Sunday, January 3, 2010

The exercisim void.

As noted below in "whats to believe?" perhaps the Catholic church itself shows evidence of Farming Evil.

We all have a sex drive, you might say given by god as a statement of go forth and multiply. But if you believe, then this command should not be denied, considered something to expel so to leave a void in demand to be filled by evil instead, and so wide spread.

Otherwise, you'd have to believe, if you are into Christianity, that it was just gods way of saying Homosexual Pedophilia is ok, though it certainly can not contribute to go forth and multiply, nor is it healthy psychology.

And what of the rest of the clergy, are they really in denial? Or did they simply get an official stone tablet copy of instructions for performing masturbation in a way acceptable to the child named god.

But where can a void really exist? If I claim you have a dolowge, whatever that may be, and we exercise it, make it void, what just might happen to you, and maybe to me?

Certainly there are abstract things which are socially real, like governments and money. Take a society and make these abstract things void, what will you have left to see? Don't forget about your dolowge, whatever that may be. Just make believe its your personal void, so that you can pretend to be complete, personally, even when you are not.

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