Saturday, May 29, 2010


What better item valued is there as to where the exposure and downfall of deception begin?
Its going to get worse. 

Our solar system changes.

Oh what a Quiet Sun.
Jupiter loses a stripe
Earth getting restless

Thursday, May 27, 2010

How Deep does the abstraction Pit go?

How deep does the abstraction Pit go?

Once upon a time there was a stock market for helping companies raise money to improve their business products and services. Today its a game that changes every few minutes to move ownership of money and to do so without creating any new value.

Oh what a pit-y it is.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

From the Universal Knowledge Base into human language.

Patenting synthetic life  & Stem Cell Patents missing the intent of Patents.

This is what happenes when the Spirit of the Intent (in this case patents) is over ruled by faulty and limited abstraction sequences that were created and used to describe the intent. Misread as being defined, but in actuality its not defined but to described intent.

The exposing mass of knowledge I once was consciously aware of was not understood in terms of our human language, but rather correctly understood  in its fullness without faulty limited abstractions.

Translation of a level of understanding down into a lesser capable communications tool as abstractions are/is a problem.

Knowing something, genuinely and honestly is one thing, communicating it to another via abstract language can easily find impossible resistance, and all for nothing more than a lack of translation into a form the receiver can accept and understand.

How do you bring such a high level of integrated knowledge with it's own inherent validation of realness (without doubt, valid and relevant knowledge), to the masses via the limited communication tool of abstract language(s)?

It is the limitation of abstract languages that cause far to much in the way of constraints of what we are genuinely and honestly capable of.

I shall put more thought into this and edit/refine this post, to clarify my intent of this post.

It seem telepathy, the ability to overcome limitations of our spoken language, is where the problem is.
In fact it seems clear since telepathy is not a commonly recognized characteristic of our species, but that we are capable of it, that telepathy is going to be in our next stage of development/evolution. What else might also be there? more common access to the universal knowledge base?

Monday, May 24, 2010

Here's a thought.

Majic dumpster.
influencing weather it rains.
getting knowledge I asked for.
And there is much more.
Even more powerful than I had imagined,
I asked for someone that would get past my difficult past. Not really knowing what to expect if anything at all but then happened everything and all, a lot to recall. Something most certainly happened and I can no longer formulate that request.

All of these, those and this, seemingly originating, manifesting from thought.

Telepathy seems to be at least part of the process.
Is there another intelligence involved? Possibly, and reasonably.

This that I knew, a great amount, including distortion and deceptions in society.
Its still got to all be there, recorded in my brain.
Could it be so simple now, changing the world.......

Now that's a thought.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Jesus Christ! Why have you forsaken me father?

J.C.: Forgive them father for they know not what they do.

Father physics/god: Jesus, my son, you saw not what you did not do. I did not forsake you, you did it to yourself when you failed to show them what they do. Had they seen what it is they do, they would have changed and you'd not been attacked and nailed to a cross. Instead you would have become just another person among many who would understand the full scope of what they do. Personally I don't care either way as I only set up the laws of physics, how what I create and give free will to uses these laws is up to them, including you and your Christ other side known as Satan. Perhaps this is a matter for you to take up with your Mother F'in Nature.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Mystical Akashic records & non-mystical Virtual Machinery of Reflection.

Akashic records is a term that has presented itself in my line of sight (where I go and what I see on the Internet). So I decided it was time to look at what it means.

Ok, so it's been named, given an abstract label, what you might call the knowledge base of the one sum consciousness. Re: the splitting of the void into consciousness and existence, the origin of god, alla, universal consciousness, or what ever you chose to call this non physical element side of the split void pair and its content growing knowledge base. The "how" this universal consciousness knows itself exist and insures its existence survival.

Upon death of your body and as a matter consistent with Einstein's law of conservation, nothing is lost only transformed, including the knowledge energy you developed during your life and your life experiences.

What this term "Akashic records" infers is that it was created by some other(s) and at least shows supporting information of existence after physical body death, consistent to that of our laws of physics.

