Saturday, January 9, 2010

Influencing weather it rains.

Georgia's Lake Lanier had been dealing with low lake levels for a few years and as the lake feeds down stream to Alabama and Florida, water use restriction had been in place. The whole water issue began to get political and muddy and when it seemed water cost were going to go up because of all this dry heves, I wasn't pleased. So I started concentrating on rain to fill up the lake and regardless of the drain plug the Army Core of Engineers, kept opening.

It didn't seem to be working as the issue of low water was still in the news plenty. There were improvements, but the drain plug kept being overly opened, so I thought, Oh yeah, how about a flood, I shall focus on that.

Then the rain started up, it was around September 19Th, one person I specifically told, watch this, Scott. I had also told others, but not with such emphasis, then there was a flood. Reports of the Lake rising with unusual speed. And they even had to plug the drain, because of the flooding downstream.

It was first reported to be the 100 year storm, then said to be the 300 year storm, as the waters kept rising. It was even reported to be of biblical levels, what ever that may be.

But by Scott, he didn't seem to believe. So I told him Austrailia was suffering a long term drought, and that I'd turn my focus downunder and outback. I even asked him for his help, just concentrate and believe, but he didn't seem interested as he didn't really believe. None the less, Austrailia is now out of their drought. And again some reports to be of biblical proportions, no doubt as it makes for an entertaining story to read.

And now the battle is on, politics and who gets the flood waters for their benefit. Guess I'll need to focus on flooding some more. They seem to be more interested in what is, rather than what can be.

From the Northern Hemisphere POV, when it rains down under, does it rain up?

In the disbelief of some, who even claim they believe in christianity, perhaps what is difficult is understanding how this can be. How can I have such influence over weather it rains. I'm not the rain god, I'm just a man who genuinely more than believes.

How I do this I do not exactly know, otherwise I might be able to determine the exact date it will begin to rain. But I do know this, its not just a thought, its a relaxed mode or state of body and mind where thought pattern transmissions can enter what we have yet to define, perhaps the ether of existence but probably not the void. We know the mind/brain enters various states during sleep and even states when awake. My goal is control of this state of body and mind, To know when to transmit, and when not to, for we all have random thoughts, we'd not want to become true.

It seems to start with an abstract thought, envisioned then felt where perhaps it transmits, I don't really know. Maybe its simply what you'd call "believe", but even believe starts with thought abstract. Same transmission media used for telepathy, only effecting weather it rains, which has got to be easier than influencing another's mind/brain. Timing I suppose being a scheduling thing, redirecting from what is and time to manifest into what now be and going into history.

So where do we go from here, To believe or not to believe? And with humanity sum total, where does that lead? To a childish god, or a child named god? Maybe it's just time to grow up a little and believe, we can do this ourselves and in sum total make a rightfully proud god.

Gravity on demand, for humidity........ and humanity. And that is more than One Drop at a time.

Just don't forget the observer effect, so don't observe, participate instead.

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