Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Crabwood crop circle

Regardless of what you may read elsewhere about the 2002 Crabwood crop circle (google it and read what you will)

The 60 line image of Crabwood is not relevant to the early 1950 TV resolution but to something else. If anything it was saying to look back to a short distance in 60 lins of tv resolution was reminiscent of the 1930's mechanical set. By the 50's we had a lot more lines of resolution happenings.

re: beyond mechanical TV's of the 30's having under 100 lines (wikipedia) With these systems (far more than 100 lines), the BBC began regularly scheduled black and white television broadcasts in 1936, but these were shut down again with the start of World War II in 1939. In 1941 the first NTSC meetings produced a single standard for US broadcasts. US television broadcasts began in earnest in the immediate post-war era, and by 1950 there were 6 million televisions in the United States.

in the US:
The War Production Board halted the manufacture of television and radio equipment for civilian use from April 22, 1942 to August 20, 1945, limiting any opportunity to introduce color television to the general public.

atom bombs (wikipedia)
the U.S. dropped the nuclear weapon "Little Boy" on the city of Hiroshima on Monday, August 6, 1945, followed by the detonation of "Fat Man" over Nagasaki on August 9.

WWII officially began on September 1, 1939 and ended Sept. 2 1945.
6 years. But lets go back about 10 months from this beginning date to

Take that measure from "Crystal Night" beginning to end of WWII and simply double it. Here is where you will be:

The UFO fly over was a response saying to the US: NO you are not the greatest power on earth!

And that is all it was. There was no alien/us military meeting, no agreement. There was no need for one. It was enough of a statement that the US government couldn't do anything about the fly overs. And the world saw this, humbling the US in the eyes of the world. Helped to de-stress world concern over US abusing its atomic power, reducing the overall atomic arms race rate. What you don't see is what would have happened had they not done the fly over. And done at a time when we had better TV communications.

Of course the supposed leaked stories were nothing more than the US government trying not to lose any illusion the rest of the world might have about the US being all powerful. but just a snake that promises to make things better for people in countries its enters, but it only strips away what was and leaves empty the space it stripped away. And that is history.

Barbury Castle crop circle of 1991

Israel Joshua uses bible code decoding software and supposedly found the following regarding a crop circle.

The crop circle in 1991 at Barbury Castle was the one that caught my attention to crop circles, due to... well read on.

(for many people crop circle are like art, having many interpretations - some claim they represent technology that can be built and there have even been claims of a few having built such technology but who has seen what is claimed to have been built?)

Joshua, careful what the stone image of the beast tells you. For the beast to hide its exposed reflection it will claim the reflection is lessor and different than it honestly and fully is.
Your "discovered" BC matrix on this CC is just such an example.

Before I give an analogy of this CC usage there are a couple things to say. First, they who lay crops circle down (human or otherwise) will not give us anything that we already don't have. If alien then perhaps its a time paradox rule or rule of not giving technology to a life form that will abuse it. But they can bend the rules in the since they can inspire us to put together what we already have. Second, giving us technology as to how to build ships is of little value to us in that we are not decoding it well enough to be developing and producing it on the scale we need to, nor do we have the time to. They are fully capable of removing all of us and more of all the life on this planet, should the need arise. But they will not take us against our will. There are over 7 billion humans on this planet but only a very small fraction, much less than the number of those who deceive, who are even looking at, not to mention thinking about, crop circles. Having general understanding of some things is helpful, that we do not freak out.

The analogy of this CC in use. Consider a fractal, ie the Mandelbrot set. the center circle represents the core functionality, the unavoidable action constants that allow processing the Mandelbrot equation, which is this case is the next circle out. The third circle out is the user interface where you apply the three generic fractal oriented functions of setting place value, resolution and recursion. Moving inward and outward in the generated results of the equation.

Geometry size is relevant to itself. the center and second circle are within the main triangle because the core functionality and equation are set, but the third circle out, going outside the main triangle indicates user interaction.

The triangles really are not triangles, but rather just lines that represent relationships between the core functionality, the equation and the user interface via the generic set of three fractal functions. There is no harm in perceiving the triangles as a tetrahedron or even a mirrored tetrahedron if it helps one visualize zooming inward and outward. Note that a mirrored tetrahedron (it would be called something else) has six sides.

Why six divisions of resolution and six levels of recursion?
Perhaps because at that level of detail validation and or manifestation happens? Certainly we have six degrees of separation, six levels of learning, six....etc..

Now this Mandelbrot equation was just an analogy, that of course works.
Had I wrote metaphor, that would be different.

The Mandelbrot equation here represents an image of a human created mindset. The core functionality is never going to change, for it is what it must be, nothing more, nothing less. but the second circle out, that can change to represent a human mindset, perhaps habitual actions of a person. Of course that means the third circle out is external influence that sets off the various facets of the human mindset reaction.

As I said, they who put crop circle down will not give us anything we don't already have, but only inspire us to put together what we already have. And this is true here. As it was about three and a half years before this CC that I identified the core functionality or action constant set as well as a configuration of them, for full versatility. read up... Abstraction Physics

And the Mandelbrot CC that showed up later was a response to my questioning whether this Barbury Castle crop circle was a fluke or not.

This, running on stone, image that you purchased and run to "discover" BC's is just that. A mindset image created by the beast of man, just as all programs you run on your computer, are. And the beast can hide behind its running on stone image of itself. Isn't that right Israel?

