Thursday, January 7, 2010

Just in for the ride, its not up to me.

It started and ends with the void, but while you are here there are those who'd like you to believe in their self serving philosophy, to believe in their god. And they all are certainly not on the same page.

So when you look at it all, sum up so called god, what do you see? I see a lot of dishonesty and even lessons how to deceive!

And all this deception its really based on nothing more than the skill of wrongful abstraction use, how not to get from point A to point B through C, As C is for religious Compete, and that's really not between point A and point B, nor is B honestly for Bait.

And so long as there is such religious compete, there will be a childish god, sum total not really complete.

Just in for the ride, as its not up to me, religious compete is busy taking free will away from me. And replacing it with nothing more than just BS jive.

See the First Post last line of this Abstract Beliefs blog, to know what I think.

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