Sunday, January 10, 2010

Changes in our view of Gravity?

The End of Gravity as a Fundamental Force?
Or do we still not really know?

Just a simple note.
I do envision humidity changes on the microscopic level when I'm efforting to influence the weather. But it may not explain other things happening like the what shows up at the majic dumpster. Where I only just think of something and not specifically targeted for coming to be at the dumpster or anywhere for that matter. So this new theory might just be closer to the way it really is. My math skills don't go that deep either, so I only see the general ideas expressed.

Digging further into all this physics and trying to understand how the word "information" is used in Physics. Well... one link leads to another and others, etc.. I find out about Maxwell's demon and a lot more, though just skimming over all that I'm finding in trying to understand the use of the concept/word "information" in physics, Best I can figure its used to describe whatever there is in physical reality and of transitional qualities worthy of the word.

The human biological brain and body is physical and inherently interacting with physical existence and on various levels, from physical hands on to other modes, i.e creating devices that interfere even more so with the physical world (an atomic bomb is perhaps the most influential) to interfering with an over the air tv signal, picking up radio channels on braces, etc. even down to the quantum level. But so much of all we do starts with abstract thought. And even the thought process causes physical/electrical changes in the brain.

All this actually gives scientific foundation to such things as telepathy and Influencing the weather via thought.

From my POV, one of experience, its not whether or not thought alone can influence physical reality, but how it does it, so to know how better to control it, trust it. Otherwise its like someone is listening in on my thoughts and then persenting me in physical reality select parts of my thoughts, where I don't know what, when or whether to trust it. The phrase "careful what you wish for, you just might get it" comes to mind here, but with the added, "you can be fooled".

Though I feel like a kid here regarding my knowledge of the current science of physics, there is still that which is beyond me in all this. I probably wouldn't be exploring these things if I wasn't trying to understand, so to know what to think, feel and believe, regarding another and the "everything" effect they seem to have on me. All the way back to when I was a kid, before they were even born.

Of course the idea that I thought of this person, when I was a kid, set in motion the manifestation of "information" on the physics level, to bring this person into existance has crossed my mind in my trying to understand. But I don't know this. Flipping that coin, how do I know thought of this person wasn't simply information I received at that moment in my life?

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