Tuesday, April 13, 2010


What could happen in this world that would cause such a change?

Public knowledge of Alien Life in an undeniable manner, contact and interaction on a wide scale.

The opening up of the human mind/consciousness to become aware of such things as telepathy and psychokinesis on a regular basis.

Solar flare activity that disables most all electronic devices, knocking out electronic communication for an extended period of time.Perhaps even burning the earths surface some  Creating the need for new modes of communication.

Polar shift perhaps causing world wide destruction. The polar shift, though recognized by science, takes a long time, and we are in one now. Recorded in story of the past there was a day without night. An extended day, as though the world had stopped turning. So there is an apex, a turning point.

Any of these alone, not to forget other possibilities, is enough to cause such a change.

But what if there is a connection between all these and more?

My past blog entries here do seem to possibly tie in, as they would if this is really what is evolving.
This stuff about 2012 I wasn't aware of to the extent I have just recently found.

And what if in the process of polar shifting and solar flares and more information related to all this real science, that the effect it has on us humans is that opening up our subconscious and allowing our perception to reach a new level. Certainly drugs like Ketamine and other drugs (as linked to regarding near death experiences without the risk of death) have an effect on us. But could also the right sort of radiated energy from polar shifting, solar flares and more, also have an effect of its own on us?

And what if it opens our perceptions such that we become like children with abilities we do not quite understand well enough to manage without hurting ourselves? Would we not need a bit of help and guidance to learn how to manage it? And who but those who have already been there and know, could help us in this evolutionary step?

And how might we hurt ourselves with such telepathy and ability to have our thoughts manifest?
I think we need to know how to turn such ability on and off. And I'd say there are other lessons as well, important to learn. Like what we think we want, may not be what we really want. And more lessons needed in learning and managing our new found abilities.

How many will not be able to handle it?

Why won't or doesn't anyone know the time this will happen?
The answer is really quite simple.

The event that happened and told in a story "the tower of babel" happened around the world but each part of the world in its own time as it was with individuals, further resolution of when it happened for each.

So the answer to why no-one knows when it will happen, is that for each to their own.

What would be the most logical of who and when is also something easy to understand the logic of. The best way to keep the damage down is to start with those most prepared to properly handle it and work down to the least able. This way you'd generate the best support base of such a transition.

And here is something worth noting. Those with the least to lose would naturally be among the first, for they have less reason to resist. The meek shall inherit the earth...

So natural unavoidable events on the cosmos and the effect it has on us.

And as survival of the fittest is always there, some won't make it through the transition.

Maybe this won't happen, but it will sooner or later, just as it has done in our past with the tower of babel and our transition to the decimal and other numbering systems, including binary, from the more limited abstraction set of the roman numeral system.

This is going to happen and its even documented in various religions and certainly the Mayans calendar.

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