Sunday, January 3, 2010

On Kabbalah

There are forces of Father Physics and Mother Nature of which we do not understand, if we even realize them at all, like gravity on demand.

To present Kabbalah in a manner that is verifiable and hard to deny, though denial is mans strongest tool.....

Call something mysticism and it'll be far more easily dismissed than ...say the results of a mathematical calculation, though both are abstract tools. Remove mystery and bring understanding via application and use rather than theory and speculation.

Take a look at Abstraction Physics . Can you find a relationship between the ten (+) Kabbalah elements of the tree of life and the ten action constants of abstraction physics?

a few more links:
Abstraction Physics as computer functions

Pictogram of Abstraction Physics
"Place Value-Resolution-Recursion"

10th/11th point on Kabbalah tree of life
[its sum] - Knowledge Navigational Mapping.

Everyone wants success, love, etc... so why is it not happening?
Lack of better instructions? If the instructions contain errors, the errors will cause limits/constraints/conflicts.

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