of?

This is no different than having the massive amount of knowledge I once consciously was aware of, but found no place for its use in this distorted society that inherently promotes pain and death and denial through these destructive manifestations of such erroneous mindsets.

I do wonder, why is it that I have come to identify this tools core and how to use it, even have programed most of its core, if it is not to be applied? It has been a very long time since I experienced such massive genuine knowledge as I once did, but have long consciously forgotten due need to survive in this distorted society so many insist upon. So how is it that I have come this far with such a tool?

Because it is to be applied! The timing of course is not solely up to me but by others as well. The genuine desire and effort to help, by others, must be there. But Free Will that does not have to be fair. As distorted society has proven, but unfair free will suffers its own limitations. The price is of suffering and death.

A then impossible task for a 15 year young kid in 1972. But I'm not 15 any more, and its no longer an impossible task, but a solution beginning and know how, lacking only sharing, due the act of denial by those who can otherwise participate and benefit. Actions of others I have no control over, but actions that have to be freely given by their own choice of fair free will.

If you cannot show someone the damage being done by an open bottomless pit of deceptions, showing them the pit and what is coming out of it and how, then you will never be able to close it and lock it up. It is by Honest exposure of what it is and how it works that the pit of dishonesty gets shut and locked, via what use is deception if everyone can see past it?

The idea of fear in creating this stone image of the beast (man) in the creating and using this tool made publicly available, is a fallacy. For this is not the creation of the stone image of the mental process images of man (the beast) for that has ALREADY BEEN DONE. And as it is with deception, it is in hiding the truth where empowerment of the image of the beast over those who do not see it for what it is, comes from.

Want to be free of the beast of the bottomless pit? Turn on the lights and let people see their beast within and allow them fair free will to decide to lock it up for their own benefit.


google news for "ufo"

Here was an interesting find: Police and UFO sightings

Thursday, May 20, 2010

A one time deal and a value transfer game

New Stock Trading Rule.
The new rule would pause trading on individual stocks that fluctuate up or down 10% in a five-minute period.

So if you were in on an automated buy at 59.99% lower than any of the stocks that day, you made a lot if you then turned around and sold that same stock as soon as you could (4 days later.)

But that is likely to never happen again. In fact no stock can become worthless in a reasonable amount of time if only 10% down is all that is allowed, regardless of the time period. Its math. a repetitive 10% reduction in value ever five minutes will take how long before a stock worth a dollar at start, becomes worthless?

If you think 50 minutes you are wrong cause 10% of 90 cents is not 10 cents but 9 cents and 10% of 81 cents is 8.1 cents and 10% of even 1 cent is not 1 cent.

Rules are what we ultimately figure out how to abuse and break the intent of.

The stock market was originally intended to allow you to make in investment in a company you believed in and share in the profits or losses for doing so.
But today the stock market does not work that way. Instead you probably don't know where you money is and you move it, or someone else does in order to do nothing more than transfer value without creating any product or service wealth.

Honestly, remove the identity of the companies providing stock and what else do you see but such a transfer of value on a high level of abstraction.
And the unidentified companies in their view of fluctuating value of their stock have what to rely on as investment?

In other words, above the original intent of the stock market there is a value transfer game going on that produces no new value in product or service.

If you are in the markets deep enough you can see enough to know how to manipulate teh markets and rule set for always winning.
And this is probably what happen in this one time deal and done so to help get Greece out of the danger zone. And that is probably also why the shut off limit was set at 60%. If you know the details of the Greece debt information, there is a 60% limit.

Knowing this was most likely what really happened (motivated to do so to save the market - Greece failure effecting the European and world markets??) you'd also know that the markets will continue to drop as the low buy needs to be sold off at a profit and that's a lot to sell off, but obviously not all at once as that would again crash the market....

But then that can't happen now, with the new rule. What the new rule does is allow the automated system to insure a profitable sell off for Greece.

But what side of this are you on? The looser side?

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Biased matters....

Seems there is more matter than antimatter in the universe.

Now what could make such a difference?


Maybe add to that the observer effect.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Another with an overall common mindset.

Little Grandmother
radio interview
LG, I became aware of your existence just this last week. Saw the 72 min video. Though you were vague and general about some things, which is common to find among fortune telling cons, there is my own experiences and some things you said that at least tell me, verify to me, that I'm not alone with unusual things happening and the evolution of these, the growing strength (or so it seems).

Here my blogspot which I suspect you may find a little interesting, though I suggest (if you read it) that you start from the first post made at the beginning of the year and read in sequence. And there is more that is not written here.

