Saturday, January 30, 2010

Julian Jaynes

Julian Jaynes Society

Much more than a puzzle piece.

If I can only figure out how this might relate to the majic dumpster.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Atheism: another part of the puzzle.

It seems the argument against gods existence is based on what others claim god is.

If enough people claim something, string enough abstractions together in the right way, does it make it real? Maybe if we all claim gravity is an illusion we can then float.

But we, our science, doesn't really know what gravity is.

As such Atheist have to admit they do not know there is no god.
Otherwise they become as arrogant and ignorant as those they claim to expose.
Can't prove a negative, catch 22? Not really!

We know how to create new life today and tomorrow we will learn how to create a galaxy.

Perhaps what god is, is not what has been claimed?

And the odds are......

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Haiti earthquake.

So $57 million was raised and there are plenty other assistance being sent to Haiti from around the world. In total it'll amount to around 1 billion US.

The best that can be hoped for is to have Haiti's people stabilized and back to what will then be normal day to day living of no better than they had prior to the earthquake. This in no less than nine months. The reason for no better is simply because of the mindset of the Haiti people.

Poor building construction is not likely going to change much in a rebuild, And it is the poor building construction responsible for the large majority of deaths.

With hurricanes a more common threat, temporary (tent) or mobile shelters (trailers) are not the answer either.

It seems clear that the direction to go here is to design and build living quarters that can be mass produced factory style but with specification that can reasonably withstand hurricane force winds and earthquake shaking.

Of course easier said than done. As I'm sure it can be done, but for what cost of designing and building?

And there is of course water and sewage infrastructure that probably should be addressed via building public facilities.

Its about re-establishing basic living conditions that will allow the people to focus on improving their community, by their choice, rather than on continually trying to achieve and maintain the basics.

But they really need to think of is what they want to present the world with, in regards to how the world perceives Haiti. How could they turn it into a vacation spot people from around the world would want to go to?

Things do NOT look inviting even prior to the earthquake.

Perhaps god has stepped in and removed key components of corruption enough to allow improvements to happen.

Time will tell.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The battle is on! The bottomless pit has been opened!

Requirements of being a christian:

> First, a Christian believes that Jesus is the Son of God.

> Second, a
Christian believes that Jesus died on the cross to save him or her from his or her sin.

> Third, a Christian believes that Jesus rose again on the third

>And fourth, a Christian believes that Jesus will come again someday to
take His people to heaven to be with Him forever.

We are all sons and daughters of god, as god made all things So why have you picked me out of the crowd and forsaken me father? I do not know. But no harm done, in my being murdered, as I live again. So Forgive them father, for they know not what they do. But what I really want to know is why don't you know this father? Your flood didn't work, did it, father? What other childish things have you done father, that also did not work?
Perhaps you need to look into a mirror father, so to see what image you made man in.

if things are really to be done on earth, as they are in heaven. Then why do I need to move so many people away from this world you so love? Want it all to yourself Father?

Father, put away your childish things or I'll send you to your room, the room from which you came that we all know is called void.

Just as we are born of your image into diapers and grow old back into diapers, so have you father. We are tired of being your play toys, especially when you treat us badly. And we do know as fact, that you do treat us badly. Anyone can ask a starving child if they (the child) has right to life and freedom of choice.


As abstractions are what the bottomless pit is all about....... lets test integrity of our philosophies. by turning them in on themselves, as is an example of the above. After this we can take the remaining and test it against the nature of the good human creatures we are. For if a philosophy works against our inherent good nature, then there is a flaw in the philosophy and it will not be able to do its job.

Perhaps "good" is a bias here, but with bad philosophies wrongly directing us, we are not going to know. On the other hand, there is the power of believing. To believe something and then figure out how to make it real. Not to forget doing so, of the good nature we are.

We can do a better job with philosophy today and it should be our philosophy leaders doing their job to make this happen.

So why are they not doing this?

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The power of believing

Believe you can fly and jump off a mountain cliff, you will die.
Believe you can fly, figure out how and apply the how, and you will fly.

The difference is in turning believing into knowing.

But it does start with believing it is possible to do something, then figuring out how.
The running of the four minute mile didn't happen, until someone believed and put forth the effort to know it as fact. Then others seeing this fact, realized they could do it too, if they applied effort.

