Friday, June 11, 2010

The connection between Consciousness and Existence.

Nassim's geometry is of how content on the blackboard of existence is formed and changes.

This is not how the geometry of the content on the blackboard of consciousness is formed and changes.

Explaining the origin of both is difficult because of how Nassim uses the word "void". So let me redefine "void" into "primary void" and "secondary void". Secondary void to represent Nissam's use of the word.

The primary void is absence of anything and all things, before anything at all anywhere, anytime... etc...

But then this primary void became aware of itself and at that instance two things came into being. Existence and Consciousness, which either exist or they don't, there is no mid point. But both were secondary void, contained no content. Since both are symbiotic, as content forms in one so it does in the other.

Consciousness does not fit Nassim's geometry because it is not of physical existence or of physical existence content construction material.

Consciousness constrained by physical form. The physical perception limitation of a rock, a plant, a cat, a dolphin.... a human... and beyond.

Why constrain? If you are all that exist how do you know you exist and will continue to exist, unless you expand and experience new and different things, to grow your consciousness?

Now Nassim makes reference to Einstein with a twist but that was for the physical existence side of the split, not the consciousness side. Like Einstein, Nassim is focused on the physical part of the split, missing the other part, perhaps due to the inherit highly subjective nature of the other part.


Now Nassim's early difficulty in school was caused by?
Pure abstraction does not exist in the physical side of the split.

We can build a computer program and data bases that will allow us to be a bit more objective about this, among allowing us to do a lot more in other ways. We can apply our mindsets in the virtual reality of such a program and see what manifests, rather than doing it in physical reality and discovering we errored after the damage is done by the error. Wouldn't it be good to expose the self supporting dependency of the war/defense mindset that actually prevents the peace it claims to support? How do you show the proof of peace if such a war mindset  addiction drains the very values needed for peace to exist long enough to establish proof?
Do it virtually!

The "geometry" of consciousness is different than the geometry of physical reality. For one, its not geometry, Geometry is something consciousness conceives and processes. Geometry representation in consciousness is ever changing, however, consciousness and existence are symbiotic and as such do share a connection.

It is the connection between Consciousness and Existence and what exist in both that I find interest in. I want to better understand how it is that my thoughts more often than coincidence allows, manifests into physical reality. This may sound strange to some, while others too have noticed such thought conversion to physical reality.

Some of my blog posts go into such experiences of mine.
Though there is more experiences than mentioned.

Of course I'm interested in working with others to improve the understanding of the connection between the two sides of this split.

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