Sunday, June 26, 2016

God, Allah, יהוה and more identified

        Know god, allah, יהוה, the all that is, universal consciousness or whatever you call it, has been identified. Its the zero point field which exist even in the absolute zero temperature of entropy space. It is everywhere and influence-able by conscious thought (origin of energy patterns) to manifest reality. In the christian game book of revelations the following wiki home page is referred to as the key to the bottomless pit. Which BTW any internet troll will gladly show you the bottomless pit and even give you a bit of reality that you may look up out of the pit to suspend your disbelief, that you may be deceived. You can test the key for yourself by trying not to use even just one of the action constants. You will not be able to.

       Yes all religions and many more abstract structures (government, military, business, etc) all have flaws as its the very nature of abstraction that flaws are inherent. Yet it is also this application of abstract constraints that enables creation. For in the all, there is a sum total of zero (for every action there is an opposite and equal reaction). But to spread understanding the origin and reason for our creation of abstract tools is important as it will bring about more than just peace but advancements of benefits shared even beyond what we might imagine today.

        The human species is at a state of transition, Its known, expected, calculate-able, as other conscious capable species have already gone through this transition and many of these species have been watching the human race and even injecting a bit of influence and safeguard. Why? There is teamwork value to share in with the task of expanding the content of existence, of expanding the scope of the all that is.

        Current religions: Jacob lied about battling god and being given the name israel, for he knew no one would cross a river in the dark of night to witness and counter his deception. This was the origin of israel, a lie. Muhammed wrote the jihad at a time when he was aware fo his pending death. It is common for one with such knowledge to have great feelings of being cheated, so where was his relationship to allah then? Did he no longer believe there was existence after body death? and there is more in regards to claimed miracle where are not miracles at all but distractions from what real miracles are and how to participate in their makings.

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