But if you don't believe, you won't even try.
And in trying, you may fail, until you know how.
And there is no promise you will ever know how, just for trying.

The human mind is an interesting device, it tends to function towards what you believe.
Seek and you shall find? Focus your mind and put conscious effort towards a given goal and your mind will notice supporting information.

Addiction is like this, though geared towards self supported dependencies. Recovery programs very often have buddy programs, as having an outside party that can be more objective than your inherent subjectivity, the buddy can help lead you out of the addiction. They can help you change what thought process is going on in your mind.

Trapped in a thought process, is it possible to recognize you are trapped and get your mind to see a way out?

Just believe. in a "higher power"..... right?

And keep on believing it even when if it doesn't ever pan out. Maybe the men in white coats will come get you, but no matter, you will die one day and it simply won't matter anymore.

What have you got to lose, that you won't someday lose anyway?
Happiness doesn't require sanity. In fact no emotion requires sanity.

Just believe. and if that doesn't work then just make believe. And in whatever it is you want to believe. The day will come when it simply no longer matters.

Just believe...... as the day will come where you can't anymore.
For there to be a god, you'd be just another of gods toys.

Monday, January 18, 2010

How does one....

"For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life."

....believeth in Jesus?

If this is true..... Then apparently nobody has yet done that as everyone dies. Or there is no recored of anyone still alive beyond their normal human lifespan. Even Jesus is no where to be found. Oh yeah, we can't have proof, cause there simply is none, or you are just suppose to believe.

Perhaps we need a full and complete list of qualification as to what is needed to satisfy the requirements of "believeth". But we are all in part, so who is qualified to say what the qualifications are? Not to forget that being in part you will never completely qualify.
Catch 22 built into the philosophy.

Do you believe he lived?
Do you believe he was born of a virgin?
Do you believe he was a teacher?
Do you believe he performed miracles?
Do you believe he died and came back to life?
Do you believe he was innocent?
Do you believe he was wrongly murdered?
..and the list can go on and on.

and all these things are possible, or so they may appear to be.
We even have evidence of life that changes sex as needed and not to forget even life that generates sex organs when needed and self reproducing life. And we certainly know enough about DNA that we can, even if only in theory at this point, create human life capable of such self reproduction.

I recall seeing a story on how Religious scholars from many different beliefs got together and researched the documentation, which is about all that is existing in evidence of the stories.
What they came to discover was not what is generally taught or believed. They found many of the books of the new testament were simply rewrites of the book of John, but with another bias towards a particular peoples.

Hmmm, and so god so loved the world that god did what?
God gave us bad or incomplete instruction?
Forgive them father, for they know not what they do.
But we got the knowledge of go forth and multiply, just fine.
If Jesus could see that, and god is all knowing.... what is missing in this picture?

Everyone wants success, love, etc., so why is it not happening?
People take action based upon what they know and experience. Does god not know this?
There is a difference betwen knowing and believing. You can say you believe what you know, but you cannot always "know" what you believe. Forgive them father, for they know not what they do.
But if you believeth......

And if Jesus was brought back to life "father why have you forsaken me?" apparently Jesus didn't know then either, so what is all the fuss really about? if christ is alive, no harm was really done and obviously any lesson of not committing murder .... hasn't worked so well as neither did the great flood really teach or filter the bad out of mankind much.

If god is busy trying to filter the bad out, why is god trying instead of doing it?
Even we have been able to selectively bread foxes and turn them into domestic pets in a period of only 30 years.

One thing is for certain, the religious beliefs do tend to help some believe they can blow themselves up and hurt others. And somehow live on. it all seems to be a self supported dependency of the self destructive. Die so you can live, just believe.

IS there any proof that god said such a thing as "For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life."?

Of course not! Or maybe thats a "should" that simply doesn't.

Just believe.... if you can figure out how to satisfy the believeth terms.

The why of this post is simply because I have grown tired of those who, even in their own self professed sinning, somehow manage to make a judgement on me as to whether or not I believe.
However, I ultimately realize that what they really want is for me to submit to their self serving philosophy. I realize they really don't believe, except in their own deceptions and their ability to convince themselves otherwise.

What better mask for evil to put on than to subtlely mislead by the presentation of being something good while introducing distortions that equate to less than good?

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Interesting Read.