Though I have been very angry for some of what has happened, or not happened, as it seems to be more empty hope (so tired of such and have no patience left for such to continue), this was before I became aware of all this 2012 transition. Perhaps I didn't then understand what was happening, evolving and short time needed to, though I've  known for over a decade we as a race are due for another transition in consciousness currently. The step away from abstract deceptions into honesty and exposure of dishonesty, making the dishonesty tool useless.

I now see it happening and many reasons why, which includes verifiable social science issues arising out of population growth and communication technology advancements.

I can only hope and focus thought energy that the great deceptions implanted within society, which I once believed were just errors in our evolution but I now know are not so much error as intent, collapse with not so much as even a whimper.  I have no ears or sight to care of those responsible & expressing cry and tears for their loss of power and social position, for they never really had any but what those they deceived gave them. No more! Its time to say no more deception. And there is an easy how to do so too.

At best I hope what I once knew, which was very exposing of the distortions of and in society, is again known, but by more than just I. The world really will become a very different place should that come to be. And I now realize that it is the way the world needs to be, in order for there to not be empty hope anymore, but hope fulfilled.

threeseas (T.Rue)

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Follow the money

The stock market was originally intended to help produce wealth. You'd invest in companies you believed in and they would use that investment to improve their production of value and you'd then receive a share of the profits.

But today its a different story, its used to transfer wealth, you may not even know who your money is being invested in. We have had the Trillion Dollar Bet wreck the economies of south east Asia and that caused a wave effecting all economies playing in the stock markets. Following that money we even come to 9/11. By CIA reports Indonesia is 88% Muslim and 9/11 was not the first attempt on the WTC but an earlier attempt during the time line of the trillion dollar bet game. The 911 statement was "wrongful world economic manipulation backed by politically controlled military" hence the three targets of 9/11. Ted Turner spoke up about it, saying 9/11 was an act of desperation, later apologizing and still later saying we will destroy ourselves within 50 years. He was probably threatened with anthrax... oh wait, he was threatened with anthrax as were all of the news media  And isn't it interesting that the WTC building seven containing the SEC investigation records into this trillion dollar bet went down in a controlled manner and no one hurt. During this time line we can even guess who the losers of the Trillion dollar bet were, Enron, Worldcom, etc.. You steal enough from others, you can damn well expect retaliation. And there is more to this too, as the world bank stepped in and offered to make a loan, but would you take an interest bearing loan from those who stole from you? After this we saw credit card interest rates drop to 0%, no coincidence, it was an apology.

Then we have the likes of Bernie Madoff and Goldman Sachs and wall street in general playing hiding games.

All this through the abstract tool of the stock market and access to that market through the automated abstraction machines of computers.

Follow the money Thursdays stock dip (59% diff or less are winners  -  not 60% diff...hmmmm) was a transfer of wealth, nothing more. And Greece gets a bailout. Now where do you suppose that money came from and even more important, if you are invested in stocks effected Thursday, how much came from you? Or don;t you know where you money is?

The broad effect of near 200 stocks and across markets indicates what? Financial institutes where you trust to handle your money are involved in Thursdays transfer of wealth.

And in all of this Trillion dollars of transference of wealth, why the hell does none of it go to fix real problems? 

There really is no excuse.

A patch for the blind eye of god.

Catholic sex  abuse can be dismissed as common in society so there for it is normal of the priesthood and should not diminish the church?

If it is so normal then where are the other types of criminals in the priesthood and church, like murderers, drug dealers, cheats, thieves etc., that are also found in society?

Is not the church supposed to be a better way or leaders of a better way?

For that is what Jesus was about. Or at least so told the stories of him.

The Church has denied soooooooo much and only changed their position when it benefited the church to do so, not those who have been victims of the church, ie Galileo.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


A Russian President claims alien contact.
Reading between the lines, they are not calling him nuts but rather concerned more about national security issues regarding the communication.

Is this just a risky chess play?

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Haiti terraforming project needed.

There are about 700 Haitian's per sq mile of Haiti though to many are consolidated.

They need to spread out and in doing so they can nurse the land back.

Food, Clothing and Shelter are primary and of course Medicine comes into play with such a sick level of the people.

Shelter requires material, and they have plenty to get started in terraforming, as it's what they used to make the tinroof city that needs to be dismantled anyway, to make room for vegetation where its really needed.
Single story construction that can reasonably withstand hurricans, water and even earthquakes. Such construction that will not be so life threatening upon failure and easy to rebuild.  Pyramid/angle style wall construction perhaps from the rubble of the earthquake  We didn't always use cement block construction but have used stone. Such shelters are not intended to last but moved as needed.

