Thursday, March 4, 2010

Majic Dumpster

I was wanting to get rid of some old computer junk. Wanted to recycle it but last year I missed the Decatur High School recycle event. I finally gave in and decided to just throw it into the dumpster.

Filled my car up with the junk and drove it to the dumpster. As I got out I heard some banging, busting up going on behind a Salvation Army cloths donation box. There were two guys there, one seeing what I was taking out of my car and he found interest in it enough to step in and help me remove the computer junk from my car. The only value in the junk I had was recycling and apparently these two guys were recycling electronic junk, as the one came out from behind the cloths donation box with a mass of wire and broken up circuit boards. It looked to be from a boom box or some audio device. And he put it into a van. The one was very grateful for the junk I dropped off.

Does this sort of electronic recycling happen at this dumpster? Never have I ever seen this happen before and I've been here a long time. Though electronic stuff does get thrown out, its generally not enough to consider.

The odds of this happening are as off as many other things that I have found by the dumpster, shortly after thinking of such things.

Though the majic dumpster seems to be a common media of where some fo my thoughts seem to manifest, it not all at the dumpster as there is the weather influence (And I've been requested by a golf course owner to stop making it rain here). And more that I have experienced in the way of my thoughts manifesting into reailty. Or seeming to be so.

So maybe its not really a matter of saving the planet (the planet don't care as its been through much worse - its about us and life on the planet) by living in the density of slums, but rather a matter of ......

....being of the right mindset???

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