Active Information, Meaning and Form

I must admit that in my efforts to read up on how the term "information" is used in physics, I tend to doze off. However, in Jr. High 9th grade I was put into a phase 5 Algebra class that was simply moving faster than I could keep up with. So I slept through the class. I did not need the credit and the teacher did not object to my sleeping. Testing this I decided to act like I knew what was going and was called to the blackboard to explain or do a problems, I don't recall. Of course I had not a clue, but it told me he was ok by my sleeping through the class.

Ever hear of sleep learning? Well the next year in High School I had algebra again and was one of the top students in the class.... go figure...

Anyways, the above text by David Peat does touch on where conscious thought and matter meet.
Take this with the change of view of what gravity is and the math may just get a good bit closer to understanding how it happens.

Again, with me, its not if it happens, but how it happens in the most direct manner.

Its clear to see our own action of thinking we need to get milk and based on that thought physically moving and going to the store to get it. Same for more complex work like building a skyscraper, it starts in the mind of design then structural, etc.. But here I am referring to a more direct path influencing such things as weather and perhaps even thoughts of others (i.e. telepathy & psychokinesis).

And of course there is the physics of abstraction creation and use.

Digging further into what David Peat has done, I find:
Unfolding the Subtle: Matter and Consciousness
As well as other works that may be relevant.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Changes in our view of Gravity?

The End of Gravity as a Fundamental Force?
Or do we still not really know?

Just a simple note.
I do envision humidity changes on the microscopic level when I'm efforting to influence the weather. But it may not explain other things happening like the what shows up at the majic dumpster. Where I only just think of something and not specifically targeted for coming to be at the dumpster or anywhere for that matter. So this new theory might just be closer to the way it really is. My math skills don't go that deep either, so I only see the general ideas expressed.

Digging further into all this physics and trying to understand how the word "information" is used in Physics. Well... one link leads to another and others, etc.. I find out about Maxwell's demon and a lot more, though just skimming over all that I'm finding in trying to understand the use of the concept/word "information" in physics, Best I can figure its used to describe whatever there is in physical reality and of transitional qualities worthy of the word.

The human biological brain and body is physical and inherently interacting with physical existence and on various levels, from physical hands on to other modes, i.e creating devices that interfere even more so with the physical world (an atomic bomb is perhaps the most influential) to interfering with an over the air tv signal, picking up radio channels on braces, etc. even down to the quantum level. But so much of all we do starts with abstract thought. And even the thought process causes physical/electrical changes in the brain.

All this actually gives scientific foundation to such things as telepathy and Influencing the weather via thought.

From my POV, one of experience, its not whether or not thought alone can influence physical reality, but how it does it, so to know how better to control it, trust it. Otherwise its like someone is listening in on my thoughts and then persenting me in physical reality select parts of my thoughts, where I don't know what, when or whether to trust it. The phrase "careful what you wish for, you just might get it" comes to mind here, but with the added, "you can be fooled".

Though I feel like a kid here regarding my knowledge of the current science of physics, there is still that which is beyond me in all this. I probably wouldn't be exploring these things if I wasn't trying to understand, so to know what to think, feel and believe, regarding another and the "everything" effect they seem to have on me. All the way back to when I was a kid, before they were even born.

Of course the idea that I thought of this person, when I was a kid, set in motion the manifestation of "information" on the physics level, to bring this person into existance has crossed my mind in my trying to understand. But I don't know this. Flipping that coin, how do I know thought of this person wasn't simply information I received at that moment in my life?

Same cross but not the same page,

Of the four major religions, they all agree Jesus once lived and died murdered nailed to a cross. But what all he was, and some claim he still is, is really just an ongoing debate. Clearly none of them are on the same page. However, there is one thing they all agree on, he was a teacher of doing and making good things.

And it should be obvious why anyone would kill such a generator of doing good things. There are those who simply don't want the rest of us to do, make and have really good things. And in population sum total, certainly over Six billion Six hundred and Sixty million today, the numbers of such leaders of deceit are very few indeed, some fraction of 1%. Certainly you can too, do the math, or rather you believe there are over sixty six million six hundred thousand deceptive leaders existing today?

Now maybe you don't think so simple it is, but ask yourself, why so many are not on the same page? And who is telling you not to be? Maybe you are just confused as to what page you are supposed to be on?

