Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Nature and Natural forces

People adapt to different climates as do other animals and life in general, or they perish.

We adapt physically, given enough time, even our accent changes given our global location and environmental influences, including other human influences. We have quite a variety of variations all due to such natural influences. Mind state change, the way we think about things as is expected of environmental differences,

How might we adapt to global climate changes? Or on a much larger scale, solar and galaxy level changes relevant to the effects it has on us.

Our science, though quite beyond where it was 200 years ago regarding space and physics, still we do not understand gravity so well, but only have theories that work well enough for what we do,

So what effect on us, might a change happen on an solar and galaxy level? Seems we are going to find out.  From an astronomy and physics point of view we know about polar shifts of not only our planet earth, but our sun, how magnetic fields change. But do we really understand what, if any effect our changing position in our galaxy, relevant to the central plane has on us? Our Science hasn't been around long enough to know for sure.

If this galaxy central plane is polarized, which it probably is so to exist, the solar systems in it would gravitate or cycle between back and forth across this plane. And for us we cross this plane about every 26000 years.

Does approaching and crossing this galaxy plane (polar) influence the polarity of the solar system crossing it?
Most probably yes and perhaps it has something to do our planets and suns polar shift as well.

From big to small. and what effect might this galaxy level change have on us? Or smaller, like a spider, would the spider start weaving their web  the opposite direction?

Our environment influences the way we think, what we perceive.

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