Saturday, August 21, 2010

Our Evolution

There was a time when we lived in a non-conscious awake state as many animals do, even today. But they understand nature and know how to respond, like monarch butterflies flying north for 3 generations and then the forth generation that lives much longer takes the long trip back to Mexico. Birds that can fly south for the winter but return to the same tree in the summer trip north. Crabs that know to move inland and how far, when a storm is approaching, such a where a hurricane will hit shore.They know and there was time when we did too.

We were able to do some complex things but still limited. But our population grew and the complexity of society grew more than we were able to handle in such a non-conscious manner, so the bicameral mind of ours broke down, as recorded in the metaphor story of the tower of babel. We had to evolve to survive the growing population and complexity or society. We created consciousness, the ability to think in higher levels of abstraction, to overcome the problems.

However, it was recognized we had to give up our non-conscious tie into nature.  So to help over come this loss the position of oracle was established. The job was to go into a trance like state, or revert back to a bicameral mind state to report back what nature was saying. In time this position of oracle became outdated as we developed our abstract knowledge to better deal with our environment. Yet today, we still have some who do such a thing, i.e. Edgar Cayce...

However, there is a bad side to the use of higher level abstractions, which required introspection. Deception was discovered in the use of higher level abstraction and even the first recorded suicide.

You can read up on all this by studying the works of Julian Jaynes. However, Julian's work is from a subjective POV in that its about what people experience incoming, not in what they were outputting back into the media of which nature used to communicate to them. Perhaps it didn't make enough difference then to be noticed as the knowledge was still very nature oriented even with the higher level abstractions then in use.

Today we have evolved our abstractions quite beyond nature, enough so that when the need arises again for us to take an evolutionary step, we will (and have begun to) notice how our thoughts can manifest into reality in more direct ways than through our hands on creation process.

We are not taking a step backwards, but rather we are beginning to incorporate the benefits of our non-conscious mind with our conscious mind via reintegrating our bicameral mind state. And again its due growing population and complexity of society that is driving it. But there is more which can push us to make the move sooner. Thenatural disaster of solar storms that knock out our electronics, including communication and perhaps even transportation (most vehicles today have an on board computer that will prevent the car from operating if its busted). And natural disasters may very well include the sort of events that seem to be building, flooding, earthquakes, volcanoes, etc.  Or perhaps its just our population growth and technology growth that makes us more aware of these natural events.

We have always had the ability to listen to nature, but our complexity of abstractions and society monopolize our time. Another way of saying it is that there is a barrier between our non-consciousness or bicameral mind state and our consciousness. It is in what we believe that acts as a filter to protect our free will in what we want to believe. A filter that only lets through what is acceptable to our individual beliefs. And perhaps this filter is a two way com link.

I am one person who knows and with some hard lessons, that my thoughts can convert/manifest into reality. As such I have a goal to better control what thoughts convert, by improving my understanding in the since of doing or not..

There is my blog here which I started the beginning of this year in effort to try and get control over this ability. But there is also other work of mine in the unavoidable action constants of abstraction creation and use.

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