Its not a page found in any religious or philosophy book, it is simply our page, the page of humanity, and guess what? We are writing it, not some gods, devil or christ. It is us now and our genuine history, the book of our life. So how do you really want it to read? That we allowed ourselves to be deceived by the small number few who deceive? Or would you rather have it read of our courage to pursue the honesty of doing and having good things. Currently it really doesn't look so good and I don't need to ask why. Its really quite obvious, there is such a focus on controilling what is, rather than making real, what really good can be.

Just see what is happening on the humanity cross today! Is it getting us from point A to point B?

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Influencing weather it rains.

Georgia's Lake Lanier had been dealing with low lake levels for a few years and as the lake feeds down stream to Alabama and Florida, water use restriction had been in place. The whole water issue began to get political and muddy and when it seemed water cost were going to go up because of all this dry heves, I wasn't pleased. So I started concentrating on rain to fill up the lake and regardless of the drain plug the Army Core of Engineers, kept opening.

It didn't seem to be working as the issue of low water was still in the news plenty. There were improvements, but the drain plug kept being overly opened, so I thought, Oh yeah, how about a flood, I shall focus on that.

Then the rain started up, it was around September 19Th, one person I specifically told, watch this, Scott. I had also told others, but not with such emphasis, then there was a flood. Reports of the Lake rising with unusual speed. And they even had to plug the drain, because of the flooding downstream.

It was first reported to be the 100 year storm, then said to be the 300 year storm, as the waters kept rising. It was even reported to be of biblical levels, what ever that may be.

But by Scott, he didn't seem to believe. So I told him Austrailia was suffering a long term drought, and that I'd turn my focus downunder and outback. I even asked him for his help, just concentrate and believe, but he didn't seem interested as he didn't really believe. None the less, Austrailia is now out of their drought. And again some reports to be of biblical proportions, no doubt as it makes for an entertaining story to read.

And now the battle is on, politics and who gets the flood waters for their benefit. Guess I'll need to focus on flooding some more. They seem to be more interested in what is, rather than what can be.

From the Northern Hemisphere POV, when it rains down under, does it rain up?

In the disbelief of some, who even claim they believe in christianity, perhaps what is difficult is understanding how this can be. How can I have such influence over weather it rains. I'm not the rain god, I'm just a man who genuinely more than believes.

How I do this I do not exactly know, otherwise I might be able to determine the exact date it will begin to rain. But I do know this, its not just a thought, its a relaxed mode or state of body and mind where thought pattern transmissions can enter what we have yet to define, perhaps the ether of existence but probably not the void. We know the mind/brain enters various states during sleep and even states when awake. My goal is control of this state of body and mind, To know when to transmit, and when not to, for we all have random thoughts, we'd not want to become true.

It seems to start with an abstract thought, envisioned then felt where perhaps it transmits, I don't really know. Maybe its simply what you'd call "believe", but even believe starts with thought abstract. Same transmission media used for telepathy, only effecting weather it rains, which has got to be easier than influencing another's mind/brain. Timing I suppose being a scheduling thing, redirecting from what is and time to manifest into what now be and going into history.

So where do we go from here, To believe or not to believe? And with humanity sum total, where does that lead? To a childish god, or a child named god? Maybe it's just time to grow up a little and believe, we can do this ourselves and in sum total make a rightfully proud god.

Gravity on demand, for humidity........ and humanity. And that is more than One Drop at a time.

Just don't forget the observer effect, so don't observe, participate instead.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Getting from point A to point B in humanity.

What the World Wants!

You don't have to believe, only just help do what is right and right in front of you.

We have the Knowledge, Man Power, Natural Resources and even the abstract money to do an improve.

Why is this not happening? How many are being deceived? And even more important, by how incredibly, so few!

World Leaders and Want to be's get their power from who? Or is leading, how to deceive?

There is absolutely no excuse, not even when you use the child named god, in make believe. Oh its Alla believes fault or maybe its the jews, but then perhaps its __________________ (fill in the blank with a philosophical belief). Though that is not the purpose of philosophy, be sure you don't tell anyone, least they see through the dis-ease.

It's not about religion, its about money, is and always has been, as long as there has been such an thing value abstract.

You don't have to believe in god to do the right thing, but when you do the wrong things for long enough, you need a tool to deceive, like just dump it on god for gods grand plan is yet to be......but that'll never ever pan out, you'll never find gold.

If you were god and your children had all they needed to do it themselves, would you do it for them, spoil them? What does spoil mean? Or would you rather be proud, they did it for themselves?

