Monday, October 17, 2016

If I were to say I AM the savior, messiah, יהוה, the all that is, universal consciousness or whatever you call this one to come and save everyone.  I'd be distorting the truth of what these stories hide. It is better to understand how these stories evolved and what the origination is actually based on. By understanding the origination inspiration, a great deal comes into focus about human conscious evolution. And what our next step is at this time.

The truth is, this is not a one person solve all. It is a focused teamwork which can accomplish far more than one person, savior, messiah, etc.. There is a very workable and easy way to do this!

The Government is a business and you are one of the owners,
The employees need to be reminded who they work for.

Government Work Order in print ready formats.
Open Document Text:

The voice of the people, the owners of government, has diminished over the history of the United States due population growth outweighing direct communication. Imagine if citizens communicated to their representatives as they did when the country was founded. Nothing would get done as government would be busy listening to the people. So today they rarely listen at all but there is a solution. Simple and direct. Like going to the store and selecting what you buy, but here deciding what you are funding of your government business, how your taxes are to be used.

Send the work order to your representatives and tax collectors to reminded them who they work for AND to give you your bottom line voice back in government, as the Founders Intended

There is no excuse, only the problem some have with honesty, and as such preventing better, for even themselves. But even more important to take note of,  is the act of damaging what they will not be around to experience.

For those who need a means of changing your conscious/subconscious belief filter. you don't have to understand fully, but to know there is a how you mentally work (you can prove this for yourself) , is enough to show you. you can change your programming. Having a means of teamwork contribution focus and implemented by those hired to do so, is what is needed (see above mentioned work order.)  

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