Sunday, September 19, 2010

Backwards to see the Future

I've seen Colin Andrews' UNESCOs video mentioning a Crop Circle showing a 2033 date with earth missing and I've seen Crop Circles Connectors interpretation of that CC which is different and the same CC I suggested a possible intentional, rather than natural, breakup of a comet or asteroid a short time later.

2033... I do not know that I have enough information, but I have some information in mind, widely available. We have doubled the population since the 70's. At this rate of population growth and life extension technology, we'll probably double it again by then to about 14.4 billion and regardless of any "natural disasters".

I do not believe we are given any advanced technology but rather only given such information that gets us to put together in new or certain ways what we have developed and understand, to build upon what we have done, recursively. I think it was once tried, to give us advanced technology, but we failed to understand and instead wrongly abused it. We perceived god(s), instead of fellow conscious being, so they left from our daily lives so to give us a fair chance to evolve.

What advanced technology we may have obtained (not given) I seriously expect those who have it are dumbfounded by it and hide it to hide their ignorance and in accord with their waring mindset fear. There are at least two things that we have a very old but detailed enough description of to build. The Arch of the Covenant and the Spaceship of Ezekiel. Yet we still lack the know how to build the Arch safely. Maryland Institute of Technology back in the 70's canceled such a project as it began to put off high levels of static electricity that became dangerous for the students building it. And the Spaceship, we can build everything except for the power source which is believed to be nuclear.

Two points:

1) Population growth brings about a need for change.

Its happened before as noted with the metaphor of the tower of babel story. A transition that happened around the world as different and disconnected populations grew and each population experienced the transition at their reaching a given population level, causing a need to refine resolution levels of their languages. Julian Jaynes work really does well in exploring this transition. The down side is that the transition to using higher level abstraction opened the door to introspection and wrongful deceptive use of abstraction, while at the same time disconnecting us from acute awareness of nature with the distraction of abstraction.

2) Advancement in knowledge and technology are something we are going to have to do ourselves because we have proven how good we are at getting things given to us wrong, and being abusive with it. This is who we are at this state of being. And it too is something that can be calculated and expected of in our evolution from a more advanced and experienced enough POV. Though it may be questionable if they were then experienced enough to know not to try giving us their tech. Such an attempt may have been influential to why we have had corrupted hierarchies.

I do not believe we are the first species to have evolved to higher levels of intelligent conscious being, nor will we be the last, as our species may well participate in the creation and influence in the next species to evolve. What is more important than the survival of any given species is the survival of conscious beings that pursue the survival instinct of causing expansion of the universe and development of life forms to help this expansion, recursively. You can have a house, but if not maintained, it will deteriorate by natures hand. And where different species have different enough perceptions that contribute to the growing sum strength of understanding and application of knowledge. Just as we have seen with cross breading animals and combining nationalities and cultures of ourselves brings strength to the whole.

What's going to happen between 2012 and 2033?

Setting aside cosmological events for which we have no control over but can only hope those beings who can influence such will continue to do so .... as would be helpful to our evolution. Maybe we need some disasters to take away that which has become to distracting to us and detouring our evolution? Probably.

21 years is a short time to make a transition.

Looking at this from a more advanced POV:
If I were a member of an advanced race, species or community with the objective of creating additional conscious life that will contribute to the survival of conscious beings and the expansion of the universe, would I not also be able to know, along with the clock of cosmology, at what point success or failure would be determined for the development of a new species? Or would this be more a "some will become what we want and others will not but perish" while we have even cross genetically engineered still others?

From a human species point of view (blind to more advanced POVs)
Population growth is going to force us into a need to change. Perceived natural disasters that remove distractions can help. Having less and less time to use higher level abstraction for dishonesty we will streamline our use of abstractions for increasingly honest communications, as a matter of survival. However, we will also find limits in pure abstraction and find the solution is in combining our ability of being in tune with nature, which we had set aside for abstraction use, with honest use of abstraction. A new mindset emerges. Fully in touch with nature but of higher level abstract intelligence. Something our species has never had before.

Once we were non-conscious but as all animals, acutely in tune with nature, without introspection created guilt, living in the garden of eden you might say. Then we became conscious with the use of higher level abstractions, in order to better deal with growing population problems. As this transition evolved and we became less and less in touch with nature we tried to stay in touch with nature via oracles but that faded as our abstractions grew in use and complexity. Now we again have reached a population problem and war options for reduction is fading fast, due technology enhanced communications teaching us there are only people living their daily life like everyone else, except for the few who cause problems with all with their deceptions, which are now becoming exposed for all to see.

I think you can see where I believe things are headed and why. And that my reasoning is without the need to mention some aspects or personal essence summary POV's such as alien or spirituality topics.

On one hand I think the analogies and metaphors of summaries can be to easily misinterpreted by others (missing the beauty of the tree details due the forest overview.) On the other hand, to much detail focus can be distracting and cause missing the point of the big picture (not seeing the forest for the tree leaf.) And then there is what actually happens in the forest in the full scope of the smallest to the largest view. But how to communicate enough of the details and the big picture combined in terms acceptable to the large majority?