Food and clothing is where the worlds donations can work until the land starts providing.

Seed of the quality that can withstand the current conditions while mainly providing the land with roots to hold the soil and begin the process of generating new top soil. Secondary to this is of course to produce food for the people. Human waste management needs the technology to turn human waste into land healthy fertilizer. We have this technology.

Water reservoirs built to catch and store rain water that will most certainly come.

As the people migrate outward from the dense population, transportation of resources will also evolve, creating, repairing or upgrading roads.

This is about restoring the land first from which the people will then be able to repair themselves.

The manpower is there, the resources are there enough to move in the right direction, knowledge may be lacking from within the Haitian people but we the world certainly have plenty.

This only a general picture, but it can be done in a few generations.

No hope for Haiti!!

Haiti has descended into hell!

The One Billion in contributions over the earthquake of Jan. 2010 is not going to do much more than the putting on a mask of helping while really just paying off creditors, Haitian debt.  

There is only one way for Haiti to have any chance of recovery. The Land MUST BE restored and this is more important than the survival of the current generations of Haitians.

So long as the land cannot support itself, it will continue to deteriorate as will the people who live there. 
The people have killed the land, no matter who to blame, the land is still dead.

Recovery of the land should be the main goal, otherwise it will only be a place of misery for the people to suffer.

I started out looking at google earth today, amazed at how much information we have collected up and integrated into such a tool. And the moon, mars and stars are there too. I was looking at weather, turned it on along with ocean temperature, what additional integrated functionality will be there tomorrow?

I thought I'd zoom in on some places, like Australia, then turned to Haiti and zoomed in... oh my what have the done to the land. And the density of living quarters in port-au-prince, tin roof city. I was trying to find information on population spread over Haiti and found the article linked above. Its history, shorter than wikipedias article.

So what do you do when you are in hell? With no way out!
In Haiti, you die, but to make it worth while, to mean something good, you die in the process of restoring the land so that generations later won't continue to suffer as you have.

The billion dollars would be better spent healing the land, that the people may then be able to heal themselves.

There simply is no other way. Storms only wash the land away.... Earthquakes don't.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Let there be light.

To look out in space, back in time, as far as we can go, we are stopped by light, widely scattered light.
Not sure which program I got that from "hunting the edge of the universe" or the talk on the LHC, but I found it interesting non-the-less.

Does this not sorta sound like Genesis ?
Seems to suggest maybe such information was passed to us, perhaps by an intelligent race before us, but somewhere along the way, either in translation or by our hands, things got very distorted. And I think we all know how probable that is.

So could it be that 2012 is at minimum the predictable point in our evolution that all the distortion, the mysteries caused by the distortions, all become unfolded and exposed by our science and verification?
And would not a race before us know what to expect of our evolution time line, from hindsight of their own?

Will it be found that the one full scope truth, honesty of all thing, exposes all the un-integrated  half truths and out right lies?

Yes. As a light turning on, exposing what is. And showing us all what is not, in what we have done and promoted. Religion, a word that only exist to define separation of that which is not.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Almost full circle through science

With our cosmology science we can look up and see near 13.7 billion light years back in space time, near the beginning of the universe. We can then look down with our science of physics and learn what happened as early as one millionth of a second after the big bang. Perhaps we will learn what is, what we call, dark matter and dark energy. Perhaps to know what these are we will understand what happened to cause the universe creating big bang.

But to go to the first post of this blog, the answer will be found. The void became aware of itself and in that instance split into two, consciousness and existence. Dark energy and dark matter, as we have labeled before really knowing what they are. From what we can tell these so called dark matter and energy is from which things seem to come into existence from nothing at all. We know the equation E=mc2 but without the "c" or light, there the void is, or is that the state of void split?

Consciousness? perhaps dark matter and energy is just the two parts of existence where consciousness is something else, that can perceive these two and manipulate them to create things in existence and for consciousness to have something to do.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

How small can we see, or how big we are?

The Large Hadron Collider

So we have seen back as far in spacetime as possible, but still short of seeing all the way back to the big bang. So we now look at the small, the very very small for answers.

And when we finally know, where will we go, or will we not go to before the big bang, the void?

Interesting that its about 2012 we will find out.
Is this where we find out, verify the origins of consciousness and existence?
And well enough that we'll know we are not alone?

How big is the universe OR how Small are WE?

Hunting the Edge of Space

Dark energy and dark matter, the stuff we can use to make more universes...

As the Universe is expanding, we are getting smaller, but have more room to make more universes.

What would Galileo think today?