Saturday, May 8, 2010

Follow the money

The stock market was originally intended to help produce wealth. You'd invest in companies you believed in and they would use that investment to improve their production of value and you'd then receive a share of the profits.

But today its a different story, its used to transfer wealth, you may not even know who your money is being invested in. We have had the Trillion Dollar Bet wreck the economies of south east Asia and that caused a wave effecting all economies playing in the stock markets. Following that money we even come to 9/11. By CIA reports Indonesia is 88% Muslim and 9/11 was not the first attempt on the WTC but an earlier attempt during the time line of the trillion dollar bet game. The 911 statement was "wrongful world economic manipulation backed by politically controlled military" hence the three targets of 9/11. Ted Turner spoke up about it, saying 9/11 was an act of desperation, later apologizing and still later saying we will destroy ourselves within 50 years. He was probably threatened with anthrax... oh wait, he was threatened with anthrax as were all of the news media  And isn't it interesting that the WTC building seven containing the SEC investigation records into this trillion dollar bet went down in a controlled manner and no one hurt. During this time line we can even guess who the losers of the Trillion dollar bet were, Enron, Worldcom, etc.. You steal enough from others, you can damn well expect retaliation. And there is more to this too, as the world bank stepped in and offered to make a loan, but would you take an interest bearing loan from those who stole from you? After this we saw credit card interest rates drop to 0%, no coincidence, it was an apology.

Then we have the likes of Bernie Madoff and Goldman Sachs and wall street in general playing hiding games.

All this through the abstract tool of the stock market and access to that market through the automated abstraction machines of computers.

Follow the money Thursdays stock dip (59% diff or less are winners  -  not 60% diff...hmmmm) was a transfer of wealth, nothing more. And Greece gets a bailout. Now where do you suppose that money came from and even more important, if you are invested in stocks effected Thursday, how much came from you? Or don;t you know where you money is?

The broad effect of near 200 stocks and across markets indicates what? Financial institutes where you trust to handle your money are involved in Thursdays transfer of wealth.

And in all of this Trillion dollars of transference of wealth, why the hell does none of it go to fix real problems? 

There really is no excuse.

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