Sunday, January 3, 2010

Go forth and multiply. Why?

Its really quite simple and regardless of what you may currently believe.

Julian Jaynes identifies the transistion of when mankind moved from primarily animal instinct of being just awake and aware of surroundings to that of developing higher level abstractions, via beginning of introspection, that of consciousness, followed by abstraction misuse for deceptions.

There is a multi-religion event actually in line with this transition. The Tower of Babel.

Go forth and multiply? But that was ultimately a divide and believed to be by god.

So maybe child god is confused, multiply or divide?

But here is the honesty of it all. Multiply until there is no more room left for divide.

In other words: It is by population growth that mankind is forced to address social and common human needs issues and in the process also being forced to re-integrate what had previously been divided.

In all the religious beliefs, non of them alone are rightfully complete, but when there is nothing left to divide, the errors of divide won't have any place left to compete. Divide by void, for your dolowge.

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