Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Illusion of Religion

Silly People, Religion is for entertainment. This man in history known as Jesus was not born in December. The celebration date was changed for convenience to the church which has been being exposed for many many crimes against children. The date is a lie.

But what is really gonna be a shocker is when people find out that Jesus’s Biological Father was/is the Devil. For If I had a son out of wedlock, what would that child be called? And if I participated in his torturous murder, even if by only standing aside but taking my glory in his name, what would be thought of me? And in response to my bastard son death cross question, “why have you forsaken me” and I said “Because I love others less perfect than you, more than you", what sort of father would I be? And if that’s not enough, What if I tried to get another, Abraham, to kill his son? Would all this cause people to praise me, or would it bring me to prison and perhaps even death?

Now you know why the world is upside down. A clever deception of the Devil, but that’s only one of many lies, each religion has its lies.

The real god is a verb and we all, including Jesus, the Devil, Mohammad, whoever, have access. But the real god is not what most think and religion is no excuse that will change that. The real god, allah, budda, universal consciousness, ether of existence, whatever, came into being when the void, perfect absence of any and all things including sin, became aware of itself and split, In that instant into the whiteboard of consciousness and the blackboard of existence both symbiotic in sharing and changing content, so to avoid the void.

Now you know why you are here and why you and all life has an inherent survival instinct. You are here to help expand the content in both consciousness and existence. And now you have a much better idea of the difference between good and bad. Are you avoiding the void by sinning against it, as god, allah, budda, mohammad, whatever has done or are you self destructive wanting back into the void where you won’t even know it?

Wanna be righteous and save your soul? From what? Honesty? How about we do what we are here to do, expand consciousness and existence content, and we can do a lot better in teamwork. There are many other life forms beyond where we are that have gotten past the entertainment of religion illusions just waiting for us to do so, that we may join them in a much bigger expansion effort, to help save….guess who, but its not you, it is that which made you possible.

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  1. Silly People?!

    Come one, what kind of introducing is that?

    We don´t live any more in midle age (...)

    I think is not necessary at all to insulting the faith of these persons who takes religion as conduct of life (science can not give us that, it only explain the material word and that´s it).

    There´s many intelligent people with all diferent philosophical currents and there not silly (very good example: William Lane Craig)!

    Knowing religion is knowing our selfes and our history of manking, and off course science help´s a lot and will continuig do that.

    Sciences is extremelly import and we need to evolve and knowing our material word, but try not to mix with religion!

    The date of yeshua (Jesus-he only teache love and no other thing else, and he claimed to be God) is irrelevant for cristhians.

    The religion, in this case, has to be study on a point of wordl view and mainly the theology perspective and not scientific perspective.

    It´s better to know to filter religion and science.

    You need urgently to learn more about religion (for example Buda/Mohammad is not God) and it´s origin, before making some misunderstandings.