Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Judgement day is HERE!

It's been a while since my last post but very few read my blog. Facebook and Twitter posts reach further.


Amazing how it was such a big deal that a meltdown might happen but when it does, and in this case times three, the main stream media drop the story.


 Its really quite simple as the Main stream media has no story that can top the damage three meltdowns are doing to us all. Military actions and so call terrorist just cannot compete with ongoing deadly damage being done to the whole world. Such damage that the Military is helpless, Homeland Security cannot do a damn thing about and the TSA, they can't even see the radiation to do a strip search for its Weapon of Mass Destruction hiding behind the mask of Cheap Nuclear energy.

In the war mentality game, this is checkmate, game over. The only thing left is exposure of sportsmanship attitude.

Judgement day is here! We will suffer the consequences of our choice from here on out.

We can shut down all Nuclear power plants and to the best of our ability safety the nuclear fuel and waste. We can then unlock much safer knowledge and applications for alternative energy to replace these nuclear power Weapons of mass destruction.

Or we can continue playing a lost game of war mentality and know our fate will be difficult life and death.

To make a proper productive change requires sacrifice, we have to give something up. We have to pay for the change to happen and of course its the tax payers, the 99% plus of the population. What we give up will provide us in return the needed resources to make the change.

 This is Checkmate, Judgement Day!

We don't need military and that is what we have to give up, where we will get the needed resources in man power, knowledge and natural resources as well as the money to pay for change.