Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Let there be light.

To look out in space, back in time, as far as we can go, we are stopped by light, widely scattered light.
Not sure which program I got that from "hunting the edge of the universe" or the talk on the LHC, but I found it interesting non-the-less.

Does this not sorta sound like Genesis ?
Seems to suggest maybe such information was passed to us, perhaps by an intelligent race before us, but somewhere along the way, either in translation or by our hands, things got very distorted. And I think we all know how probable that is.

So could it be that 2012 is at minimum the predictable point in our evolution that all the distortion, the mysteries caused by the distortions, all become unfolded and exposed by our science and verification?
And would not a race before us know what to expect of our evolution time line, from hindsight of their own?

Will it be found that the one full scope truth, honesty of all thing, exposes all the un-integrated  half truths and out right lies?

Yes. As a light turning on, exposing what is. And showing us all what is not, in what we have done and promoted. Religion, a word that only exist to define separation of that which is not.

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