Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Become a Music Star and be rich... or not

Perhaps Talent is a dime a dozen, or in todays economy three cents a dozen, and there needs to be a way to filter out those who don't want stardom bad enough to pay for it. Mechanics of the RIAA

There are a lot of musicians and a lot of jobs for musicians that may pay better than a shot at the gold ring. 

I have absolutely no doubt that there are original recordings and jam sessions that put to shame much of what you hear in the radio. But you will never hear these for lack of promotion or even access to.

I Also have no doubt that there is a much larger number of recordings and jam sessions that are mediocre and even bad that make up the forest... uh jungle of junk that helps hide the really good stuff.

There is no free lunch, but apparently accounting can be done so much better.

If given the opportunity to be heard by fewer but able to earn as much as you might going through the industry, which would be more important to you? The number of people who hear you or your income?

Perhaps this post is for myself, a reminder that music may be a harder business than many others, to be in. 

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