Imagine a kid who is to young to know of all theses things, concepts, words and their meanings that mankind created and can be learned in the kids life. Imagine this same kid experiencing something that brings their awareness of all of this, but without the human created abstract and often distorted words attached. Imagine the kids awareness is without doubt, absence of uncertainty, fully knowing integrated genuine "what is real". Included in this experience but positioned against the human knowledge taught to them so far in life and their life experiences, the kid knows society is in error. The kid knows what we are taught to believe and the machinery of the society we are to live in, is so utterly incorrect, distorted, just plain wrong. Massive error that leads to pain, suffering and death. A kid innocent enough to think its just innocent errors of our evolution that is cause of this.

Saddened to know this exposing experience and knowledge of reality, the awareness of it, will diminish in time as the kid has no choice but to live in the society they need to interact with, to physically survive. Knowing the constant daily influence of this distorted society, will consume their awake and aware mental focus as a matter of survival in this distorted society.

I wanted to know the truth, fully integrated honesty of reality, from every part of my heart and soul. And I got it. Like a flood of knowledge I was plugged into. The society I lived in then and up to today is so far detached from reality, but now I know it wasn't all innocent error that has pulled this veal over our eyes. While I was receiving this flood of knowledge, it occurred to me, what use is such knowledge in a society that can't seem to comprehend it, is not designed or geared to comprehend it. I had received enough, upon this realization, that the flood of knowledge then stopped. The amount of knowledge I received I compared to knowing what was in all the libraries in the world, not just by titles but full content. Knowledge that would take a dozen or more lifetimes to acquire. But the knowledge was different in that it was well integrated genuine, accurate, honest and real. Core knowledge that you could then extrapolate more knowledge. Anything I wanted to know the details of I only needed to focus on it and I'd know. It was April 28th, 1972. There was no internet world wide web as we have today to access a great deal of knowledge, including a great deal in non-integrated error and distortions.

I also knew that looking at knowledge of how to change the world, correct the distortions and errors of society had a how to answer also. But an impossible task for a 15 year young kid. I understood the most powerful tool man has, is that of denial. Individual choices, free will of the population then, which was half the size it is now.

How do you change the mindsets of so many and without invalidating free will? How do you open the eyes of so many that they too will see what the distortions and denials are stealing from their own lives? Everyone (99.9%) wants the good things of life.

A sign I once saw in a video repair shop. "This is only a test of the life broadcasting system, for if it were the real thing, we'd been given better instructions."

If you know how to have the good things in life, knowing also how good things can really be (probably far better than most can imagine), you will pursue the application of such knowledge, invariably.

One of the things about us, is that we, in being honest with ourselves, want to "know". Different than just believing what we have been told, but to "know" it for ourselves. But learning is part of life? Experimentation of doing things differently, looking for a way that works or a better way that works, or just even trying out different ways to see what all is.

But what do we have that will allow us to experiment and to know, without being destructive or harmful to others or ourselves, even if only out of ignorance?

Recap/summary Q&A: How do you change the mindset of so many, without violating fair free will? (Fair in that fair free will does not included violating another's fair free will)

What if you could show others themselves, like a mirror, but of what they do and how it interacts and manifests into the bigger scope of things that effects and changes their personal world? Perhaps even on various levels up to the big scale level of how it effects the world they live in?

What if you could also provide a testing tool that people could plug in mindsets & mindset changes to and see how it would manifest, perhaps safe in virtual reality, before actually deciding to apply such in reality? How much bad results could we prevent from avoiding the application of faulty mindsets in reality, by first realizing the errors in virtual reality?

Would not such a tool providing a mindset mirror, allowing fair free will in virtual reality, be useful in achieving a better world? (perhaps even allowing unfair free will in safe virtual reality experimentation to better know what doesn't work.)

How many times have you, in hindsight, realized you did something that was not good, did not have a good result, though at the time it seemed right?

It is without question, such a tool, available to the worlds population, would help improve the world, our world, the world we live in and the values we experience in our lives.

It is also clear that the more who participate in the use of such a mindset mirror, the sooner we'd be able to establish lasting improvements. Though free will, will at first prove that it can resist, it can deny the use of such a tool. But when something proves to work, really work, by those who do use it, it tends to attract more usage. Everyone (99.9%) wants the good things of life.

