Thursday, January 7, 2010

Getting from point A to point B in humanity.

What the World Wants!

You don't have to believe, only just help do what is right and right in front of you.

We have the Knowledge, Man Power, Natural Resources and even the abstract money to do an improve.

Why is this not happening? How many are being deceived? And even more important, by how incredibly, so few!

World Leaders and Want to be's get their power from who? Or is leading, how to deceive?

There is absolutely no excuse, not even when you use the child named god, in make believe. Oh its Alla believes fault or maybe its the jews, but then perhaps its __________________ (fill in the blank with a philosophical belief). Though that is not the purpose of philosophy, be sure you don't tell anyone, least they see through the dis-ease.

It's not about religion, its about money, is and always has been, as long as there has been such an thing value abstract.

You don't have to believe in god to do the right thing, but when you do the wrong things for long enough, you need a tool to deceive, like just dump it on god for gods grand plan is yet to be......but that'll never ever pan out, you'll never find gold.

If you were god and your children had all they needed to do it themselves, would you do it for them, spoil them? What does spoil mean? Or would you rather be proud, they did it for themselves?

Its really a simple question with an obvious answer....

So why aren't we doing it ourselves?
For we do know what we want and have all we need to do it ourselves.

Or rather you just believe god is going to do it for you........ someday... maybe not in this lifetime... but someday...

I don't know about you, but I want this yesterday.

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