Sunday, February 28, 2016

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What have I done in this thread?

1) Pointed out the origins of religion/philosophy, referencing an important work of a university professor, the late Julian Jaynes.

2) Presented the undeniable unavoidable self evident information that allows the human race to develop and use abstract tools. Not only fully consistent with the works of Julian Jaynes, but even as a verification of his work. Information you can even test for yourself. Information that extends well beyond religion/philosophy to all created abstract structures and tools (i.e. governments, money, military, etc..)

3) shown how the misuse of abstract tools cheat and steal from others and oneself, and for those who read the wiki pages I posted, there is even a link to techniques of cheating, easy to apply and safe from proof, though all cheating leaves a trail of wrong directions and drains on value.

4) provided link to research showing how military spending can be used otherwise to solve problems, instead of making problems.

5) Pointed out that government has no reason to exist if it is not working for the people, and provided a way to correct government failure in representing the people it is supposed to benefit.

6) recognized that people have the ability to influence physical reality, from hands on manipulation of physical reality to influence physical reality via thought alone, and provided links of research and example of such.

7) recognized we are not alone in the universe (heavens) as being the only species capable of developing advanced technology (a process that requires abstract tools, and honest use of).

8) The zero point field......... that's god, allah, budda, yhwh, the all that is, universal consciousness, etc.. Like a house of gamble, you may win or lose, the house always wins.

9) As your being an extension of the all that is, the common goal is survival and expansion.

10) when we get a hold of our abstract tools, understand proper use and constrain wrong use, we will be introduced to the civilization of the universe and all its benefits.

11) religions are different limited abstract expression of the same, except where intentional wrong use of the abstract tools is applied to deceive. ---

A simple example: to say things will be done on earth as they are in heaven, said in another way with what we know today (that we did not know yesterday), the conscious evolution of the human species will get past the wrongful use of abstract tools, where how things are done by civilizations advanced enough to travel through the universe/heavens are done that way on earth, too.

The human species has evolved from living in a subconscious state, as many animals today still do, to creating abstract tools and discovery of the value of wrongful use of such tools for personal gain, to concluding the wrongful use causes false limits that steal even from personal value of the cheats. Preventing proof of better is not proof against better but only proof against the cheats, for better will be achieved and expose the cheats, as history has shown and in the process of showing massive cheating and identification of who all has participated that they will be constrained. This process of species evolution is nothing new, but has happened before and throughout the universe, and will happen again and again. Its the process of survival and expansion.

The black or white card, devil or christ, is a lie. It is a lie in that its not two others outside of you. But the potential and choice of you as a member of the team. Working with the team or against it?

In the past years, there have been some who said online to me that I'm not christ, where I never claimed I was. So why did they say that? And why are they not christ? Apparently their beliefs, their belief filter between their subconscious and conscious, has a definition that my communications apparently fit. Only they cannot accept it. Am I responsible for their beliefs? NO! That is their doing!!! Their belief flaw that continuing to believe such prevents them from what? Heaven is a tomorrow thing, and tomorrow is always a day away.... prevents them from seeing past the clever test of deception, which keeps them from life in the universe (heavens) today, and all the benefits of.

A test that is really good to have, so to prevent bad things against other beings from happening in the "heavens" by those not ready to be there.

Rather than take up responsibility for oneself, put it off on two others imagined, the devil and christ? Being easier than taking responsibility is an illusion that steals life, where in team being responsible is not only easier, but far more enjoyable and life extending.

My path in life has shown me both side of that coin. I'm not different than anyone else, as we all have the gears and bearing of abstraction creation and use.

In addition to the above comment, for those not reading the linked thread.

If you persist in believing Christianity then I am either the devil or christ, so which do you perceive, being that I have the key to the bottomless pit?

For those following Judaism, israel, zionist, I am your king, as it is said on the internet that when you call another out on their lies, you own them. Jacob lied about battling god, he made certain there would be no witnesses as no one would cross a river at that time, in the dark of night. Jacob claimed god gave him the name Israel. The origin of Israelites to eventually become israel. So as king of the Jews and all I have exposed, israel owes me more than it has, a lot more.

As to islam, its not allah. It is the recognition of the ALL with a response of enlightenment expressed "ah".

The religions have cause conflict and separation out of nothing more than the misuse of abstract tools. So put away the childish sand box bully toys of abstraction misuse and realize war is nothing more than proof of failed politics, proof of deceptions.

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