Thursday, August 19, 2010

Mosque @ ground zero

9/11 and first attempt on WTC was result of Trillion Dollar Bet (google it, read transcript) drained South East Asia causing banks failure. Indonesia 88% Muslim (CIA stats) hit hard with financial drain of Trillion dollar bet. Nobody would listen to what was happening due the trillion dollar bet. So it gave Fanatics a verifiable excuse. World bank offered loan w/interest, but considering who stole from who, that offer didn't work. Media anthrax threatened by US mil. and even carried out (google Ted Turner Anthrax). Attack Targets, WTC, Pentagon, White House. Statement = Wrongful World economic manipulation backed by politically controlled military.

Follow the money!

Following the money. Losers in the trillion dollar bet include Enron and Worldcom. Simply look at the time line regarding large financial amounts. WTC Building 7 contained the SEC investigation into the Trillion Dollar Bet. It was intentionally taken down destroying the investigation. and many problems vanished with it. I.E. California Brown outs stopped. Can't bankrupt an electrics utility!

A mosque at ground zero is very appropriate! It would indicate Americans have woken up to the truth. The full scope honesty of the whole matter.

9/11 Media anthrax threatened, won't tell public truth, plenty info available to put it all together for yourselves.  Spying on US citizens via telcos not for finding terrorist as casual conversation code is undetectable. But for determining public opinion of 9/11 and war on Iraq to enable government to instruct media what to promote to sway public support for the Bush Administration agenda.

The towers had serious asbestos problems and this is why afterwards dust caused health problems for many. Buildings sold to one who then took out insurance policies beyond buildings replacement value and income loss of rental property that was diminishing in renters. Specifically insurance against terrorist attacks. Intelligence knew but military response was diverted to better allow attack to happen.

Can't hold an entire religion responsible for the acts of fanatics. Who was giving fanatics verifiable excuses? In comparison, what is the excuse for wide spread pedophilia in the catholic church? 

Separation of church and state is for a reason. And strongly upheld even in the bible belt south.

But Mosque near ground zero subject now being used as a political election tool.

Its not about Religion, its about money and Wrongful World Economic Manipulation.

Side note: I do not condone the torturous murdering of an innocent teacher. But apparently many people do by using the word Saviour. But if you wanted to be prince of the world, knowing there is existence and even life after death, as in reincarnation, would you be willing to die once to establish that status?

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