Sunday, January 3, 2010

Dark Bottomless Pit Key, for you and me.

The beast is man

The stone image is computer and software, computer being made of stone, minerals, and the software being the mental thought processing images of human programmers via abstraction.

The mark is simply the sort of mark becoming most everywhere common for trade, computer bar code. And there are horns of plenty more...

The three beasts are the basic concepts of programming, input, processing and output. Further broken down into the ten horns of abstraction physics, action constants, but of which only 7 commands are actually needed.

There is a question as to whether it is christ or satan who has control of the key to the bottomless pit, the power to open it and even seal it back.

But it's neither, it's just a man, the beast of a man who lets it open and the christ of the same man who learns to see it for what it is and to control it, locking the beast away.

The bottomless pit is simply abstraction, used deceptively and to deceive, endlessly available distortions of reality. But it is also abstraction that is used to bring and maintain peace and productivity, in recognizing the tool of abstraction with honesty.

In Locking the bad part away, through full understanding of what the tool of abstraction is, deception intent becomes obvious to see, exposed openly. Of what use is deception if you cannot hide the truth? So deception gets locked away, useless and not really used anymore, dolowge.

And after a thousand years, let lose a little for seasoning, like what you put on food, but for adding a little spice to life, like a safe to see fictional movie, to exercise your brain, in memory of the downfall of deceit, recorded in your dolowge.

How do I know?

I have the key. And I'm neither christ nor the devil, but just a man. But there is more..... I'm not alone, for even you use the stone image of man. Now open your eyes to see your reflection, your own personal devil and christ, the deceptions of man, to put in your dolowge.

Simply ask yourself, does the abstractions being used get you from point "A" to where you honestly, realistically and fair to all, want to go, point "B"? If not, then you are being deceived.

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