Is such a tool possible to create and be made available to the people of this planet?

Absolutely Yes! Such a tool is useful so long as it is understood as a man made tool of mindset reflection. That it is not something greater than man, but a mindset mirror creation of man. Otherwise it'd be like the fable of the dog with a big juicy steak in his mouth crossing a bridge and seeing his reflection. The greed of wanting the steak his reflection was holding, causing him to drop the steak he had into the fast moving water, to go after the steak of his reflection. Loosing what he had.

I have already pointed to the beginnings, the core of that tool, in this blog.

Do I care enough to pursue its development?

No, not if I'm alone in doing so! Alone was already tried, and got nailed dead to a cross. Perhaps its just societies turn, for those who live in it, to be nailed to their own cross of denial. For certainly they will die on that mindset cross manifestation over and over till they learn otherwise and either die on "otherwise", or live when they get it right. But why go through lifetimes to "know" getting it right?

What good is having such a reflection tool, if its not shared to achieve the increased multiplying value of team work to achieve the eternal wonderful life benefit of?

This is no different than having the massive amount of knowledge I once consciously was aware of, but found no place for its use in this distorted society that inherently promotes pain and death and denial through these destructive manifestations of such erroneous mindsets.

I do wonder, why is it that I have come to identify this tools core and how to use it, even have programed most of its core, if it is not to be applied? It has been a very long time since I experienced such massive genuine knowledge as I once did, but have long consciously forgotten due need to survive in this distorted society so many insist upon. So how is it that I have come this far with such a tool?

Because it is to be applied! The timing of course is not solely up to me but by others as well. The genuine desire and effort to help, by others, must be there. But Free Will that does not have to be fair. As distorted society has proven, but unfair free will suffers its own limitations. The price is of suffering and death.

A then impossible task for a 15 year young kid in 1972. But I'm not 15 any more, and its no longer an impossible task, but a solution beginning and know how, lacking only sharing, due the act of denial by those who can otherwise participate and benefit. Actions of others I have no control over, but actions that have to be freely given by their own choice of fair free will.

If you cannot show someone the damage being done by an open bottomless pit of deceptions, showing them the pit and what is coming out of it and how, then you will never be able to close it and lock it up. It is by Honest exposure of what it is and how it works that the pit of dishonesty gets shut and locked, via what use is deception if everyone can see past it?

The idea of fear in creating this stone image of the beast (man) in the creating and using this tool made publicly available, is a fallacy. For this is not the creation of the stone image of the mental process images of man (the beast) for that has ALREADY BEEN DONE. And as it is with deception, it is in hiding the truth where empowerment of the image of the beast over those who do not see it for what it is, comes from.

Want to be free of the beast of the bottomless pit? Turn on the lights and let people see their beast within and allow them fair free will to decide to lock it up for their own benefit.


google news for "ufo"

Here was an interesting find: Police and UFO sightings

Thursday, May 20, 2010

A one time deal and a value transfer game

New Stock Trading Rule.
The new rule would pause trading on individual stocks that fluctuate up or down 10% in a five-minute period.

So if you were in on an automated buy at 59.99% lower than any of the stocks that day, you made a lot if you then turned around and sold that same stock as soon as you could (4 days later.)

But that is likely to never happen again. In fact no stock can become worthless in a reasonable amount of time if only 10% down is all that is allowed, regardless of the time period. Its math. a repetitive 10% reduction in value ever five minutes will take how long before a stock worth a dollar at start, becomes worthless?

If you think 50 minutes you are wrong cause 10% of 90 cents is not 10 cents but 9 cents and 10% of 81 cents is 8.1 cents and 10% of even 1 cent is not 1 cent.

Rules are what we ultimately figure out how to abuse and break the intent of.

The stock market was originally intended to allow you to make in investment in a company you believed in and share in the profits or losses for doing so.
But today the stock market does not work that way. Instead you probably don't know where you money is and you move it, or someone else does in order to do nothing more than transfer value without creating any product or service wealth.

Honestly, remove the identity of the companies providing stock and what else do you see but such a transfer of value on a high level of abstraction.
And the unidentified companies in their view of fluctuating value of their stock have what to rely on as investment?