Its really a simple question with an obvious answer....

So why aren't we doing it ourselves?
For we do know what we want and have all we need to do it ourselves.

Or rather you just believe god is going to do it for you........ someday... maybe not in this lifetime... but someday...

I don't know about you, but I want this yesterday.

Just in for the ride, its not up to me.

It started and ends with the void, but while you are here there are those who'd like you to believe in their self serving philosophy, to believe in their god. And they all are certainly not on the same page.

So when you look at it all, sum up so called god, what do you see? I see a lot of dishonesty and even lessons how to deceive!

And all this deception its really based on nothing more than the skill of wrongful abstraction use, how not to get from point A to point B through C, As C is for religious Compete, and that's really not between point A and point B, nor is B honestly for Bait.

And so long as there is such religious compete, there will be a childish god, sum total not really complete.

Just in for the ride, as its not up to me, religious compete is busy taking free will away from me. And replacing it with nothing more than just BS jive.

See the First Post last line of this Abstract Beliefs blog, to know what I think.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Beyond me.

Though I could try to remember and write about all the things I have gotten from the Majic Dumpster, there is more to life than just these things.

Relationships, events, even of life and death. The not so common and even the hard to believe, not to dismiss the persistence of the unknown. Some unusual dreams when asleep and awake moments of brief thoughts and things felt, that seem to come to be in physical reality, but not always. All these things, these events seemed so unrelated, until recently, as in now. Little things, things forgotten but now being remembered, felt and details recalled. Like some jigsaw puzzle I didn't see, not recognizing there were puzzle pieces, or any picture to see. Still I'm not really sure what the picture is suppose to be, but only what I'd like it to be. I ask myself, how can this be real, and even more so, how could so much be make believe? Maybe its nothing at all. But that's a lot of so many things, like drawing by connecting the dots, to not be a picture at all.

Its really all quite beyond me. though I did ask in two different ways but then not realizing I had done so twice, once to what you may call god and once to another who inspires me. But in my lifes time, these requests are considered recently. So how would I have known, I'd experience such things I felt, remembered and connect reflecting all the way back to when I was only a kid.

One person causing such a cascade of unraveling down through the layers of defense I've put up from bad times of loss and of pain. All this without really saying anything directly with abstract words and only a hand shake of physical touch.

The picture, if any, I have yet to knowingly see, perhaps its meant to be just another endless empty hope, not really meant to be. Just a cruel and nasty joke by an over demanding child named god. I wouldn't be surprised!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Miracles and the Majic Dumpster

So now that abstraction has been somewhat covered, there is father physics and mother nature who tend to settle their differences towards entropy. Ultimately what you can call the physical world void.

By conscious creative intervention the rate of entropy can be changed, perhaps even reversed.

But there is a great deal about father physics and mother nature that we do not understand, be it by the general population or even our best focused science. Gravity is such an example. being a force we all know the effect of, yet don't fully understand.

There are no miracles that contradict the laws of physics and nature. It is only our lack of fully understanding physics and nature that presents us with the appearance of miracles.

Many described miracles in religious books can today be explained in terms of physics and nature. From the apparent floating axe head, walking on water and water to wine. Even the full scope of the exodus, with the parting of the sea, all from volcanic activity that even caused the reason to flee. Killing off the straw the Israelites used in brick making, troubling their contract with the Egyptians Pharaoh.

But there's the physics, many, if not most, have yet to consciously know. Where abstract thoughts and ideas more directly convert and manifest into physical reality. Generally acceptable are the methods of physical hands on manipulation of solid reality. But even this starts from conscious thought, abstract ideas with intentional hands on, R&D.

There was once a great depression, though we had the knowledge, man power and natural resources to ignore it, it was abstract money that caused it. So most certainly abstraction has its role.

We have sound waves, radio wave, microwaves and more, other unseen forces of energy all the way back, splitting of a void.

So what came first in content, consciousness acknowledgment of empty existence? Or was it the existence of consciousness? logically simultaneous both. But one thing is certain, no abstractions were needed for there was no other to communicate to. Only the conscious direct manipulation of physical reality. Perhaps something along the lines of Psychokinesis and the obvious lack of having an observer effect. As there was no observer to observe. As Coral Castle was made, no observers allowed.

Without an observer, to inject abstract distort and deceive, what do you have but just direct physical honesty.