Why is the earth not in that 1995 CC?

As a tree in the forest of CC's, it seems to say the earth is not going to be here and given the CC Connector interpretation, it'll be a cosmological event, an asteroid or comet that completely destroys the existence of the planet. But from the CC forest POV, we have seen errors in enough CC's and there has been a general theme of pending disaster that may never happen but to only motivate us to evolve. Or perhaps that's the deciding factor event as to whether or not success or failure of the whole of this species called human, is determined. But one that we make in whether or not we get it together well enough and fast enough with our own knowledge and technology to alter the course of a much larger than earth colliding body. There is a point where a parent must kick their child out on there own because the parent simply can't deal with the situation any longer.

How I came to realize the need for transition:
The need for a transition at this point in time came to my awareness not by CC's or cosmology or alien related matters or even spiritually. It came to my attention because I tried to do something so obvious and simple in concept that certainly I'd be able to easily do it. Instead I found resistance, a massive and unbelievable degree of resistance. Certainly the idea of conspiracy crossed my mind and I explored that direction, but realized the evolving population mindset width and scope is beyond conspiracy though the seed of this mindset may have been influenced dishonestly. Bill Gate is credited, recognized even by myself, with introducing the general population to the use of computers. He became very wealthy and said the way to success is by making others need you. This very philosophy spread as others followed. But what happened is that end users were intentionally constrained in what they could do for themselves. Give... uh err, sell a man a fish and you feed him for a day and get rich as the days go by. But teach him how to fish and he feeds himself for life and you don't get rich that way.

What happened is that we, the majority, were dumb down kept regarding the technology we use, and for the sole purpose of making some rich or less, just well employed. We were not given the simple and logical tools that most certainly should exist so that we may have used a computer with abstractions, in analogy, as fluidly as we use a calculator with the abstraction subset called numbers. The computer OS technology supporting the base of such a direction has been removed and suppressed from the mass market, regardless of excuses given (i.e. the unbelievable soap opera like history of the Amiga computer OS) And there are plenty good sounding excuses fabricated for dumb downing maintenance. "Users don't want to program" as an excuse for not providing them with generic ability to automate and edit some automation they would create and use to be more productive. "Users don't want to calculate Einstein equasions" as an excuse to not provide a generic calculator to do daily math?

Conspiracy of the connected or monetary motives of many disconnected individuals? All that matters and regardless of why or which side, is the mindset is wrong in general. And wrong about what? The use of Abstractions. Failure to understand or resistance to understanding the mechanical like nature of the use of abstractions. Perhaps perceived as a threat to individuality or spirituality, or a threat to the intentional deceivers?

But.... All Are Created Equal.... in how we process abstractions.

Hence, the need for a transition in mindset is the conclusion I came to at some point in my efforts to research and understand what the problem is and why. A conclusion I came to nothing less than 10 years ago and not more than 20 years ago. From first thought to growing certainty... and now I see a growing awareness of transition needed and believed to be going to happen, as verification even of timing related to computer technology development. What percentage of the population and rate of awareness and/or how to make the transition smooth and efficient is perhaps where the question now is.

I know computers with the end user tools we already should have had can be extremely helpful in such a transition, providing a mental mirror for people, but only if we realize the output is totally relevant and a reflection to our input of and by ourselves. It scary that some don't realize this about computers, that computer output is not images of gods but of programmers and users, who are error prone humans.

Mr. Joshua on the Circle Chasers FB page is really scary with his Bible code output. I'm not sure he realizes or even wants to realize the program he is using is just outputting the input he is inputting. He is holding up what he claims is the hidden encoded words of god, but what is in fact a stone image of his own input running through the mindset image of the programmer who wrote the $79.95 text character search and sort program. The scary part is those who believe him and his improving his input skills and where this can lead. I don't want to help him promote this illusion by giving him any more for him to input. Camel, straw, broken back.... I left the group.

There are those who say that each of us should do what we remember we are here to do, to help this transition happen. For myself, clearly its the "abstraction physics" knowledge and its computer application tool set I realized, identified, defined, programed some of,... paid another to program more of and have a little left to do to generally complete the functional base set,..... for which I could and can afford to pay someone to do..... However, and regardless of what I know is possible to do with it, (from using it to automate with current tools and methods, to building from ground up a more efficient way of programming and user created general automation), there does not seem to yet be the need/motive enough for it by others to show active interest, much less use it should it be available in functionality more so than it already is.

So I wait for and sometimes see if others are yet interested. Maybe that's my fault. Maybe I should not wait. But I also don't want to contribute to illusions of stone based superiority either. And now that I'm aware of the projected solar storms of 2012-2013 should that happen to such a degree as to damage or disable computers and networks, then maybe the time to do it right, from ground up will be afterwards.


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