Sunday, July 11, 2010

Origin of abstract language

Meru Foundation Videos

After viewing enough of these videos - the short ones are like Ads. I can see what was the metaphor or analogy of The Tower of Babel, before it  happened and why it happened. It is very interesting the Hebrew lettering system of each being a different POV of a common shape. A shape defined in the text of genesis. That was every clever of the writer.

This made me recall what I thought of a hieroglyphic stone I saw in the Louvre  which is probably even more primitive than the Hebrew alphabet

Another thing that comes to mind is this perhaps being the first complex sign language.

The smoke ring and tree of life explanation are interesting as well as the idea or identification that god is a verb.

These things are fitting of my own perceptions, identifications and have been helpful in bringing a little more clarity to my objective.

Though it is very true, and I have used this in examples acceptable to the majority, that we do use our hands to produce what we originate in our minds. And this is very fitting of the Hebrew Alphabet common shape...... However my hands are not always so involved, least not at that sequence position, but in more direct thought to physical reality  conversion or manifestation as I have much experienced.

Perhaps I and other who have experienced such are simply moving to an new or next level of communication. A level of consciousness that is actually predictable given the research of the past, assessment of today problems and how population seems to be a determining factor...projecting this change is easy.

I once made a comment that the pictograph was a compressed version of the tree of life, perceiving a tetrahedron 3D at the center, which is relevant to the action constants of abstraction physics. God as a verb and action constants....note the tenth is inherent of the nine commands (it's position #0)

The smoke ring, this reminded me of my thoughts regarding where consciousness and existence came from. When the void became aware of itself, it split into two, the blackboard of consciousness and the whiteboard of existence where both can hold changing content.

What he said about comparing genesis to itself. This is what I refer to as turning something in on itself, where it can prove itself and stand or expose itself as hypocritical and fall. And when I heard him first say this, my attention level went up and I though how smart of him. This is not to far from the void becoming aware of itself.

My objective is to understand and enable my use of the on/off switch as to whether or not any given thought I might have is or is not converted into reality. Look ma, no hands.... 

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