Saturday, May 22, 2010

Mystical Akashic records & non-mystical Virtual Machinery of Reflection.

Akashic records is a term that has presented itself in my line of sight (where I go and what I see on the Internet). So I decided it was time to look at what it means.

Ok, so it's been named, given an abstract label, what you might call the knowledge base of the one sum consciousness. Re: the splitting of the void into consciousness and existence, the origin of god, alla, universal consciousness, or what ever you chose to call this non physical element side of the split void pair and its content growing knowledge base. The "how" this universal consciousness knows itself exist and insures its existence survival.

Upon death of your body and as a matter consistent with Einstein's law of conservation, nothing is lost only transformed, including the knowledge energy you developed during your life and your life experiences.

What this term "Akashic records" infers is that it was created by some other(s) and at least shows supporting information of existence after physical body death, consistent to that of our laws of physics.

Imagine a kid who is to young to know of all theses things, concepts, words and their meanings that mankind created and can be learned in the kids life. Imagine this same kid experiencing something that brings their awareness of all of this, but without the human created abstract and often distorted words attached. Imagine the kids awareness is without doubt, absence of uncertainty, fully knowing integrated genuine "what is real". Included in this experience but positioned against the human knowledge taught to them so far in life and their life experiences, the kid knows society is in error. The kid knows what we are taught to believe and the machinery of the society we are to live in, is so utterly incorrect, distorted, just plain wrong. Massive error that leads to pain, suffering and death. A kid innocent enough to think its just innocent errors of our evolution that is cause of this.

Saddened to know this exposing experience and knowledge of reality, the awareness of it, will diminish in time as the kid has no choice but to live in the society they need to interact with, to physically survive. Knowing the constant daily influence of this distorted society, will consume their awake and aware mental focus as a matter of survival in this distorted society.

I wanted to know the truth, fully integrated honesty of reality, from every part of my heart and soul. And I got it. Like a flood of knowledge I was plugged into. The society I lived in then and up to today is so far detached from reality, but now I know it wasn't all innocent error that has pulled this veal over our eyes. While I was receiving this flood of knowledge, it occurred to me, what use is such knowledge in a society that can't seem to comprehend it, is not designed or geared to comprehend it. I had received enough, upon this realization, that the flood of knowledge then stopped. The amount of knowledge I received I compared to knowing what was in all the libraries in the world, not just by titles but full content. Knowledge that would take a dozen or more lifetimes to acquire. But the knowledge was different in that it was well integrated genuine, accurate, honest and real. Core knowledge that you could then extrapolate more knowledge. Anything I wanted to know the details of I only needed to focus on it and I'd know. It was April 28th, 1972. There was no internet world wide web as we have today to access a great deal of knowledge, including a great deal in non-integrated error and distortions.

I also knew that looking at knowledge of how to change the world, correct the distortions and errors of society had a how to answer also. But an impossible task for a 15 year young kid. I understood the most powerful tool man has, is that of denial. Individual choices, free will of the population then, which was half the size it is now.

How do you change the mindsets of so many and without invalidating free will? How do you open the eyes of so many that they too will see what the distortions and denials are stealing from their own lives? Everyone (99.9%) wants the good things of life.

A sign I once saw in a video repair shop. "This is only a test of the life broadcasting system, for if it were the real thing, we'd been given better instructions."

If you know how to have the good things in life, knowing also how good things can really be (probably far better than most can imagine), you will pursue the application of such knowledge, invariably.

One of the things about us, is that we, in being honest with ourselves, want to "know". Different than just believing what we have been told, but to "know" it for ourselves. But learning is part of life? Experimentation of doing things differently, looking for a way that works or a better way that works, or just even trying out different ways to see what all is.

But what do we have that will allow us to experiment and to know, without being destructive or harmful to others or ourselves, even if only out of ignorance?

