Monday, May 24, 2010

Here's a thought.

Majic dumpster.
influencing weather it rains.
getting knowledge I asked for.
And there is much more.
Even more powerful than I had imagined,
I asked for someone that would get past my difficult past. Not really knowing what to expect if anything at all but then happened everything and all, a lot to recall. Something most certainly happened and I can no longer formulate that request.

All of these, those and this, seemingly originating, manifesting from thought.

Telepathy seems to be at least part of the process.
Is there another intelligence involved? Possibly, and reasonably.

This that I knew, a great amount, including distortion and deceptions in society.
Its still got to all be there, recorded in my brain.
Could it be so simple now, changing the world.......

Now that's a thought.

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