Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Everyone and System needs a feedback loop.

#NDAA #OWS #Wikileaks #Obama All systems require a feedback loop for verification, be it Government, Finance, science, R&D, Learning, etc.. Even a guided Missile needs a feedback loop to hit its target. Remove the feedback loop and you become lost and in this case, skerd.

It has become clear and getting clearer the US government has both broken and ignored the founders, of the United States, intended feedback loop of “For the People, by the People”

As such they have become very skerd and in their effort to find security for themselves (they do not follow the same rules they impose upon the rest of us) they have fabricated laws contradicting the founders documents (Declaration of Independence, U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights).

These contradictions are in violation of the founders design. Many would say they are acts of “treason” and they are, in that they break and ignore the intended feedback loop. Many of our representatives have shown by their actions they do not know or fully understand the contents of these founder documents.

However and regardless, the current efforts to sacrifice our liberties, our freedom, in exchange for their personal security, will fail. Its simply not possible to find security in that which is without a proper feedback loop. The evidence of this failure is the pursuit of what they perceive as some weakness of the founder documents. Only it is NOT the documents, the integrated ideas expressed in them, which are weak and eroding, but the governments validity eroding due lack of a valid and founder intended feedback loop.

There is one place these fearful can find security, and that is as inmates of a FEMA detention camp, where The People cannot so easily reach them in their expected retaliation of the wrongs they have done to the people, and won’t have need to.

The Founder Documents stand, it is the recent and current government failing. It is their own fault, of their own makings. What they have done does NOT represent The People. And THE PEOPLE have paid far more in taxes than the sum of all Lobbyist and corporate sponsorship bias has.

How this fits the Occupy movement is simple The People, The 99% are tired of Cheats, so WHERE IS THE FEEDBACK LOOP?

We, The People, absolutely DO NEED TO KNOW what the government is doing. Its an important part of the feedback loop the founders defined and intended.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Abstraction Physics: NON-fiction Matrix Kung Fu.

for a recap spinning around philosophy...

And a bit of what my focus is around, how its related:
Old web pages (if you leave out the "--" on the links you'll see...)
Note the relationship of the characters to the unavoidable action constants of abstraction physics.

The Wachowski's also did "V for Vendetta" as in the Guy Fawkes mask of Anonymous and Occupy Wall Street.

In the final Matrix movie end we see a rainbow, the world inside the matrix changed from a constrained spectrum to a fuller spectrum of color.

Before the Matrix came out I had an endless battle with trolls (smiths) recorded in the comp.amiga.misc usenet newsgroup regarding what I now call Abstraction Physics. After the movie came out an established animator out of the blue asked me what I thought of the movie. Unfortunately he used the "no-archive" bit on his usenet post so its not archived. Later some guy in California tried to pull me into a RICO base lawsuit regarding the production of the trilogy. Somewhere years earlier I had mentioned that a method of copyright is via the writers Guild where a work is registered but sealed where only a court order can unseal it. This is a method of dealing with plagiarism, including innocent plagiarism.... So why try to pull me into a lawsuit? To try and flush out what I may have copyrighted via Writers Guild?

Is it possible the Wachowskis saw me on the internet and were inspired? probably.

some old online A.I. threads I participated in:

Point: The movie subconsciously registered with people in many different ways because the underlying mechanics of the abstraction of physical reality which was exposed as action characters.

Down side: the ultimate suppression by the system in its killing off of the action characters, the action constants. Like Bummer...

Upside: recognize this downside as a desire of the elite to maintain their position expressed in this science FICTION. and that is all it is, FICTION. As the reality of non-fiction does not play out that way.

The real action constants do not die, but instead are unavoidable (you can test this for yourselves, try not using one of more of the "action constants")... and when it comes to abstraction, knowing, recognizing these unavoidable actions constants and how they can be deceptively used... You become another Neo, seeing the code of wrongful deceptive abstraction use.

And this is not something the Elite want known, as its exposes their deceptions.

There was also a Research Scientist Wallace Ward (pen name Dr. Frank Wallace) who researched cheating in easy to apply and safe from proof method. His earlier work on this was exposing enough that it has since been greatly suppressed and badly biased (as we know can be done given MSM bias regarding OWS) after his death. But get this: His work was named NEO-TECH. and the notable early work was Neo-Tech I-V. For not only did it expose cheating techniques but also a philosophy that helped one see, avoid and even counter such cheating. For something of a summary and you'd be lucky to find used copies for sale today on like Though I was able to find this

So, I've put this out there. For on the world scope of protest, it really does come down to people being tired of deception of those in positions of command and control. The better more people see past the deceptions... the weaker those deceiving become.

When did the matrix of abstract reality start? See first/bottom post and expand "see more"