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Barbury Castle crop circle of 1991

Israel Joshua uses bible code decoding software and supposedly found the following regarding a crop circle.

The crop circle in 1991 at Barbury Castle was the one that caught my attention to crop circles, due to... well read on.

(for many people crop circle are like art, having many interpretations - some claim they represent technology that can be built and there have even been claims of a few having built such technology but who has seen what is claimed to have been built?)

Joshua, careful what the stone image of the beast tells you. For the beast to hide its exposed reflection it will claim the reflection is lessor and different than it honestly and fully is.
Your "discovered" BC matrix on this CC is just such an example.

Before I give an analogy of this CC usage there are a couple things to say. First, they who lay crops circle down (human or otherwise) will not give us anything that we already don't have. If alien then perhaps its a time paradox rule or rule of not giving technology to a life form that will abuse it. But they can bend the rules in the since they can inspire us to put together what we already have. Second, giving us technology as to how to build ships is of little value to us in that we are not decoding it well enough to be developing and producing it on the scale we need to, nor do we have the time to. They are fully capable of removing all of us and more of all the life on this planet, should the need arise. But they will not take us against our will. There are over 7 billion humans on this planet but only a very small fraction, much less than the number of those who deceive, who are even looking at, not to mention thinking about, crop circles. Having general understanding of some things is helpful, that we do not freak out.

The analogy of this CC in use. Consider a fractal, ie the Mandelbrot set. the center circle represents the core functionality, the unavoidable action constants that allow processing the Mandelbrot equation, which is this case is the next circle out. The third circle out is the user interface where you apply the three generic fractal oriented functions of setting place value, resolution and recursion. Moving inward and outward in the generated results of the equation.

Geometry size is relevant to itself. the center and second circle are within the main triangle because the core functionality and equation are set, but the third circle out, going outside the main triangle indicates user interaction.

The triangles really are not triangles, but rather just lines that represent relationships between the core functionality, the equation and the user interface via the generic set of three fractal functions. There is no harm in perceiving the triangles as a tetrahedron or even a mirrored tetrahedron if it helps one visualize zooming inward and outward. Note that a mirrored tetrahedron (it would be called something else) has six sides.

Why six divisions of resolution and six levels of recursion?
Perhaps because at that level of detail validation and or manifestation happens? Certainly we have six degrees of separation, six levels of learning, six....etc..

Now this Mandelbrot equation was just an analogy, that of course works.
Had I wrote metaphor, that would be different.

The Mandelbrot equation here represents an image of a human created mindset. The core functionality is never going to change, for it is what it must be, nothing more, nothing less. but the second circle out, that can change to represent a human mindset, perhaps habitual actions of a person. Of course that means the third circle out is external influence that sets off the various facets of the human mindset reaction.

As I said, they who put crop circle down will not give us anything we don't already have, but only inspire us to put together what we already have. And this is true here. As it was about three and a half years before this CC that I identified the core functionality or action constant set as well as a configuration of them, for full versatility. read up... Abstraction Physics

And the Mandelbrot CC that showed up later was a response to my questioning whether this Barbury Castle crop circle was a fluke or not.

This, running on stone, image that you purchased and run to "discover" BC's is just that. A mindset image created by the beast of man, just as all programs you run on your computer, are. And the beast can hide behind its running on stone image of itself. Isn't that right Israel?

Internet based communications 1990-91
7-ai-b1-txt (see msg 270)
And a little later I complied something I wrote, referring to a knowledge calculator, with other text: Knowledge Calculator
(note email address in document is now invalid)

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