Sunday, January 10, 2010

Same cross but not the same page,

Of the four major religions, they all agree Jesus once lived and died murdered nailed to a cross. But what all he was, and some claim he still is, is really just an ongoing debate. Clearly none of them are on the same page. However, there is one thing they all agree on, he was a teacher of doing and making good things.

And it should be obvious why anyone would kill such a generator of doing good things. There are those who simply don't want the rest of us to do, make and have really good things. And in population sum total, certainly over Six billion Six hundred and Sixty million today, the numbers of such leaders of deceit are very few indeed, some fraction of 1%. Certainly you can too, do the math, or rather you believe there are over sixty six million six hundred thousand deceptive leaders existing today?

Now maybe you don't think so simple it is, but ask yourself, why so many are not on the same page? And who is telling you not to be? Maybe you are just confused as to what page you are supposed to be on?

Its not a page found in any religious or philosophy book, it is simply our page, the page of humanity, and guess what? We are writing it, not some gods, devil or christ. It is us now and our genuine history, the book of our life. So how do you really want it to read? That we allowed ourselves to be deceived by the small number few who deceive? Or would you rather have it read of our courage to pursue the honesty of doing and having good things. Currently it really doesn't look so good and I don't need to ask why. Its really quite obvious, there is such a focus on controilling what is, rather than making real, what really good can be.

Just see what is happening on the humanity cross today! Is it getting us from point A to point B?

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