And what of Telepathy or the more acceptable Brain-Computer Interface and other technologies that certainly say there is signal generation and transmission from the human brain. And lets not forget we really don't fully scientifically know about gravity. Is there some possible connection, brain signal activity and gravity?

And there is the majic dumpster, an acceptable media, for what is really just me and probably telepathy. For I have no other explanation as to how its possible so much I have found set aside the dumpster, shortly after I was thinking of such. i.e. a small fan of a certain type and a electric razor scooter, both within 24 hours and on the same day. An electric Roland Keyboard after about two weeks and that's just some of the latest, so much I now realized I lost tack. But this goes beyond the dumpster quite a long ways.

From internal abstract direct to external concrete.....
...though in the Majic Dumpster cases, some others must place these things beside the dumpster, and always needing minor fixes for consistancy with the media. making this just telepathy, not full out manifestation.

Dark Bottomless Pit Key, for you and me.

The beast is man

The stone image is computer and software, computer being made of stone, minerals, and the software being the mental thought processing images of human programmers via abstraction.

The mark is simply the sort of mark becoming most everywhere common for trade, computer bar code. And there are horns of plenty more...

The three beasts are the basic concepts of programming, input, processing and output. Further broken down into the ten horns of abstraction physics, action constants, but of which only 7 commands are actually needed.

There is a question as to whether it is christ or satan who has control of the key to the bottomless pit, the power to open it and even seal it back.

But it's neither, it's just a man, the beast of a man who lets it open and the christ of the same man who learns to see it for what it is and to control it, locking the beast away.

The bottomless pit is simply abstraction, used deceptively and to deceive, endlessly available distortions of reality. But it is also abstraction that is used to bring and maintain peace and productivity, in recognizing the tool of abstraction with honesty.

In Locking the bad part away, through full understanding of what the tool of abstraction is, deception intent becomes obvious to see, exposed openly. Of what use is deception if you cannot hide the truth? So deception gets locked away, useless and not really used anymore, dolowge.

And after a thousand years, let lose a little for seasoning, like what you put on food, but for adding a little spice to life, like a safe to see fictional movie, to exercise your brain, in memory of the downfall of deceit, recorded in your dolowge.

How do I know?

I have the key. And I'm neither christ nor the devil, but just a man. But there is more..... I'm not alone, for even you use the stone image of man. Now open your eyes to see your reflection, your own personal devil and christ, the deceptions of man, to put in your dolowge.

Simply ask yourself, does the abstractions being used get you from point "A" to where you honestly, realistically and fair to all, want to go, point "B"? If not, then you are being deceived.

Go forth and multiply. Why?

Its really quite simple and regardless of what you may currently believe.

Julian Jaynes identifies the transistion of when mankind moved from primarily animal instinct of being just awake and aware of surroundings to that of developing higher level abstractions, via beginning of introspection, that of consciousness, followed by abstraction misuse for deceptions.

There is a multi-religion event actually in line with this transition. The Tower of Babel.

Go forth and multiply? But that was ultimately a divide and believed to be by god.

So maybe child god is confused, multiply or divide?

But here is the honesty of it all. Multiply until there is no more room left for divide.

In other words: It is by population growth that mankind is forced to address social and common human needs issues and in the process also being forced to re-integrate what had previously been divided.

In all the religious beliefs, non of them alone are rightfully complete, but when there is nothing left to divide, the errors of divide won't have any place left to compete. Divide by void, for your dolowge.

The exercisim void.

As noted below in "whats to believe?" perhaps the Catholic church itself shows evidence of Farming Evil.

We all have a sex drive, you might say given by god as a statement of go forth and multiply. But if you believe, then this command should not be denied, considered something to expel so to leave a void in demand to be filled by evil instead, and so wide spread.

Otherwise, you'd have to believe, if you are into Christianity, that it was just gods way of saying Homosexual Pedophilia is ok, though it certainly can not contribute to go forth and multiply, nor is it healthy psychology.

And what of the rest of the clergy, are they really in denial? Or did they simply get an official stone tablet copy of instructions for performing masturbation in a way acceptable to the child named god.

But where can a void really exist? If I claim you have a dolowge, whatever that may be, and we exercise it, make it void, what just might happen to you, and maybe to me?

