Saturday, May 15, 2010

Another with an overall common mindset.

Little Grandmother
radio interview
LG, I became aware of your existence just this last week. Saw the 72 min video. Though you were vague and general about some things, which is common to find among fortune telling cons, there is my own experiences and some things you said that at least tell me, verify to me, that I'm not alone with unusual things happening and the evolution of these, the growing strength (or so it seems).

Here my blogspot which I suspect you may find a little interesting, though I suggest (if you read it) that you start from the first post made at the beginning of the year and read in sequence. And there is more that is not written here.

Though I have been very angry for some of what has happened, or not happened, as it seems to be more empty hope (so tired of such and have no patience left for such to continue), this was before I became aware of all this 2012 transition. Perhaps I didn't then understand what was happening, evolving and short time needed to, though I've  known for over a decade we as a race are due for another transition in consciousness currently. The step away from abstract deceptions into honesty and exposure of dishonesty, making the dishonesty tool useless.

I now see it happening and many reasons why, which includes verifiable social science issues arising out of population growth and communication technology advancements.

I can only hope and focus thought energy that the great deceptions implanted within society, which I once believed were just errors in our evolution but I now know are not so much error as intent, collapse with not so much as even a whimper.  I have no ears or sight to care of those responsible & expressing cry and tears for their loss of power and social position, for they never really had any but what those they deceived gave them. No more! Its time to say no more deception. And there is an easy how to do so too.

At best I hope what I once knew, which was very exposing of the distortions of and in society, is again known, but by more than just I. The world really will become a very different place should that come to be. And I now realize that it is the way the world needs to be, in order for there to not be empty hope anymore, but hope fulfilled.

threeseas (T.Rue)

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