Sunday, January 3, 2010

Whats to believe?

When the void became aware of itself a split happened into two, consciousness and existence. Two things that either are or they are not but they are symbiotic, given their origin. What exist in consciousness and in existence, are variables. Things change in the content of both. If you are all that exist, how do you know you will continue to exist? You must expand, so to know new and different. The religion of survival, we all have it, even god, where it comes from.

A way of knowing you exist, is to create life that will allow viewing and experiencing the contents of existence and consciousness in part, blind to the whole. We are but recorders that will someday report back to the whole. And what of our purpose, each one of us? To contribute to the insurance of survival. So of what use are you to the whole, if you don't? Why bring or allow you back if you are not going to help survival insurance? When you die and return to the whole, you judge yourself.

The survival instinct, built into all living things. Religion's a word that wouldn't exist without separation of beliefs. But all religions know survival.

The closer you are to knowing what is, the more control you have over what can be.

Made in god's image, we are. But we are in part, not whole. So it is even written, the flaw of god. The split of the void, birth of god. But purity whole is only the void. All outside is in part, including god. So sin but like god, to create, not destroy, as nothing is something to avoid!

And after a bit of understanding adjustment for clarification of the whole....

Quoting something found on the internet.

"What is the point of Jesus' grim story about a vacant house being occupied by an evil force? It is not enough to banish evil thoughts and habits. We must also fill the void with God who is the source of all that is good and upright. Augustine said that our lives have a God-shaped void which only God can fill satisfactory. If we attempt to leave it vacant or to fill it with something else, we will be worse in the end. What do you fill the void in your life with? Jesus makes it clear that there are no neutral parties. We are either for Jesus or against him, for the kingdom of God or against it. There are two kingdoms in opposition to one anotherĂ¢€” the kingdom of God and the kingdom of darkness under the rule of Satan. If we disobey God's word, we open to door to the power of sin and Satan. If we want to live in freedom from sin and Satan, then our house must be occupied by Jesus where he is enthroned as Lord and Savior. Do you know the peace and security of a life submitted to God and his word?"

Every equation has two sides.

According to the equation above you can farm evil forces, make them grow.
Its really quite simple you see, just banish evil and leave a void.

Its actually easier. lazier than otherwise, as its at least one step less.
You should know this, perhaps not, for to believe you are a self professed sinner, in part, not whole, how would you fully know?

But there is also something else made clear in this line of thought and regardless of where you read it. Perhaps something of a contradiction of god, something not hidden, but just not ever seen.

Expel an evil and leave a void, don't fill it at all.
If the void is evil, then you failed to expel.
So try again, again and again, until you have nothing left at all.
You will be void, forever evil yourself if you believe evil is void.

The void contains not good nor evil, no light or darkness, its not even neutral, not for or against anything, there is not even emptiness, its just void, absent of anything and all. That's why its called "void".

Imagine yourself inside a translucent sphere, look around, try to see the whole, though you never will. But outside the sphere and from far enough away, you can see the whole sphere.
And so it is from the void POV regarding it's child named god.

For those who'd like to farm evil, via leaving a void, you have no guarantee you will succeed.
You may instead, from a void POV, be fully seen for what you are, just a blind judgmental fool or perhaps that's just a child named god.

Wanna know what I see?
You don't really believe!

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