Friday, July 23, 2010

The business of crop circles

Its insulting to human ingenuity and creativity to promote the idea that we cannot lay crops down in a given pattern accurately. This is not rocket science but a great deal easier to do and there are other techniques and tools to use other than plank and rope. Lets get real but we are also not alone.

If you could make a 6-7 figure annual income in regards to the crop circles “mystery”, would you help hide that most all are man made?

And if you were making that amount of money how much would you invest to keep it going? What would you invest in?

Because this is a seasonal viewed business, what would you be doing the rest of the year? Planning next seasons circles, book writing, lectures. Perhaps during on season you could even hire your own helicopter or buy one and learn to fly it or hire a pilot for the season.

What would you not do and what would you avoid?
You certainly would not promote farmers or others to use any of the long distant night vision cameras. In fact you’d down play it.

Once you look at things from a business perspective you’ll realize even if there are some genuine alien made crop circles, they are likely to be buried in the business. And for the claimed cover-ups by government what better incentive might Government provide but to reduce the laws against anyone caught to make it not worth the farmers time while providing any complaining farmer incentive to drop it and even put out a so called “honesty” box for those visiting the crop circles.

Its easy to know the bias here by just looking at what is done AND what is NOT done.

But lets forget all this and speculate that its ALL alien communication. What do you think they are telling us?
And how can you be sure?

The best I can do with the “why are they doing this” is to simple get us to look to our past and find evidence of them being here before, realizing they are here now and that something is about to happen of which they calculated and told us in the past, are telling us now and when the time is right they will be here to take those willing and able to go, away from very difficult times. Probably cosmological events we have absolutely no control over and all they can do about it is see it coming and give the willing of us a way out.

If you were alien and doing this you’d have to realize that the best you can do is just get a general message across for most all will not see enough to realize much in the way of details. If there is anything we have shown ourselves good at, its totally distorting details. Its why we have this division idea of religion going on. And it would be as well understood that there would be fakes and profiting off the “mystery” to further dilute any details.

Certainly our own science see this cosmological event building up in regards to the earth. And its very clear that if we are doomed they will not tell us this. Around 2003 a very large and very fast moving comet or asteroid slung around the sun and so close that it was going to hit the sun. But a strange blast came from the sun to detour its path (there is reason to believe that alien craft had something to do with the blast (there is actual footage of this event from one of the camera systems looking at the sun [SOHO]). We were not told because it was believe we were goners. But what is coming up is not so easy to deal with. Galaxy level alignment, weakening earth protective layer and a coming solar maximum late 2012 to early 2013 that puts the earth directly in the path of solar storms/flares.

We can’t do anything about it, but only do our best to survive it. But we just don’t know enough.

Those aliens who have been here before, recorded in many religious and belief systems and about what is coming, apparently can’t do anything about it either, but only help us leave at least until it passes.

But then why would any Intelligent life form want to save us if we are so ignorant that we can't figure out how to lay a crop down in a timely and accurate manner?

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