Saturday, September 18, 2010

Where to now?

I started this blog being motivated in trying to get a better understanding and handle in regards to my thoughts to reality manifestation/conversion and experiences of such. So going into fields of physics and consciousness and the connection between the two, which gets into philosophy, religion or such similar combo mindset seems to be the path taken, one thing leading to another.

Although I have taken in a lot of information its time to ask myself if any of it has been helpful to my actually better understanding & controlling the conversion/manifestation process?

Probably, I think maybe so, though I'm not yet sure. Maybe I never really will be sure. I have come to a hard realization that I've had this ability since I was a young teenager, perhaps even earlier, though I didn't realize it. Hard to accept events.

It seems possible that the physical heart plays a role, not so much in the way of the word often attached to the heart, "love", but rather as a function of the process of conversion/ manifestation. Of the think and feel parts, it the feel part and the location of "feel".

Maybe this is the on/off switch I'm looking for.

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