Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Almost full circle through science

With our cosmology science we can look up and see near 13.7 billion light years back in space time, near the beginning of the universe. We can then look down with our science of physics and learn what happened as early as one millionth of a second after the big bang. Perhaps we will learn what is, what we call, dark matter and dark energy. Perhaps to know what these are we will understand what happened to cause the universe creating big bang.

But to go to the first post of this blog, the answer will be found. The void became aware of itself and in that instance split into two, consciousness and existence. Dark energy and dark matter, as we have labeled before really knowing what they are. From what we can tell these so called dark matter and energy is from which things seem to come into existence from nothing at all. We know the equation E=mc2 but without the "c" or light, there the void is, or is that the state of void split?

Consciousness? perhaps dark matter and energy is just the two parts of existence where consciousness is something else, that can perceive these two and manipulate them to create things in existence and for consciousness to have something to do.

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