Sunday, January 3, 2010

Miracles and the Majic Dumpster

So now that abstraction has been somewhat covered, there is father physics and mother nature who tend to settle their differences towards entropy. Ultimately what you can call the physical world void.

By conscious creative intervention the rate of entropy can be changed, perhaps even reversed.

But there is a great deal about father physics and mother nature that we do not understand, be it by the general population or even our best focused science. Gravity is such an example. being a force we all know the effect of, yet don't fully understand.

There are no miracles that contradict the laws of physics and nature. It is only our lack of fully understanding physics and nature that presents us with the appearance of miracles.

Many described miracles in religious books can today be explained in terms of physics and nature. From the apparent floating axe head, walking on water and water to wine. Even the full scope of the exodus, with the parting of the sea, all from volcanic activity that even caused the reason to flee. Killing off the straw the Israelites used in brick making, troubling their contract with the Egyptians Pharaoh.

But there's the physics, many, if not most, have yet to consciously know. Where abstract thoughts and ideas more directly convert and manifest into physical reality. Generally acceptable are the methods of physical hands on manipulation of solid reality. But even this starts from conscious thought, abstract ideas with intentional hands on, R&D.

There was once a great depression, though we had the knowledge, man power and natural resources to ignore it, it was abstract money that caused it. So most certainly abstraction has its role.

We have sound waves, radio wave, microwaves and more, other unseen forces of energy all the way back, splitting of a void.

So what came first in content, consciousness acknowledgment of empty existence? Or was it the existence of consciousness? logically simultaneous both. But one thing is certain, no abstractions were needed for there was no other to communicate to. Only the conscious direct manipulation of physical reality. Perhaps something along the lines of Psychokinesis and the obvious lack of having an observer effect. As there was no observer to observe. As Coral Castle was made, no observers allowed.

Without an observer, to inject abstract distort and deceive, what do you have but just direct physical honesty.

And what of Telepathy or the more acceptable Brain-Computer Interface and other technologies that certainly say there is signal generation and transmission from the human brain. And lets not forget we really don't fully scientifically know about gravity. Is there some possible connection, brain signal activity and gravity?

And there is the majic dumpster, an acceptable media, for what is really just me and probably telepathy. For I have no other explanation as to how its possible so much I have found set aside the dumpster, shortly after I was thinking of such. i.e. a small fan of a certain type and a electric razor scooter, both within 24 hours and on the same day. An electric Roland Keyboard after about two weeks and that's just some of the latest, so much I now realized I lost tack. But this goes beyond the dumpster quite a long ways.

From internal abstract direct to external concrete.....
...though in the Majic Dumpster cases, some others must place these things beside the dumpster, and always needing minor fixes for consistancy with the media. making this just telepathy, not full out manifestation.

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