Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Tax Time and Treason by the informed.

Not only is it a right of the American people to throw off rough government but it is a DUTY, according to the Declaration of Independence. It is also an act of treason to support such rough government, such as knowingly paying taxes to a rough government.

As I have now become aware of the US government being rough in many ways, including a seriously gross act of taxation without representation (re: D. Rumsfeld reporting Sept 10, 2001 [day before 9/11] publicly that 2.3 trillion dollars of the years pentagon spending is unaccounted for) indicating a denial of the very historic event of the conception of the United States of America, the Boston Tea Party

It is Tax time and I have a problem. Commit treason and knowingly pay taxes to this rough government that itself is seriously guilty of Treason, and if it were put under psychological evaluation as a whole it would easily be diagnosed as suffering from a lack of ethics & morals while clearly showing self destructive disillusion of political military power. US holding 47% of world defense spending and this with allies spending tops over 60% with remaining <40% divided between small and poor countries, clearly indicates an out of touch with reality delusion existing. And if that is not enough there is what such resources could be better spent on that would reduce and even remove motives for war (i.e. http://www.unesco.org/education/tlsf/TLSF/theme_a/mod02/www.worldgame.org/wwwproject/index.shtml ). In addition to the simple math fact this year we will be 7 billion people on this planet where you can add up the count of all those in positions to command destructive and suppressive acts to equals some fraction of 1% of the population. And due technology in communications more and more know thee are no ghost in the closet or under the bed, but only people struggling daily life with no time or interest to attack others they don't personally know.

With plenty enough documented evidence of IRS abuse as a simple web search can find, I feel seriously entrapped, threatened. I can not use the excuse of ignorance, though it is clear the government does not want the people knowing what they are doing and how rough they are, Wikileaks has changed that and by some in government even exposing their ignorance of the founding documents of the U.S.of A. (re: Declaration of Independence, U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights, not to forget the Boston Tea Party).

How shall I deal with Taxes?

What I have been considering is a tax payment, as I will owe this year, but with a clear and concise condition on the cash ability of the check I will write. As is with any check being cashed, there is a requirement of presenting valid ID by the party cashing the check.

It shouldn't be hard to state on the check "Valid only upon verification of a Government knowledgeable and fully supportive of the Declaration of Independence, U.S Constitution and Bill of Rights" while designating also that none of tax payment is to be used for abusive or deceptive defense spending".

But how might I get whatever bank I write the check from, to recognize and honor the conditions of ID?
Certainly I cannot be accused of not paying taxes, even if they cannot cash it, without exposure of their inability to provide proof of being a properly supporting founding document Government.

But then who but the federal government via federal reserve loans, support the banks?

I'm just one person.... The more people do this the harder it will be to ignore.
Its a peaceful act that protect the ass of the informed citizens from being charged with treason while doing our DUTY!

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