Certainly there are abstract things which are socially real, like governments and money. Take a society and make these abstract things void, what will you have left to see? Don't forget about your dolowge, whatever that may be. Just make believe its your personal void, so that you can pretend to be complete, personally, even when you are not.

On Kabbalah

There are forces of Father Physics and Mother Nature of which we do not understand, if we even realize them at all, like gravity on demand.

To present Kabbalah in a manner that is verifiable and hard to deny, though denial is mans strongest tool.....

Call something mysticism and it'll be far more easily dismissed than ...say the results of a mathematical calculation, though both are abstract tools. Remove mystery and bring understanding via application and use rather than theory and speculation.

Take a look at Abstraction Physics . Can you find a relationship between the ten (+) Kabbalah elements of the tree of life and the ten action constants of abstraction physics?

a few more links:
Abstraction Physics as computer functions

Pictogram of Abstraction Physics
"Place Value-Resolution-Recursion"

10th/11th point on Kabbalah tree of life
[its sum] - Knowledge Navigational Mapping.

Everyone wants success, love, etc... so why is it not happening?
Lack of better instructions? If the instructions contain errors, the errors will cause limits/constraints/conflicts.

Whats to believe?

When the void became aware of itself a split happened into two, consciousness and existence. Two things that either are or they are not but they are symbiotic, given their origin. What exist in consciousness and in existence, are variables. Things change in the content of both. If you are all that exist, how do you know you will continue to exist? You must expand, so to know new and different. The religion of survival, we all have it, even god, where it comes from.

A way of knowing you exist, is to create life that will allow viewing and experiencing the contents of existence and consciousness in part, blind to the whole. We are but recorders that will someday report back to the whole. And what of our purpose, each one of us? To contribute to the insurance of survival. So of what use are you to the whole, if you don't? Why bring or allow you back if you are not going to help survival insurance? When you die and return to the whole, you judge yourself.

The survival instinct, built into all living things. Religion's a word that wouldn't exist without separation of beliefs. But all religions know survival.

The closer you are to knowing what is, the more control you have over what can be.

Made in god's image, we are. But we are in part, not whole. So it is even written, the flaw of god. The split of the void, birth of god. But purity whole is only the void. All outside is in part, including god. So sin but like god, to create, not destroy, as nothing is something to avoid!

And after a bit of understanding adjustment for clarification of the whole....

Quoting something found on the internet.

"What is the point of Jesus' grim story about a vacant house being occupied by an evil force? It is not enough to banish evil thoughts and habits. We must also fill the void with God who is the source of all that is good and upright. Augustine said that our lives have a God-shaped void which only God can fill satisfactory. If we attempt to leave it vacant or to fill it with something else, we will be worse in the end. What do you fill the void in your life with? Jesus makes it clear that there are no neutral parties. We are either for Jesus or against him, for the kingdom of God or against it. There are two kingdoms in opposition to one anotherĂ¢€” the kingdom of God and the kingdom of darkness under the rule of Satan. If we disobey God's word, we open to door to the power of sin and Satan. If we want to live in freedom from sin and Satan, then our house must be occupied by Jesus where he is enthroned as Lord and Savior. Do you know the peace and security of a life submitted to God and his word?"

Every equation has two sides.

According to the equation above you can farm evil forces, make them grow.
Its really quite simple you see, just banish evil and leave a void.

Its actually easier. lazier than otherwise, as its at least one step less.
You should know this, perhaps not, for to believe you are a self professed sinner, in part, not whole, how would you fully know?

But there is also something else made clear in this line of thought and regardless of where you read it. Perhaps something of a contradiction of god, something not hidden, but just not ever seen.

Expel an evil and leave a void, don't fill it at all.
If the void is evil, then you failed to expel.
So try again, again and again, until you have nothing left at all.
You will be void, forever evil yourself if you believe evil is void.

The void contains not good nor evil, no light or darkness, its not even neutral, not for or against anything, there is not even emptiness, its just void, absent of anything and all. That's why its called "void".

Imagine yourself inside a translucent sphere, look around, try to see the whole, though you never will. But outside the sphere and from far enough away, you can see the whole sphere.
And so it is from the void POV regarding it's child named god.

For those who'd like to farm evil, via leaving a void, you have no guarantee you will succeed.
You may instead, from a void POV, be fully seen for what you are, just a blind judgmental fool or perhaps that's just a child named god.

Wanna know what I see?
You don't really believe!