Internet based communications 1990-91
7-ai-b1-txt (see msg 270)
And a little later I complied something I wrote, referring to a knowledge calculator, with other text: Knowledge Calculator
(note email address in document is now invalid)

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Our Evolution

There was a time when we lived in a non-conscious awake state as many animals do, even today. But they understand nature and know how to respond, like monarch butterflies flying north for 3 generations and then the forth generation that lives much longer takes the long trip back to Mexico. Birds that can fly south for the winter but return to the same tree in the summer trip north. Crabs that know to move inland and how far, when a storm is approaching, such a where a hurricane will hit shore.They know and there was time when we did too.

We were able to do some complex things but still limited. But our population grew and the complexity of society grew more than we were able to handle in such a non-conscious manner, so the bicameral mind of ours broke down, as recorded in the metaphor story of the tower of babel. We had to evolve to survive the growing population and complexity or society. We created consciousness, the ability to think in higher levels of abstraction, to overcome the problems.

However, it was recognized we had to give up our non-conscious tie into nature.  So to help over come this loss the position of oracle was established. The job was to go into a trance like state, or revert back to a bicameral mind state to report back what nature was saying. In time this position of oracle became outdated as we developed our abstract knowledge to better deal with our environment. Yet today, we still have some who do such a thing, i.e. Edgar Cayce...

However, there is a bad side to the use of higher level abstractions, which required introspection. Deception was discovered in the use of higher level abstraction and even the first recorded suicide.

You can read up on all this by studying the works of Julian Jaynes. However, Julian's work is from a subjective POV in that its about what people experience incoming, not in what they were outputting back into the media of which nature used to communicate to them. Perhaps it didn't make enough difference then to be noticed as the knowledge was still very nature oriented even with the higher level abstractions then in use.

Today we have evolved our abstractions quite beyond nature, enough so that when the need arises again for us to take an evolutionary step, we will (and have begun to) notice how our thoughts can manifest into reality in more direct ways than through our hands on creation process.

We are not taking a step backwards, but rather we are beginning to incorporate the benefits of our non-conscious mind with our conscious mind via reintegrating our bicameral mind state. And again its due growing population and complexity of society that is driving it. But there is more which can push us to make the move sooner. Thenatural disaster of solar storms that knock out our electronics, including communication and perhaps even transportation (most vehicles today have an on board computer that will prevent the car from operating if its busted). And natural disasters may very well include the sort of events that seem to be building, flooding, earthquakes, volcanoes, etc.  Or perhaps its just our population growth and technology growth that makes us more aware of these natural events.

We have always had the ability to listen to nature, but our complexity of abstractions and society monopolize our time. Another way of saying it is that there is a barrier between our non-consciousness or bicameral mind state and our consciousness. It is in what we believe that acts as a filter to protect our free will in what we want to believe. A filter that only lets through what is acceptable to our individual beliefs. And perhaps this filter is a two way com link.

I am one person who knows and with some hard lessons, that my thoughts can convert/manifest into reality. As such I have a goal to better control what thoughts convert, by improving my understanding in the since of doing or not..

There is my blog here which I started the beginning of this year in effort to try and get control over this ability. But there is also other work of mine in the unavoidable action constants of abstraction creation and use.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Mosque @ ground zero

9/11 and first attempt on WTC was result of Trillion Dollar Bet (google it, read transcript) drained South East Asia causing banks failure. Indonesia 88% Muslim (CIA stats) hit hard with financial drain of Trillion dollar bet. Nobody would listen to what was happening due the trillion dollar bet. So it gave Fanatics a verifiable excuse. World bank offered loan w/interest, but considering who stole from who, that offer didn't work. Media anthrax threatened by US mil. and even carried out (google Ted Turner Anthrax). Attack Targets, WTC, Pentagon, White House. Statement = Wrongful World economic manipulation backed by politically controlled military.

Follow the money!

Following the money. Losers in the trillion dollar bet include Enron and Worldcom. Simply look at the time line regarding large financial amounts. WTC Building 7 contained the SEC investigation into the Trillion Dollar Bet. It was intentionally taken down destroying the investigation. and many problems vanished with it. I.E. California Brown outs stopped. Can't bankrupt an electrics utility!

A mosque at ground zero is very appropriate! It would indicate Americans have woken up to the truth. The full scope honesty of the whole matter.

9/11 Media anthrax threatened, won't tell public truth, plenty info available to put it all together for yourselves.  Spying on US citizens via telcos not for finding terrorist as casual conversation code is undetectable. But for determining public opinion of 9/11 and war on Iraq to enable government to instruct media what to promote to sway public support for the Bush Administration agenda.

The towers had serious asbestos problems and this is why afterwards dust caused health problems for many. Buildings sold to one who then took out insurance policies beyond buildings replacement value and income loss of rental property that was diminishing in renters. Specifically insurance against terrorist attacks. Intelligence knew but military response was diverted to better allow attack to happen.

Can't hold an entire religion responsible for the acts of fanatics. Who was giving fanatics verifiable excuses? In comparison, what is the excuse for wide spread pedophilia in the catholic church? 

Separation of church and state is for a reason. And strongly upheld even in the bible belt south.

But Mosque near ground zero subject now being used as a political election tool.

Its not about Religion, its about money and Wrongful World Economic Manipulation.

Side note: I do not condone the torturous murdering of an innocent teacher. But apparently many people do by using the word Saviour. But if you wanted to be prince of the world, knowing there is existence and even life after death, as in reincarnation, would you be willing to die once to establish that status?