Tuesday, May 25, 2010

From the Universal Knowledge Base into human language.

Patenting synthetic life  & Stem Cell Patents missing the intent of Patents.

This is what happenes when the Spirit of the Intent (in this case patents) is over ruled by faulty and limited abstraction sequences that were created and used to describe the intent. Misread as being defined, but in actuality its not defined but to described intent.

The exposing mass of knowledge I once was consciously aware of was not understood in terms of our human language, but rather correctly understood  in its fullness without faulty limited abstractions.

Translation of a level of understanding down into a lesser capable communications tool as abstractions are/is a problem.

Knowing something, genuinely and honestly is one thing, communicating it to another via abstract language can easily find impossible resistance, and all for nothing more than a lack of translation into a form the receiver can accept and understand.

How do you bring such a high level of integrated knowledge with it's own inherent validation of realness (without doubt, valid and relevant knowledge), to the masses via the limited communication tool of abstract language(s)?

It is the limitation of abstract languages that cause far to much in the way of constraints of what we are genuinely and honestly capable of.

I shall put more thought into this and edit/refine this post, to clarify my intent of this post.

It seem telepathy, the ability to overcome limitations of our spoken language, is where the problem is.
In fact it seems clear since telepathy is not a commonly recognized characteristic of our species, but that we are capable of it, that telepathy is going to be in our next stage of development/evolution. What else might also be there? more common access to the universal knowledge base?

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