Saturday, April 24, 2010

One thing leads to another, HAARP

High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program
Official HAARP Site vs. for non-official information

This is like a coin, having two sides where you can look at only one side or realize its a two sided coin where both side are biased and not completely truthful or Honest!

On one side we know the government is not so honest, especially when it comes to Military information. On the other side we know conspiracy theorist will bias their works to sell. One side saying all is good and the other saying all is bad. But reality is going to fall somewhere in between.

We know the military mindset is one of fighting and contains the self supportive dependencies of creating problems that otherwise do not exist, not really one of fixing real issues. We also know the word "conspiracy" is not just a word used only to dismiss crime as though it didn't really happen. Conspiracies actually do happen regardless that some think its a word to express "not real". But the reputation conspiracy theorist have given the word is of "not real" meaning.

Would the military via government, take productively useful knowledge and use it destructively? Can you spell Hiroshima? If given a choice whether to use some knowledge productively or destructively you can be assured that the Military of any country will put more research into using it destructively and use the word "defense" as an excuse for doing so. If we don't someone else will, therefor we must.

But the amount of money and other resources being spent on such defense is in fact a self supported dependency. As had such resources been spent on fixing real issues, there would be little reason to fear the beneficiaries of the benefits of doing so. And in this case its the human population as the beneficiaries.

We do know how better to use such resources.

There is only one answer as to why this is not happening. Military mindsets! In fact it was the military mindset of Islam that took Islam down. Someone in the Islam kingdom decided they needed a war to fight, but there was no need or reason for war. Islam was once consider the most advanced in many fields, math, art, fabrics, science, etc. and warfare. And as a side note regarding falling religions, wide spread pedophilia has taken the Roman Catholic Church down. There is no debate, the church is in a negative light, it will not recover from this as this is only a final straw on that camels back of so many things wrongly denied. The church is now to be denied. But this is no conspiracy, except to maybe hide the truth and lie some more. It was a mindset, wrong philosophical mind programming.

Conspiracy theorist mindset is very similar in regards to being a self supported dependency and this shows in extremism to the point of irrationality. Adding in supporting claims that really don't exist. Conspiracy does happen and keeping it hidden is part of the objective of a conspiracy. Ultimately these two extreme mindsets, military and conspiracy, feed each other. They help bread terrorist, not real solutions.

So the HAARP information from both sides of the coin, there are some things established as possible and recorded in documents, including patents and established researchers documented effects on human mental process, apparently.

The Australian weather measuring device anomalies, are just that. Data receivers that were either out of adjustment and/or picking up something odd in the atmosphere and presenting its translation of it the way they did. As a matter of odds, how many devices involved, I suspect the later "or".

My first reaction upon finding out about these anomalies was "Oops!"

Perhaps this is like the Majic Dumpster, were I can see how Telepathy of my thoughts received by others to leave things or be there to receive. Where in this Australian weather change, perhaps HAARP really can manipulate weather and telepathy from me got them to focus on Australia ...... one thing leads to another. Or perhaps the device anomalies were caused by me and I can use HAARP as a cover (for the conspiracy mindset). BTW Lake Lainer, its still above full, while there has been more nice golf days.

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