Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The power of believing

Believe you can fly and jump off a mountain cliff, you will die.
Believe you can fly, figure out how and apply the how, and you will fly.

The difference is in turning believing into knowing.

But it does start with believing it is possible to do something, then figuring out how.
The running of the four minute mile didn't happen, until someone believed and put forth the effort to know it as fact. Then others seeing this fact, realized they could do it too, if they applied effort.

But if you don't believe, you won't even try.
And in trying, you may fail, until you know how.
And there is no promise you will ever know how, just for trying.

The human mind is an interesting device, it tends to function towards what you believe.
Seek and you shall find? Focus your mind and put conscious effort towards a given goal and your mind will notice supporting information.

Addiction is like this, though geared towards self supported dependencies. Recovery programs very often have buddy programs, as having an outside party that can be more objective than your inherent subjectivity, the buddy can help lead you out of the addiction. They can help you change what thought process is going on in your mind.

Trapped in a thought process, is it possible to recognize you are trapped and get your mind to see a way out?

Just believe. in a "higher power"..... right?

And keep on believing it even when if it doesn't ever pan out. Maybe the men in white coats will come get you, but no matter, you will die one day and it simply won't matter anymore.

What have you got to lose, that you won't someday lose anyway?
Happiness doesn't require sanity. In fact no emotion requires sanity.

Just believe. and if that doesn't work then just make believe. And in whatever it is you want to believe. The day will come when it simply no longer matters.

Just believe...... as the day will come where you can't anymore.
For there to be a god, you'd be just another of gods toys.

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