In other words, above the original intent of the stock market there is a value transfer game going on that produces no new value in product or service.

If you are in the markets deep enough you can see enough to know how to manipulate teh markets and rule set for always winning.
And this is probably what happen in this one time deal and done so to help get Greece out of the danger zone. And that is probably also why the shut off limit was set at 60%. If you know the details of the Greece debt information, there is a 60% limit.

Knowing this was most likely what really happened (motivated to do so to save the market - Greece failure effecting the European and world markets??) you'd also know that the markets will continue to drop as the low buy needs to be sold off at a profit and that's a lot to sell off, but obviously not all at once as that would again crash the market....

But then that can't happen now, with the new rule. What the new rule does is allow the automated system to insure a profitable sell off for Greece.

But what side of this are you on? The looser side?

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Biased matters....

Seems there is more matter than antimatter in the universe.

Now what could make such a difference?


Maybe add to that the observer effect.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Another with an overall common mindset.

Little Grandmother
radio interview
LG, I became aware of your existence just this last week. Saw the 72 min video. Though you were vague and general about some things, which is common to find among fortune telling cons, there is my own experiences and some things you said that at least tell me, verify to me, that I'm not alone with unusual things happening and the evolution of these, the growing strength (or so it seems).

Here my blogspot which I suspect you may find a little interesting, though I suggest (if you read it) that you start from the first post made at the beginning of the year and read in sequence. And there is more that is not written here.

Though I have been very angry for some of what has happened, or not happened, as it seems to be more empty hope (so tired of such and have no patience left for such to continue), this was before I became aware of all this 2012 transition. Perhaps I didn't then understand what was happening, evolving and short time needed to, though I've  known for over a decade we as a race are due for another transition in consciousness currently. The step away from abstract deceptions into honesty and exposure of dishonesty, making the dishonesty tool useless.

I now see it happening and many reasons why, which includes verifiable social science issues arising out of population growth and communication technology advancements.

I can only hope and focus thought energy that the great deceptions implanted within society, which I once believed were just errors in our evolution but I now know are not so much error as intent, collapse with not so much as even a whimper.  I have no ears or sight to care of those responsible & expressing cry and tears for their loss of power and social position, for they never really had any but what those they deceived gave them. No more! Its time to say no more deception. And there is an easy how to do so too.

At best I hope what I once knew, which was very exposing of the distortions of and in society, is again known, but by more than just I. The world really will become a very different place should that come to be. And I now realize that it is the way the world needs to be, in order for there to not be empty hope anymore, but hope fulfilled.

threeseas (T.Rue)

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Follow the money

The stock market was originally intended to help produce wealth. You'd invest in companies you believed in and they would use that investment to improve their production of value and you'd then receive a share of the profits.

But today its a different story, its used to transfer wealth, you may not even know who your money is being invested in. We have had the Trillion Dollar Bet wreck the economies of south east Asia and that caused a wave effecting all economies playing in the stock markets. Following that money we even come to 9/11. By CIA reports Indonesia is 88% Muslim and 9/11 was not the first attempt on the WTC but an earlier attempt during the time line of the trillion dollar bet game. The 911 statement was "wrongful world economic manipulation backed by politically controlled military" hence the three targets of 9/11. Ted Turner spoke up about it, saying 9/11 was an act of desperation, later apologizing and still later saying we will destroy ourselves within 50 years. He was probably threatened with anthrax... oh wait, he was threatened with anthrax as were all of the news media  And isn't it interesting that the WTC building seven containing the SEC investigation records into this trillion dollar bet went down in a controlled manner and no one hurt. During this time line we can even guess who the losers of the Trillion dollar bet were, Enron, Worldcom, etc.. You steal enough from others, you can damn well expect retaliation. And there is more to this too, as the world bank stepped in and offered to make a loan, but would you take an interest bearing loan from those who stole from you? After this we saw credit card interest rates drop to 0%, no coincidence, it was an apology.

Then we have the likes of Bernie Madoff and Goldman Sachs and wall street in general playing hiding games.

