Saturday, January 16, 2010

Interesting Read.

Active Information, Meaning and Form

I must admit that in my efforts to read up on how the term "information" is used in physics, I tend to doze off. However, in Jr. High 9th grade I was put into a phase 5 Algebra class that was simply moving faster than I could keep up with. So I slept through the class. I did not need the credit and the teacher did not object to my sleeping. Testing this I decided to act like I knew what was going and was called to the blackboard to explain or do a problems, I don't recall. Of course I had not a clue, but it told me he was ok by my sleeping through the class.

Ever hear of sleep learning? Well the next year in High School I had algebra again and was one of the top students in the class.... go figure...

Anyways, the above text by David Peat does touch on where conscious thought and matter meet.
Take this with the change of view of what gravity is and the math may just get a good bit closer to understanding how it happens.

Again, with me, its not if it happens, but how it happens in the most direct manner.

Its clear to see our own action of thinking we need to get milk and based on that thought physically moving and going to the store to get it. Same for more complex work like building a skyscraper, it starts in the mind of design then structural, etc.. But here I am referring to a more direct path influencing such things as weather and perhaps even thoughts of others (i.e. telepathy & psychokinesis).

And of course there is the physics of abstraction creation and use.

Digging further into what David Peat has done, I find:
Unfolding the Subtle: Matter and Consciousness
As well as other works that may be relevant.

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