Sunday, May 2, 2010

No hope for Haiti!!

Haiti has descended into hell!

The One Billion in contributions over the earthquake of Jan. 2010 is not going to do much more than the putting on a mask of helping while really just paying off creditors, Haitian debt.  

There is only one way for Haiti to have any chance of recovery. The Land MUST BE restored and this is more important than the survival of the current generations of Haitians.

So long as the land cannot support itself, it will continue to deteriorate as will the people who live there. 
The people have killed the land, no matter who to blame, the land is still dead.

Recovery of the land should be the main goal, otherwise it will only be a place of misery for the people to suffer.

I started out looking at google earth today, amazed at how much information we have collected up and integrated into such a tool. And the moon, mars and stars are there too. I was looking at weather, turned it on along with ocean temperature, what additional integrated functionality will be there tomorrow?

I thought I'd zoom in on some places, like Australia, then turned to Haiti and zoomed in... oh my what have the done to the land. And the density of living quarters in port-au-prince, tin roof city. I was trying to find information on population spread over Haiti and found the article linked above. Its history, shorter than wikipedias article.

So what do you do when you are in hell? With no way out!
In Haiti, you die, but to make it worth while, to mean something good, you die in the process of restoring the land so that generations later won't continue to suffer as you have.

The billion dollars would be better spent healing the land, that the people may then be able to heal themselves.

There simply is no other way. Storms only wash the land away.... Earthquakes don't.

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