Recap/summary Q&A: How do you change the mindset of so many, without violating fair free will? (Fair in that fair free will does not included violating another's fair free will)

What if you could show others themselves, like a mirror, but of what they do and how it interacts and manifests into the bigger scope of things that effects and changes their personal world? Perhaps even on various levels up to the big scale level of how it effects the world they live in?

What if you could also provide a testing tool that people could plug in mindsets & mindset changes to and see how it would manifest, perhaps safe in virtual reality, before actually deciding to apply such in reality? How much bad results could we prevent from avoiding the application of faulty mindsets in reality, by first realizing the errors in virtual reality?

Would not such a tool providing a mindset mirror, allowing fair free will in virtual reality, be useful in achieving a better world? (perhaps even allowing unfair free will in safe virtual reality experimentation to better know what doesn't work.)

How many times have you, in hindsight, realized you did something that was not good, did not have a good result, though at the time it seemed right?

It is without question, such a tool, available to the worlds population, would help improve the world, our world, the world we live in and the values we experience in our lives.

It is also clear that the more who participate in the use of such a mindset mirror, the sooner we'd be able to establish lasting improvements. Though free will, will at first prove that it can resist, it can deny the use of such a tool. But when something proves to work, really work, by those who do use it, it tends to attract more usage. Everyone (99.9%) wants the good things of life.

Is such a tool possible to create and be made available to the people of this planet?

Absolutely Yes! Such a tool is useful so long as it is understood as a man made tool of mindset reflection. That it is not something greater than man, but a mindset mirror creation of man. Otherwise it'd be like the fable of the dog with a big juicy steak in his mouth crossing a bridge and seeing his reflection. The greed of wanting the steak his reflection was holding, causing him to drop the steak he had into the fast moving water, to go after the steak of his reflection. Loosing what he had.

I have already pointed to the beginnings, the core of that tool, in this blog.

Do I care enough to pursue its development?

No, not if I'm alone in doing so! Alone was already tried, and got nailed dead to a cross. Perhaps its just societies turn, for those who live in it, to be nailed to their own cross of denial. For certainly they will die on that mindset cross manifestation over and over till they learn otherwise and either die on "otherwise", or live when they get it right. But why go through lifetimes to "know" getting it right?

What good is having such a reflection tool, if its not shared to achieve the increased multiplying value of team work to achieve the eternal wonderful life benefit of?

This is no different than having the massive amount of knowledge I once consciously was aware of, but found no place for its use in this distorted society that inherently promotes pain and death and denial through these destructive manifestations of such erroneous mindsets.

I do wonder, why is it that I have come to identify this tools core and how to use it, even have programed most of its core, if it is not to be applied? It has been a very long time since I experienced such massive genuine knowledge as I once did, but have long consciously forgotten due need to survive in this distorted society so many insist upon. So how is it that I have come this far with such a tool?

Because it is to be applied! The timing of course is not solely up to me but by others as well. The genuine desire and effort to help, by others, must be there. But Free Will that does not have to be fair. As distorted society has proven, but unfair free will suffers its own limitations. The price is of suffering and death.

A then impossible task for a 15 year young kid in 1972. But I'm not 15 any more, and its no longer an impossible task, but a solution beginning and know how, lacking only sharing, due the act of denial by those who can otherwise participate and benefit. Actions of others I have no control over, but actions that have to be freely given by their own choice of fair free will.

If you cannot show someone the damage being done by an open bottomless pit of deceptions, showing them the pit and what is coming out of it and how, then you will never be able to close it and lock it up. It is by Honest exposure of what it is and how it works that the pit of dishonesty gets shut and locked, via what use is deception if everyone can see past it?

The idea of fear in creating this stone image of the beast (man) in the creating and using this tool made publicly available, is a fallacy. For this is not the creation of the stone image of the mental process images of man (the beast) for that has ALREADY BEEN DONE. And as it is with deception, it is in hiding the truth where empowerment of the image of the beast over those who do not see it for what it is, comes from.

Want to be free of the beast of the bottomless pit? Turn on the lights and let people see their beast within and allow them fair free will to decide to lock it up for their own benefit.


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