All this through the abstract tool of the stock market and access to that market through the automated abstraction machines of computers.

Follow the money Thursdays stock dip (59% diff or less are winners  -  not 60% diff...hmmmm) was a transfer of wealth, nothing more. And Greece gets a bailout. Now where do you suppose that money came from and even more important, if you are invested in stocks effected Thursday, how much came from you? Or don;t you know where you money is?

The broad effect of near 200 stocks and across markets indicates what? Financial institutes where you trust to handle your money are involved in Thursdays transfer of wealth.

And in all of this Trillion dollars of transference of wealth, why the hell does none of it go to fix real problems? 

There really is no excuse.

A patch for the blind eye of god.

Catholic sex  abuse can be dismissed as common in society so there for it is normal of the priesthood and should not diminish the church?

If it is so normal then where are the other types of criminals in the priesthood and church, like murderers, drug dealers, cheats, thieves etc., that are also found in society?

Is not the church supposed to be a better way or leaders of a better way?

For that is what Jesus was about. Or at least so told the stories of him.

The Church has denied soooooooo much and only changed their position when it benefited the church to do so, not those who have been victims of the church, ie Galileo.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


A Russian President claims alien contact.
Reading between the lines, they are not calling him nuts but rather concerned more about national security issues regarding the communication.

Is this just a risky chess play?

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Haiti terraforming project needed.

There are about 700 Haitian's per sq mile of Haiti though to many are consolidated.

They need to spread out and in doing so they can nurse the land back.

Food, Clothing and Shelter are primary and of course Medicine comes into play with such a sick level of the people.

Shelter requires material, and they have plenty to get started in terraforming, as it's what they used to make the tinroof city that needs to be dismantled anyway, to make room for vegetation where its really needed.
Single story construction that can reasonably withstand hurricans, water and even earthquakes. Such construction that will not be so life threatening upon failure and easy to rebuild.  Pyramid/angle style wall construction perhaps from the rubble of the earthquake  We didn't always use cement block construction but have used stone. Such shelters are not intended to last but moved as needed.

Food and clothing is where the worlds donations can work until the land starts providing.

Seed of the quality that can withstand the current conditions while mainly providing the land with roots to hold the soil and begin the process of generating new top soil. Secondary to this is of course to produce food for the people. Human waste management needs the technology to turn human waste into land healthy fertilizer. We have this technology.

Water reservoirs built to catch and store rain water that will most certainly come.

As the people migrate outward from the dense population, transportation of resources will also evolve, creating, repairing or upgrading roads.

This is about restoring the land first from which the people will then be able to repair themselves.

The manpower is there, the resources are there enough to move in the right direction, knowledge may be lacking from within the Haitian people but we the world certainly have plenty.

This only a general picture, but it can be done in a few generations.

No hope for Haiti!!

Haiti has descended into hell!

The One Billion in contributions over the earthquake of Jan. 2010 is not going to do much more than the putting on a mask of helping while really just paying off creditors, Haitian debt.  

There is only one way for Haiti to have any chance of recovery. The Land MUST BE restored and this is more important than the survival of the current generations of Haitians.

So long as the land cannot support itself, it will continue to deteriorate as will the people who live there. 
The people have killed the land, no matter who to blame, the land is still dead.

Recovery of the land should be the main goal, otherwise it will only be a place of misery for the people to suffer.

I started out looking at google earth today, amazed at how much information we have collected up and integrated into such a tool. And the moon, mars and stars are there too. I was looking at weather, turned it on along with ocean temperature, what additional integrated functionality will be there tomorrow?

I thought I'd zoom in on some places, like Australia, then turned to Haiti and zoomed in... oh my what have the done to the land. And the density of living quarters in port-au-prince, tin roof city. I was trying to find information on population spread over Haiti and found the article linked above. Its history, shorter than wikipedias article.

So what do you do when you are in hell? With no way out!
In Haiti, you die, but to make it worth while, to mean something good, you die in the process of restoring the land so that generations later won't continue to suffer as you have.

The billion dollars would be better spent healing the land, that the people may then be able to heal themselves.

There simply is no other way. Storms only wash the land away.... Earthquakes don't.